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Thread: General Team Etiquette: 101

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    General Team Etiquette: 101

    After having some bad team experiences the past few nights, I feel obligated to write up a post for new players on team etiquette, so it will make everyone's team experience more enjoyable.

    So, without further ado, here's a good basis to follow on general team etiquette.

    Why should I play nice?

    Generally speaking, you don't have to play nice with your teammates. However, it will benefit you greatly if you are a nice guy/gal, play along, and generally don't be a jerk. Why you ask? Simply put, I'd be more than willing to give the nice guy of the group something I picked up from alpha loot rather than give it to the jerk. So as you can see, if you are looking for that special gun/nano/armor, your chances of getting it increases 5X. It always pays to be the good guy.

    Next reason why you should play nice is, for the simple fact that there are ALOT of sh*t lists out there, and being on them isn't going to get you that last spot in the uber group. There are two things that people remember the most in this game, and that's:

    1. Who the nice people to team with are.


    2. Who the real asses to team with are.

    If you fit in #2, then you are S.O.L. and should have no excuse for crying and whining about why your so much more l33t than the nanomage enforcer who just took the last spot. You will have nobody to blame but yourself.

    I can honestly say that I remember ALL the people that have been jerks in a team, and I will NOT group with any of them again. If I come to join a team, and see them in there, I'll warn the team of their wrongdoings in the past, and leave the team. If I'm already in the team, and they pick up somebody that's on my list, I'll inform the team leader that it's either him or me. Either way, I try to make their teaming life a living hell. Yes, people change, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    I am the greatest looter ever!

    And with that attitude, the loneliest looter too. Point blank, nobody likes a greedy, hoarding looter. Share with your teammates. If you are a fixer, and have a high breaking and entering skill, that doesn't mean you are the sole owner of all the chests. Sure, it means you are probably the only one to get into it, but generally speaking, chests are community loot. After all, they grabbed you, the fixer, for that reason, and not another Enforcer which honestly would probably have been better for the team. (No, I'm not ragging fixers. I myself am a fixer) So do you, and your teammates a favor and share some of the loot. After all, is the price of a set of armor sleeves you can't actually wear worth the reputation you'll get for being greedy?

    While on this topic, don't loot squat while monsters are being pulled, attacked, or looked at. It's amazing how many times I've seen people open loot during a fight, only to find that those pesky garbage fleas come out, and aggro the doctor. Little can you say, somebody isn't happy. And remember, just because it isn't locked doesn't mean it's not trapped. And please be sure that people are healed up before opening a chest as well. Those explosion traps are a killer when Joe Soldier is recovering from pulling the aggro off your skinny behind. It's common sense people. Common sense.

    I'm way too uber to not be the puller

    Well, you may think that, and you very well may be able to handle being the puller, but check your ego at the mission door and remember that the whole point of this mission is to get experience and SURVIVE. In other words, just because your an enforcer doesn't mean you can ignore the fixer that's 15 levels above you, AND in Grid Armor because you think that your the ultimate tank. Remember, it's all about the team, and not comparing, well, you-know-what sizes.

    This team is teh suq

    Why do you think that? Because you went up the lift, only to get pounded on by Rubi-Ka's Most Wanted, and crumple to the ground like Michael Jackson at a street football game? Don't blame others for your stupid mistakes. If you think you are man enough to dish out 3 billion hits per second, then surely you are smart enough to know when the odds are against you. And most importantly, when you do die the first time, don't leave the team without saying anything just because you are mad. What do you expect? That you aren't ever, EVER going to die in this game, and if you do, it's the fault of the doctor that was busy healing somebody else while you went off on your own little tangent? Don't be like these people, and if you simply don't like the team, or whatever your flavor, just be polite and send a /tell to the team leader and let him know that the group isn't working out for you, and there are other matters to attend to. Believe me, it'll gain you ALOT more respect for future teams, and allow you to bow out more gracefully than, "This team sucks. You are all n00bs."

    Recap what you hopefully have learned
    Well, hopefully I didn't just put my fingers in a sprain for you new players to just ignore, but in case you had trouble reading the above, I'm going to break it down, short-bus style for you.

    1. Reputation in this game does matter. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

    2. No matter how glorius the riches are, don't be a greedy ninja looter. Share with your team and they'll share back with you.

    3. Remember that everyone has a roll in the mission, but just because you are supposed to be something, doesn't mean that somebody else isn't the better "man" for the job at the moment.

    4. Don't run around like a retarded chimp in a mission and expect not to die. Dying is part of playing on Rubi-Ka, so don't get all wadded up because of that. In other words, don't go away mad, just go away.

    5. I didn't include this above, but, do your doctor a favor and tip him afterwards for doing a good job. Doctors don't get loot to begin with, except for alpha, and it's honestly the most boring job out there. They could have picked another class just as easily, but instead chose to sacrifice themselves to save your skinny behind. A little token of appreciation will go a long way.

    Well, I hope this helps you new folks out there build up a good reputation in the world, and remember...

    For every nice guy out there, there are 5 buttheads....

    Try not to be a butthead.

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    I like your post...altho being a doc I don't agree with the tipping part.

    Actually I'd say why not loot the med/nano kits and give them to your doc, 99% of the time they are using kits much higher than anyone else in the group and can either use those looted in the mission or will be able to soon.

    Also slow down, this isn't a race, make sure people have time to loot/recover/rebuff etc. (remember door and lift lag affects everyone differently)

    Most importantly, communicate with your teammates.
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    Originally posted by Fluffytuff

    Nobody likes my post....
    I liked your post Fluffytuff! You put a lot of thought into it and got your point across without being offensive.

    There need to cry.

    P.S. As a doc I've never expected to be tipped in teams. I do have a fixer alt to support me though.

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    Ok, so lemme get this straight....

    Doctors don't want to be tipped?



    Please direct ALL tips to myself instead of the doctors! You can find me on Rubi-Ka2...


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    Some doctors might not want to get a reputation of needing to be tipped for teaming (at least I sure don't). Loot can also go a lot further than any tip, because we can use it. Nano kits, doc nanos, armor pieces (not just intell/psy armor either), weapons for those that use them (especailly buffing pistols - one of my favs), etc. (although if you are giving your doctor the doctor specific items and a tip...this has some possabilites...depends on the size of the tip... heheh j/k). It is very true that doctors usually do not get much loot, since they are trying to keep up with healing, nano charging, and who ever is setting the pace (that may not be interested in looting at all).

    I have been in a few teams that wait until floor is finished to loot chests or wait until mission is finished to loot them. This usually works best IMHO. If this is slowing down those only doing the mission for xp, may I suggest that they take this time to save that hard earned xp.

    Unfortunatly I have also been in teams where someone left nano charges in the chest w/o letting anyone know (what a waste). When a simple "Check this chest out doc" or "Nano & health stuff here" would have made me happy. I only knew this happened because I went back and looted the chests after mish was over. And also had occassional teammate that I had to practically twist their arm to get a piece of nano armor that was looted (by someone not very likely to use such armor). They might have had an alt that could use, but if everyone looted for all of their alts as well as current PC in the team, that leaves nothing left to share :b and an unhappy team.

    Although one of my favorite tanks (other than org members) and group leader was one that kept the mobs of me and gave me some much needed armor (mantis) to make up for the fact that I couldn't loot.

    I like your post.

    Now play nice everyone!
    Gables - Retired 220 Doctor

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    Exactly Gables.. that was my point I don't want a tip.. but helping the doc out with a heads up on med/nano kits etc. is much appreciated.

    I once had a teammate loot a doc only nano, when I asked if I could have it he told me it would be 50k since I was a teammate otherwise he'd sell it on the open market. Unfortunately being a young doc I actually paid him for it. I don't do that anymore.
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    I think your post is excellent, FluffyTuff. I've been in a ton of teams where there are "bad apples" - especially idiots who only come along on team missions for the loot - going around opening chests and pulling aggro on the team all the time.

    I sincerely hope they read your post!
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    Originally posted by Symthia

    I once had a teammate loot a doc only nano, when I asked if I could have it he told me it would be 50k since I was a teammate otherwise he'd sell it on the open market. Unfortunately being a young doc I actually paid him for it. I don't do that anymore.
    I had the same thing....guy looted a doc nano - I asked if i could have it and he said "300k"

    I waited patiently till he asked for buffing/healing and then said:


    After that he gave me the nano

    I guess im just a meanie
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    Nice post.

    You meet all sorts out there. Last night I was at Temple with my newish atrox NT, and found a group when I got there. Seemed ok, but once we got inside everyone just sprinted ahead like mad. We were strung out all over the place, and the someone pulled Windtalker Yatila (or whatever his name is), the paniced and ran. I tried to calm him (the Windtalker that is), then root him, but died in the battle... calm resisted too many times and there were a lot of other mobs pounding on me.

    Oh well, it happens, I waited for my stuff at the reclaim terminal and said to the team something like "ok people, let's try some teamwork next time". Someone else in the team said something like, "yeah, bad team" and left, then a couple more people left. Suddenly we were three people. Ok, I understand some people were upset, but I think they overreacted... I think the problem was just inexperience and poor planning, nothing else.

    Anyway, I hiked back to the Temple via Tir grid (ah, the joys of being neutral and the rest of the team waited there and picked up a few new guys. This time we agreed on a leader, took time to buff up, and everyone kept together. Did *much* better, made 4 levels that night and had a lot of fun. In the end I died when someone aggroed Lien and AO crashed at the critical moment, but that's life

    Anyway, this rambling has a point. First, the obvious one that good teamwork and some planning can make a huge difference, and also that it's not always a good idea to give up on a team at the first sign of trouble, unless they are clearly idiots. Mistakes happen, bad luck happens, and (some) people learn fast.

    Another point is: in the second team we started off with a new guy, an Enforcer I think. We talked about what we wanted to do, and this guy wants to do GOT. Fine we said, and the leader asked who wants the GTA if we got it. The new guy said he really wanted that, and some others chimed in. The leader said we'd roll for the armor if it came to that, and everyone was ok with that... except this one guy. For probably 15 minutes he kept whining on the team channel:

    "hey can I have the GTA?"
    "no, we said we'd roll for it"
    "but I really want it!"
    "so do many others"
    "hey I just want the armor!"
    "we already said we're rolling for it"
    "but I just need that armor!"

    and on and on and on...

    It got so annoying that I decided that if I got the armor through a roll I'd give it to anyone except that guy. Lesson here, echoing what the original poster said: don't gather bad karma in this game, it tends to bite you in the leg.

    While I'm at it, another tale from the Temple: I was soling in the center-passage room with some Windtalkers and some Exarchs, and there was another guy there, red to me. He kept killing all the spawns, and not once did he ask me if I wanted one... didn't bother me that much, since his targets were mostly the exarchs which I would have had trouble with, but still... also, I gave him a HE and some other buff at one point, and he didn't even say thanks, let alone buff me in return. Could have been a language problem, but small things make a difference - he was probably an ok guy/girl, but he left me with a slightly negative impression. Manners matter.

    I don't know if it's just me, but when someone gives me a buff I at the very least say thanks, and usually check what their profession is and throw them a HE or a CruchCom if they have the NCU to spare. Small thing, but small things do matter.
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    Loot whooring..............ahhhhhhhh a topic in and of itself......

    As a doc I tend not to loot. However I get really ****** off when peeps leave QL 210+ nano chargers in a chest as they cant use them and then dont say anything.....

    Usually I get the 'but you didnt ask..' repsonse or 'Why didnt you say...'

    Arggggg!! Im a doc - we got no NT whatya think Nano chargers grow on trees????

    *rant mode off*

    Heheh most salient points are (I think) :-

    Reputation *does* matter
    Do unto others as you would have done to you.

    Both the above will help your life become much easier in AO.

    ps - I loved the bit about the 300K

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    Thanks for the support...

    I wrote that up at work, with nothing to do, and wanted to get the message across to all new people that reputation does matter. So hopefully they'll read this first before making any stupid mistakes....

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    About Looting

    Well, I never teamed with anyone other than my husband before Lv 100.. Since it's only me and hubby, we lootwhored like there was no tomorrow!

    Then, we joined a nice guild and teamed with a lot of nice people. At higher level game, you don't really want to stop to loot since you want to get faster xp. Though, you would also start to get some really really nice stuff from dead mobs when you do highbie missions.

    Right now, our practice is to check the corpses if you can afford the time to do it. When you get a nice item, ALWAYS OFFER TO ROLL FOR IT. Yeah.. 7% xp ring is nice but other people might want it too.

    I am personally sick of seeing people saying something like "since no one was looting and I did all the loot work.. and now you want to roll for a 7% ring that *I* found? Without me, you wouldn't even have noticed that ring!!!! yadayadayadayada" Hah! I would love to do all the loot work while all others in the team are making xp for me too! ;P

    I strongly suggest people to be more generous and offer to roll for nice items! Make Rubi-ka a nicer place!

    Reputation is far more important than anything, imho.

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    Excellent post. Attitude is very important in AO and I try to be nice whenever possible (except when flamed, of course).

    I must have the minority opinion here, but I do accept tips (so long as they are not pity tips). I started my doc with a 2 million bank roll and I still ran out in my 50s or 60s. I alpha loot whenever possible (though the team often runs off without me--grr), but I almost never get to loot chests. There were times where the only way I was able to get new heal nanos was through the kindness of strangers. If you want to tip a doc and they don't want to accept credits, then offer to buy them new nanos as that is something that you both benifit from.

    Originally posted by Symthia
    Exactly Gables.. that was my point I don't want a tip.. but helping the doc out with a heads up on med/nano kits etc. is much appreciated.

    I once had a teammate loot a doc only nano, when I asked if I could have it he told me it would be 50k since I was a teammate otherwise he'd sell it on the open market. Unfortunately being a young doc I actually paid him for it. I don't do that anymore.
    If anyone ever tries that on me, I'll say "bye" and leave the team and will only come back if the team kicks the greedy bastard. I cut people a lot of slack (especially if their new), but I don't tolerate such a digusting level of selfish greed. Generosity is important.
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    Team mate 1: Looted Something Uber

    Team mate 2: nice find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Team mate 3: Wow!!!

    Team mate 4: Roll for it?

    Team mate 2: 3

    Team mate 4: 1

    Team mate 1: How do you roll?

    Team mate 5: I'll Roll,since i don't need it

    Team mate 6: i'm out too

    Team mate 1: 2

    Team mate 5: Roll 3 Verify 356

    Team mate 2: w00t!

    Team mate 2: were did Team mate 1 go ?

    Team mate 5: dunno

    Team mate 3: pfft

    Team mate 6: She/He just ran past me heading out((I coming back from reclaim))

    Team mate 5: did you get?

    Team Mate 2: No Team mate 1 left

    Whats up with that?, Oh yea, this was a lvl 100+ team too.
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    Offering to roll for items found in chests, etc. is fine.

    But I do NOT agree with rolling for items found on alpha loot. The game pretty much already rolled it for you anyway.

    Now one thing that really pisses me off is where there's a profession specific item/nano and people want to roll for it for their alts, when the profession is already there in the group.


    Uber doc nano comes out, and the greedy trader/fixer/everyone wants to roll for it when there's a perfectly good doctor sitting in the group waiting for it.

    If you guys want loot for your main/alts, then play those characters. But the way I see it is, if somebody is on the team that actually use the profession specific item, then they have first dibs on said item. Period.

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    I agree with rolling for things that are obtained from alpha loot. I mean, when you take out a turret, cams, fleas, salamanders they don't give jack. I know I was in a mission with borgs and since they do drop CDS I was hoping to get some borg loots but I probably looted more non-loot things than ever before. It gets kind of annoying when your loot item is a turret.

    I hold to the beleif that proffession specific goes to the proffesion. If you were just gonna keep everything that you got from alpha then it does create the idea that you can charge other team mates for the nanos you looted. I also don't find any difference between the MA nano reduce inertia and a GA ID. I'm sure one of those you'd give to the MA and one of those you would be more than happy to keep.

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    I am not understanding your logic on this matter...

    What exactly IS alpha loot?

    Alpha loot is when the game gives looting rights to a body to a member of the team that the current turn is for. In other words, in a full team, 1 out of every 6 bodies is your loot.

    So, in a sense, the game is already determining who's loot it is, (i.e. rolling)

    So you mean to tell me, with your logic, that even if everyone in the team agrees to roll EVERYTHING found in mission, and you lose rolling those items 20 times, then you should automatically be given pity because you still didn't win the roll?

    Look, I'm sorry if you get to loot the turrents, etc. but 'dems the breaks. Sometimes you are the cat, and sometimes you are the litterbox.

    As far as what the person does with his/her alpha is their own buisness. If they want to be a jerk and try to sell it to a teammate, then read upwards, and don't group with them again. However, my point that I'm coming across is, it's their alpha loot and they don't owe you, nor anyone squat. If they find it in their good heart to give you their loot, then great! Wonderful! Maybe they read this post. But if they want to keep it for themselves, then so be it.....

    They already won their "roll"

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    How does one "Roll" in game?

    Just a quick question.....

    How do you "roll" while in Game? Is there a command? or what?

    Thank you in advance,

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