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Thread: Makin mobs hate us

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    Makin mobs hate us

    Now to preface I'm only level 55 at the moment, so I deffinetly don't know everything there is not know about being an Enforcer but here's something I've run into that's a problem.

    You're fighting a group of mobs doing all you can to keep them angry at you rather then your Doc, well the Doc's healing the whole time so inevitably one or more of the mobs is going to stop beating on you and go after the Doc. Due to the difficulties in changing target, especially when 1 or 2 mobs are beating on you, it's often quite difficult to get the Doc hating mob targeted and back to beating on the people that can take it.

    What I'd like to see is some kind of "annoy" skill that can work on some mob OTHER then the one you're fighting. Maybe like target some mob and slap them with your weapon, do no damage but bump yourself up on the hate list so the doc isn't the only one building up hate for those mobs that no one is beating on.

    Or maybe give us an easier way to switch targets, or perhaps let us alternate between beating on two mobs at once, ie first attack goes to mob a second to mob b. I'd prefer the annoy skill just so I have something else to do in combat rather then wondering whether I should Mongo or not.

    And speaking of Mongo I know it covers a lot of this but in a group it'd be nice if instead of pulling every mob in the area on me I could just pick out 2 to make really want to kill me.

    Anyways just a low level enforcers thoughts. Try not to flame me to hard.
    Oren "Ironheel" Fadri
    Clan Enforcer

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    Single aggro nanos and aggro enhancers (never used one above QL2) work on whatever mob you have targeted.

    If there is an add, target it, and hit it with the nano/app enhancer. You don't need mongo, necessarily, and you don't need to stop attacking anything, you can target something different while in a fight.

    Although I will say that the recharge on the single taunts is really long, and in addition isn't very effective at higher levels unless you hit that mob as SOON as it adds.

    Once people start hitting it or the doc starts healing you, that single taunt isn't going to do jack to bring you up far enough on it's hate list.

    In all I'd say that Mongo is about the only thing I use for aggro management unless I'm really concerned about adding on a particularly close mob.
    Katelin Arinia Rhees
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    Mongo (slam, bash, smash, crush) AE taunts.

    Aggression enhancer (taunts currently targeted mob)
    Need to raise Psychology to use

    Da Taunter (Taunts currently targeted mob and gives damge equal to QL)
    Uses BM(key skill for enforcers, and a tad bit of Psychology)

    Taunt nanos (I use em though I hardly ever need to so the name eludes me, but you guessed it taunts currently targeted mob).

    For the most part, Mongo does the trick. Use nano stims to keep your nano going good.

    Use Da Taunter or Aggression enhancer on second mob whenever it refreshes (5 seconds)

    I use the taunt nanos as a last resort when mongo doesn't work.

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    I use the fact that I can mongo about 9 times.....I'm getting close to the next mongo though...I just keep hitting it, it works eventually.
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    and a lvl 160+ sold...


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    I haven't tried the various aggro nanos but I know for a fact that Da Taunter does NOT hit the mob you're targeting but nails the one you're fighting. I can keep the one I'm whuppin on plenty angry at me. It's the ones that decide to go after my teammates that pose problems. And Mongo is good but the groups I team with like to keep the action a little intense and if I'd agro everything on me I'd be seeing the reclaim terminal in no time.
    Oren "Ironheel" Fadri
    Clan Enforcer

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    Simple answer

    The answer u looking for is really simple :
    - Whenever u dont have all the mobs hittin u just mongo
    - Try to be the one that hits the harder or the fastest dmg over
    time, mobs will agro whatever hits em the hardest and the fastest
    - If u see ur doc isnt healing u its prolly cuz hes fightin so mongo
    - Aggro tools dont work as intented Agro enhancer and taunter :
    they just reset the mob hate list atm u hit it with so its pretty usefull when ur in a group where someone else can tank if u gettin a lil low on hp (ie a soldier with mk) i use it alot when i team with soldier because soldier under mk keep agro u dont even have to bother mongoin it wont work, mongo whe ntheir shield goes off.
    At higher lvl ull be prolly doing missions and mobs arent so doc angry.
    For huntin in the wild at ur lvl use a hammer it holds agro better than any beam and ur doing way more dmg over time

    erm why did i say easy ;p

    btw never let ur doc die even if u have to die and loose xp to save him/her since usually a doc that die is a doc that drop ur team (i said usually ).
    Also if ur doc dont bother to heal u enough (yes that happen) change doc it doesnt worth the time ull loose gettin ur health back and tryin not to die
    Infamine 200 soljah

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    Its hard to do huge damage now that everyone and there mother uses Shottys and LLTS with a crit buff.

    Especially docs, they shouldnt use weapons like that, i worked with a Doc that was using a 200 Krutt, a QL113 LLTS and LMA and then *****ed at me for not keeping aggro. If your laying out huge heals and critting for 3K+ it just screws everyone.

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    How to keep aggro:

    How to keep aggro:

    1: do lots of damage. That keeps you high on the hate list. ( I know, I know. It's not easy to keep aggro when lvl 76 agents run around with ql 200 rifles, and "everyone" is running around with ql 150 shotties that crit for insane amounts of damage, but keep weaponskills maxed att all times. Weaponbuffs and damagebuffs are equally important. Sme times, even challenger might be useful, although mongo is more powerful without shutting you down.

    2: Keep agg-bar on max. If someone steals aggro from you all the time, tell them to lower their aggrobar. In fact, ask everyone on your team to do so right away.

    3: Mongo. VERY useful, but beware if there's mobs around you that you fo not want (i.e. if you're hunting f.ex virusbuilders, and you fo not want the thugs in that camp going aggro) The HoT it gives is worth gold. er... um... I ment NOTUM :-b If you got an NT on your team, make sure to get an extractor. Doesn't even need to be the best extractor available, even the lowest one gives you several more mongo's (and thus more HP) before you need to dit and recharge) Keeping first aid-nano-kits available is useful, if a healer keeps your HP up.

    4: Aggro enhancer. Nice toy that is usful, but requires some ip spent on psychology

    5: Taunt-nano's (not really bothered to upload any of these, but some say they're useful, so try them out, if you can afford the ip's

    6: Da Taunter! Very cool! It does rad damage equal to it's ql, it's psycolofy skill req is nothing, compared to normal aggro enhancers, and the bio met req, well, we should keep bio met high anyway to keep our essence as high as possible. It is atrox only, so if an atrox, g for it! no doubt! If non-atrox, go for a normal one.

    7: make sure to use /assist on the mob(s), and SEE who they are attacking. if it's not you, see start on the top of the list.

    Well, that's all I can think of right now.

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    sitting in a fight upsets mobs because it makes them think you don't respect them.

    dressing in a thong, i hear, upsets them too.

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    dressing in a thong, i hear, upsets them too.
    Depending on breed / gender, that could upset a lot of people.

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    I will say this, though.

    Last night I was in one of those "we kill mobs so fast it doesn't matter" groups. I did not need mongo, so I used challenger.

    Wow, is it nice. Challenger Rocks. I kept aggro most of the time from the sheer damage I was doing.

    Try it sometime when you can.
    Katelin Arinia Rhees
    Level 220 Enforcer
    Former Enforcer Professional
    Former President of the late Midnight Reveries
    Account Created: 2001-10-08; Account Expired: 2005-02-19

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    Or do what Most Atrox's do.
    Dont Wash!

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    Originally posted by Illhyana
    Depending on breed / gender, that could upset a lot of people.
    On the opposite there is only one true profession that allows to have a professional, good-looking attitude in game.
    And yes, it means wearing a tie.
    "Donner à des millions une connaissance de l'anglais, c'est les rendre esclaves". (Hind Swarâj, ch. 18)

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    I'd like to see an Atrox crat in a tie...... I wonder if such a beast (in the truest sense of the word ) exists out there....
    Katelin Arinia Rhees
    Level 220 Enforcer
    Former Enforcer Professional
    Former President of the late Midnight Reveries
    Account Created: 2001-10-08; Account Expired: 2005-02-19

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    Originally posted by Cloudeh
    Or do what Most Atrox's do.
    Dont Wash!
    um... what do you mean with "wash"? What is that? Is that painful?

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