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Thread: Overequipping and the IP reset: A follow-up

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    umm.. why is all the nonsense about the ip reset?
    a friend of mine can reset his ip 100times a day if he want to..
    ive seen it in rl... i know what he does... i dont do it...

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    Originally posted by Kuroshio

    In 1 on 1 PvP there's a counter for almost every profession. It's all about who gets first strike. I didn't even mention high level PvP involving an MP, who on first strike can completely shutdown a trader and keep him there with nanoshutdown and mind quakes.
    ok i don't pvp and i'm not high level enough to nanoshutdown...

    but ask any MP who does and is and they don't use nanoshutdown all that much in pvp.. why? look at the cast time: 9.3 seconds... and pvp fights last what? 20 secs? trader would already have rooted MPs pets and debuffed his nano and hit him to 1/2 health...
    Not your best combat starter, unless opponenet is afk or something (as you now get a message as soon as enemy STARTS casting on you)..

    Anyways a top MP pet has 874 requirement:
    20% of that is 174...
    top trader plunder debuffs by 211.. so MP will just need to have an extra 40 points in skill and he will not be affected.. no big deal really at higher lvl, that's just a few extra ncus in buffs you would normally stop using.
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    pet OE and /terminate

    ok with pet overequip.. 20% is a decent safety margin as far as i'm concern.. if you want to pvp you try to make it so a debuff by someone your level does not affect you, and i think this will not require such a wide margin...

    but there is one command an OE pet should listen to: /pet name terminate: if the pet is overequipped and is useless i can at least kill it and cast a new, weaker one.. just like NTs can do by casting a weaker nuke once MC is debuffed..
    Imagine this scenario: low lvl MP gets mochams by hgih lvl friend and summons a pet. hunts some. mocham runs out. The pet is overquiped and stops fighting. This is fine. But then the MP (assuming he did not get killed) needs to cast a new weaker pet without waiting 10 minutes... if /pet terminate did not work it would be a pain..

    by the way i also think /pet <petname> terminate should work also when the pet is not nearby.. so you are not forced to terminate all the pets....
    Etchu solitus omni MP 103 on rubika1.. just left departmentX for First Order..
    Feydrutha nanomage omni NT 25 on rubika1 retired atm
    Rodja atrox omni soldier 20 n00b!

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    Thumbs up My personal thoughts

    I think this is a great idea, but there some things that could be worked out a little to make it even better

    -In determining if an item equipped is actually OE'd there should be a little more room. 20% is not much at all. At low levels (the first 15 levels or so) you are pretty much scrounging for any item around your level, and 20% is simple to bypass. At higher levels as well, the 20% is not hard to pass. Players can pass that mark without even knowing it. So by raising the percentage to 25-30% you leave a "cushion" effect so there is some room.

    -However by raising that percentage, the amount of effectiveness lost should also be inreased. Think of an 8 year-old with a gun, they are not going to know what they are doing, and will be lucky if they hit anything, but also may get a few hits in non-vital areas. So raise the lost effectiveness to 30-35% the scenario becomes more "real". And that continues as it would before ( 50-60% over, lose 60-70% ). Now when an item gets to be over 90%, in the weapon case, there should be a chance of the character actually causing a hit to themselves. Back to the kid with the gun, but the gun even more complicated, there are chances of him shooting himself in the foot because he doesn't know what he's doing. This prevents level 7 characters using ql 200 stigmas.

    -Now onto the pets. By giving the weapon-bearing classes the slope of losing effectiveness the pet-classes should not lose all 100% in one shot. The main class that would be effected by this would be the engineer, because the meta physicist would be able to buff himself up again once it wears out. The 20% again is way to low, but instead of keeping it aligned with the weapon/armor percentage make it 35% over, and have a 40% chance of not listening to your command. And every time it attacks/heals there is a 20% chance of stopping the fight. And at over the 90+% there is a chance of the pet simply terminating himself. Or perhaps attacking the caster.

    -Probably the best way to check if any items are OE'd would have a check on a timer that automatically checks say every 30 mins. If it checked say ever time the item was used, that would only increase lag. If there was a way to make these checks concise and quick, making them check every 30 mins, but not on the half-hour, because people would just OE for 30 mins and get buffed again. Make it at a random +1/1 minute added to the 30 mins.

    -No matter what did happen in 13.8, classes, even when minorly OE'd have some trouble killing mobs. So perhaps to regain 20% of the AC and lose 40% of their HPs classes would actually be able to solo yellow mobs.

    -A Trader has a Wrangle that lasts 3 minutes. Meta Physicists have buffs that last 30. By using changing this like it is planned, it would make Traders into "gimps" that follow the group around and buff them when they run out, but would make them virtually useless in combat. So the length of wrangle should be increased on bonus side, but stays the same on the trader side. Also, wrangling is a Trader's livelihood and at the moment they have no real use. So to basically nerf this would ruin the class, this preserves some of their usefulness. As a downside in the increase Traders should not have the ability to Ransack skills in PvP.

    -The final thing is that this should be tested for a WHILE. This patch will change almost everything, and it should be checked thuroughly before it is implemented.

    Well, I probably thought of more before but forgot it now, but I hope that atleast some of this is actually listened because this patch will either make or break AO. So far what I have seen with the communication between Funcom and it's users is great and hopefully the continue of this will happen, making AO a better place for everyone.

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    one question

    From all of this I can't seem to make sence out of the skill reset ability...will I be able to reset all my skills at level 50 or just 5 of them?

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    ip reset

    It seems at first you will be able to reset all your skills (except map nav) later on you will only get ip reset points at title lvl...I don't remember how many for each title lvl.

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    Thumbs down

    FUNCOM carful u start to smell like my bank manager and he smell very bad

    IP reset great i m ok

    but when u re an adventurer and u re buff suck cause there isn t some special one (go and chek a shop adventurer, only **** in) only for us how can u do u re mission in solo ? without OE...

    when i start the game i was thinging an adventurer have some special crystal and capability (LOL) ironic it the most incomplet char in the game

    so take care about us or u ll lost a lot of adventurer in that way

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    Thumbs up

    HEY Strike

    If they give u the other ******** (sensored) JOB can u take me like helper

    I hope they give u it lol cause my credit card cry when i sit down and wait lol

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    Re: OMG! This RULES. Finally a more even playfield..

    Originally posted by Zenister
    Try an MA doc sometime and understand what it is to be NON-twinked. I still solo 50%+ missions too. I have worked hard to keep this char playable withOUT OE'in and twinking. I can self buff for anything I have on. I am RIDDLED WITH GLEE that others will be forced to play by the same 'normal' rules as the average non-number crunching playerbase, rather than being able to reamin the uber-godlike-mouthy-rude-monkeys that make all games of this genre a pain, since they cheat, lie, steal, dupe, exploint, rant and do anything to RUIN the game environment for normal players.

    This doesn't mean ALL OE'ers.. Of course not. Many were just doing it as a way to get by. Understood. But for folks to cry that they can't do a normal mission without overequiping might indicate something far for sinister: Maybe just MAYBE people should use skills that their chars are inherently good at using? You know that silly char template thing that makes skills show up in different colors? Hint: Dark blue means you are no good at it! It doesn't mean with implants and traders I can..... Get my point?

    Anyhoo, thx FC for working towards balance. When all the screaming is said and done, you will have a longer lasting more balanced product. Good.

    Like Zenister, I am a non-twinked, non-OE'd MA. I can consistently solo MULTIPLE mobs. I have been known to solo multiple orange mobs without being killed. Sure, I'm down to 1 HP and my nano pool is drained when it's all said and done, but I survived, dammit!

    When I get this character into PvP, I certainly don't want some uber-haxx0r-OE'ing maniac running me down with his QL200 weapons when he's 20-30 levels below me. Games are about balance, and FC is working towards that.

    There's no need to quit just because OE'ing won't help your character as much. Instead, consider using the 90 re-spec points you'll be getting to redistribute your IP's to skills you can ACTUALLY USE WELL. Who knows... maybe you'll be able to kick that trader's ass one day.


    Trader - Ah, a shotgun wielder (Trader wrangles shotgun skill)
    (Target switches to his SMG)
    (Trader wrangles SMG)
    (Target drops SMG)
    (Target is an MA and wipes the floor with the Trader's hair after Trader wastes his Nano Pool)

    Enough said.
    Yep. I'm back.

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    overequiping should be allowed so it can be said you put effort in making yourself good.
    not just make a char and powerlvl and can do whatever you want cause you are balanced.

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    Thumbs up enough already bring on the 14.2 patch

    Ok already - when is the 14.2 patch coming out? Are the Engineers going to be nerfed to 20% OE be it...I'm not a Engineer anyway so just bring on the IPR.

    All kidding aside (for you Engineers especially) just wondering when the patch will be out. Many rumors everytime I'm logged in. Always someone on OOC saying the patch is coming the patch is coming like Paul Revere...but comes off like the Boy who cried wolf

    OT MA

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    Question Question Re: IPR

    In order to do an IP reset, the character must be nude (no armor, no implants, no weapons). Question: will the character be required to stay nude while reallocating the IPs?

    If already answered, please point me to it.


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    how about this

    The OE 14.2 rules state that its your self-buffed levels that will be checked. Does that then mean, that while using your, say, weapon that you had to self buff to put on, you will need to stay buffed for you not to experience the penalties.

    What im saying is.....if your skill drops when the buff expires, and you are now 22% overequipped, will you see the 25% penalty? will you have to stay buffed while using the weapon or does the OE check only happen when epuipping?
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    If it only happened while equipping, it would be useless. You're never going to be OEd while equipping. So every time your skill changes, an OE check is made. Let a buff drop, and yes, your damage will go down.

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    Angry If You the information on MP and ENG

    I was wondering what brought this on, I can usderstand the IPR stuff that seems kewl but am not going to roll over and go ah this OE stuff is ok, I play a MP and my buddy plays a ENG in the definitoin of the profession it stated that a MP can survive with out a pet, and isn't buffing part of the game, this will ruin playing a MP and Eng due to a eng use his bot as a tank, and some MP's use there Pets, What Genius thought of this OE crap.
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    Re: If You the information on MP and ENG

    Originally posted by Salsus
    I was wondering what brought this on, I can usderstand the IPR stuff that seems kewl but am not going to roll over and go ah this OE stuff is ok, I play a MP and my buddy plays a ENG in the definitoin of the profession it stated that a MP can survive with out a pet, and isn't buffing part of the game, this will ruin playing a MP and Eng due to a eng use his bot as a tank, and some MP's use there Pets, What Genius thought of this OE crap.
    Um...MP's are completely unaffected by OE changes as far as pets are concerned. They can self cast Mochams afterall
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    And by level 125 any competent MP will have enough *unbuffed* skill to get a 132 wrangle and still be under the 20% limit. By 125 any competent engy will have enough skill to maintain a slayer after dropping buffs.

    And Salsus, you can keep buffs running on your buddy, y'know.

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    for the 125+ MP and engineers a debuff after you lose YOUR buff will be all it takes.
    this OE nerf will be aimed mostly for the people below 125
    at 85 my MP was soloing 120 missions with self buffs
    at 93 my engineer cant even do even con missions
    the MP will not be affected as much since he relies on his own buffs.
    the engineer who relied on the MP to buff him will be the one hurt most.
    for those of you who dont realize just how pathetic engineer pets are,My gimped lvl 70 enforcer with QL 90 riders does more damage than a 103 guardbot
    MP lvl 139 Mysticknight

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