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Thread: Over-equipping - here we go....

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    i think this no-overequipping patch will be a good thing, great work FC (hmm, somehow that sounded sarcastic..but i did mean it )
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    Originally posted by Munti
    now i just have to make a MP, after this patch they will rule even more.
    Sure we are....

    Nonametrader did 200 damage to NonameMP
    Rage Materliazation did 174 dmage to Noname
    Nonametrader forces NonameMP's NCU to run Plunder Skills (Major)
    NonameMP was healed for 200 points by Valentiya
    Rage Materlialization did 160 damage to NonameTrader
    Valentyia - "I will be glad to stay back for a while"
    Valentyia - "No, I won't do that master"
    NonameTrader did 210 damage to NonameMP
    Noname MP dead

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    Thumbs up Ok

    Ill give you a thumbs up for trying to work this OE out. As a NT Im kinda tired of not being able to solo 50% missions even.

    What I fail to see in the article is what you are going to do to the Mobs, now that our firepower (the team's that is) is greatly reduced. You say the AC of human Mobs will be reduced but what about monsters?

    With 2700 nanopool I can fire abt 15 nanos dealing ca. 1000 in damage (thats if I got Masteries from a MP). I will fumble on 2 of those nanos and 1 will be resisted (at least). This will take 4 secs * 15 nanos = 1 minute of doing 12k damage. The monster has about 8k hitpoints. I have 2400 HP with self-only buffs. Monsters green to me hit me for say 200 (if they dont crit) every 4 secs. 12 hits to down me. Thats 50 sec.

    Yes I can calm and yes I have Nullity, but the Mobs WILL crit on me and I CANT crit. Also, I dont get a mission with ONLY greens. If I meet a slightly yellow Mob, Im dead as dung.

    Now one way some higher lvl NTs work around this is OE big guns. Something I hoped NTs never would have to do. But this will not be possible anymore, so this will affect our soloing too.

    Anyway, I DO welcome the OE fix and will be happy to see this fixed, but you will have to do something with Mob's hitpoints which are too much for a lot of us.

    P.S. Why doesnt our nano init. reduce the recharge rate of nanos???
    P.P.S. Why do we have 4-5 ways of losing the effect of our primary weapon while other weaponwielding profession hit every single time? (Fumble/Interrupt/Abort/Black Hole/Resisted)

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    The rich stay rich and the poor...well

    I applaud your effort to change the things that have put your game in a state of unimaginable imbalance. Unfortunatley, this couldn't have been done closer to the launch of the game in order to keep things in perspective. For those that took advantage of your weaknesses, they yeilded great reward. Leveling quickly and obtaining the most desirable loot, then turning around and selling it to the unsuspecting Ebayer that just purchased the 20 million from the same guy the day before. As happy as I am that you are doing something about the imbalance I can't help to feel anger towards those that exploited themselves to richness already. I know nothing can be done about what has happened to this point. Hopefully, we will see an overall reduction in the costs of equipement and buffs that are out there, however I feel that the greedy bastages will still try to suck a little more out of their fellow clanmates. My happiness comes from the positive changes being made and ALL of the whining over-equipped, overly-rich, exploiting hacks that will now start to whine like stuffed pigs. Let the whining roll from your tongues as it fills my heart and ears with a beautiful symphony of joy, yes, I wallow in your pain. Be glad you were able to get what you were able to, now pick up your tummy elixirs and pack up your gypsy wagons, this town doesn't need you anymore. The day of reckoning is at hand! /me sits back with turkey leg in mouth and raises his stein in a salute to Funcom.

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    Exclamation only one problem

    *edit hmm peanut and caramel - strange taste but i might get used to it*

    first off i like the implementation of this.

    that it could only be addressed as part of a package was my opinion as well.

    i like being able to tinker your char a bit while you advance so you can try out a few skills for kicks and resell them if they dont work out since this will defeat cookie cutters to a certain extent - i reckon alot of people do not play to be "the best" but just to be viable.

    as for the mob ac i would like some clarificaton - will this be a reduction in addition to the 40% supposed to have happened already? (guess i read the article again to check wether it says TO 60% or BY 60%).
    *edit i reread it armor reduction is already in the game.
    have to check wether i am able to kill mobs at higher levels - so far i have not used anything i could not equip with self buffs and do moderately well but i am no way high level.
    wether or not the tank/stealth classes are able to kill stuff with their own buffs remains to be seen and will make or break the patch.*

    also excellent work since it will not affect people with ip rings at all!!! (not that i have one )


    can you please implement something for the adventurer dual wield?

    as far as i know the skill cost was reduced so the points the old school adventurers invested would be lost.

    what i would like to see is that gms have the power to check ip point totals against that what people get back when untraining the skill. an adventurer would have to untrain all skills and be build from scratch up and it would take some time thus slowing down petitions for say a week or two but i think this would be fair.

    the only people who have a right to ***** would be adventurers with an ip ring. ... dunno how rare this combo is but it certainly is lower then the number of old school adventurers.

    if there are other classes that got skill colors changed i beg indulgence i have been absent a long time.

    (to clarify: i do not play an adventurer and know only one old school but i guess it would be very very nice. how about we vote for this?)
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    Originally posted by Cz
    Eng (same for 'crats): You can still get the MP buff effect, but need to get replenished when they run out. Wrangle will still help up to 20% of the skill (see 'Traders' above).
    this is gonna be fun, when i'm done with half my mission i need to run to town and get a new buff

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    I tend to see it the same way as you Cz. the OE changes will make peoples buffs wanted in teams instead of just for city buffing as the buffs will need to be on the spot and replenished within the hunting time.

    I dont play a trader or an MP so I am not really that qualified to comment. but this is always the way I thought it was goign to work anyway.

    none of this effects me though as I play a fixer with an under equipped gamma

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    I am out of here...

    I have been playing since 12.6 ( the ultimately horrible patch ) so I have to say that I don't have much faith in them (FC) changing things for the better. A soldiers life blood is over equipping. What is Funcom smoking if they think I can kill a QL 104 mob with a QL 104 nova flow.

    Once the cat is out of the bag you really can't put it back in. This is going to be a broad, across the board nerf for all but those classes who can self buff. I have zero ability to buff myself into decent armor. This will pretty much negate my ability to tank as I will be relegated to using armor that is around my level. FC has claimed to reduced the AC humanoid mobs have. Thing is they have made no mention of reducing the dmg they do. I cannot take on QL 104 mobs wearing QL 104 armor let alone QL 180 mobs with QL 104 armor.

    It's too late for them to be reworking the game to this extent. This game is too mature for them to be completely changing the whole equipment equipping scheme. While the IP reset will help some people it will in no way help me to use armor that will make me an effective tank. I have invested many hours bring my Soldier up to level 104. Too much time for them to completely change the rules.

    In other words I will not pay to play a game who's rules change completely ever 6 months there by negating all the time I have put into it developing a character. I don't have the patcients or time to put up with that. Soldiers will not be a viable tanking class after these changes. The only real tanking class will be enforcers as they will be able to keep their stats up enough to wear high enough QL armor to take the abuse of high QL mobs. I have been playing my soldier for a too long to change my habits. I pull and I tank. I however am not going to start up another character just to have to start over again when FC changes the game completely again.

    I will stick around and see FC can actually completely change the game without screwing my profession. If they do then great. If not I am out of here. Going by their track record I not going to hold my breath.
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    Azzazzimon, I'll bring up the power of debuffs with the designers.

    Dareus, what you call "super twinking" is a bit different issue. I'll bring it up, but keep this thread to the current article please. Note that they do have to remove all that stuff for the IP reallocation though, so for those who wish to use this (I will ), the implants and NCUs will have to come off sometime.

    Poteen, no news on the new Agent nanos just yet. Sorry.

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    Funcom: Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends. There is a secret song at the center of Rubi-Ka, and its sound is like razors through flesh.
    Player: I don't believe you.
    Funcom: Oh come, you can hear its faint echo right now. We're here to turn up the volume. To press the stinking face of humanity into the dark blood of its own secret heart.
    Funcom: MMORPGs... such fertile ground for the seeds of torment. You're so ripe, players. And it's harvest time. Save your tears. We'll reap your subscriptions slowly. We have a 4year storyline to discover the things that make you whimper.

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    Originally posted by Cz

    Poteen, no news on the new Agent nanos just yet. Sorry.

    Aaaww.. ok. thanks
    Lvl92 Agent

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    my 2 Credits worth....

    /me is awestruck!

    IP reset is great.... I think! Wait a second.... My current soldier (84 and parked) was a pistol user for 80 levels.... she was great until she got nerfed from the 1 skill that set soldiers apart from all other classes. Now she is needed less than any other class in game... until this patch!

    !!!!You need to FIX traders long before you release this patch!!!!

    I will reroll my soldier.... maybe... umm no I wont she has ql 200 armor on that I got on though means that exsisted in game previous to any patching to fix bug that most of did not even know were BUGS!

    Maybe I will reroll her none the less so I can be another NOVA toting fool!

    Give me a break! This will not even the field.... it will get my ass handed to me once again in missions (which I can not solo 50% now) even more... how is that ballancing ?

    Lets talk about NPC or MOB's or whatever while we are talking about punishing the current player base who has gone though some of the hardest times this game has had.

    LVL 70 Mission Humaniod = Has x2 as many hit points as me and is a nano caster ? Hits x2 as fast as me with his weapon for dmg always above my min by 20-40ish points! WTF is that all about!
    How the hell when I have maxed STA / Body Dev and there is no way an even level PC nano tech can have as many hit points as me! But every single NPC does!

    Nobody will be able to do missions harder than 50% (even) with out a partner! There goes the saving grace of this game... This was the only game out that allowed you to play solo or in a group at will... not any more...

    Might as well add the /LFG tag for us now!


    If you nerf the player base then adjust the NPC base later you will lose alot of people. I have added "9" people to this game since I started playing, and this patch will cause most if not all of us to move on and wait for another SCI FI RPG to come along!

    You all really need to work on the PATCHES before this PATCH!
    !Clan Atrox Crat!

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    Angry ehhh

    Traders in PvP : uber now, gods after patch, i can only use my self as example im a soldier (169) 400 points debuff would roughly mean 40% overequipped on my part bringin me to 25% in pvp (50% for pvp, 50% for 40% overequip) = dead soldier

    Engys : as i c it would function without a mp or a trader around

    Different gaming style : killed, u now need to stay with weapons best suited for u (i got a ql 200 nano helmet on my atrox which is 20% off)

    Twinks : u fixed anything? NO, twinks are uber because of NCU´s and implants...and these are not fixed, which basiclly means that while twinks go down a few qls in weapons ur averge none twink goes down alot since he dont have "state of the art" implants

    my 2c

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    No problem Cz,

    I do consider the super twink (overequiped implants and NCU) general OE though, which is what I thought you were trying to accomplish here.

    If this issue is going to be handled in another patch or individually with database searches I'm good with that, but this patch won't allow normal players to try PvP, even though it's a good step in the right direction.

    Kudos on the IP reallocate as well. It was very nice to see that I would get backwards points (and not lose out just because I was already title level 4). I have to admit that when I was reading that I wished I hadn't hit 100 until patch day before I read that I wouldn't miss out.

    Thanks for the updates

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    The Trader debuff line has got to be the single-largest factor in this whole equation, and there is no mention of it in the article. This does not bode well for the community.

    I would recommend the OE rules simply discount debuffs. Calculate off of every other factor, but not the debuffs. A Trader in pvp OR pvm could render you practically 0% effective, and some of those debuffs last several minutes.

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    Originally posted by Munti
    this is gonna be fun, when i'm done with half my mission i need to run to town and get a new buff
    Not if you originally stay with a pet that is within your 20% range. Taking implants (and the small general buffs) into account you can get a fairly good pet within the 20% limit.

    /me starts working the numbers for his Engineers

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    I don't get it?

    Why don't you like this so called OE ?

    I mean, everybody, every single one can do it, to be really good you need alot of experience, but thats like it is in the real world, not everyone is AS GOOD AS THE OTHER.

    I can, with alot of work, creds and time get myself equipped alot higher then most bother to, I say bother to cuz thats all it is, everyone of you can do it, you either is not good enough yet, don't want to ( Need to change your armor into cloths and such, like to wear uniform) or some other reason, or you play the game to chat and meet friends.

    I find it strange that all you say that you have no chance against high lvl veteran have no chance in what? lvl'ing you can do anyway, just not as fast, PvP? why in the world should you expect to be as good as a trained pvp'er in the beginning? he/she has after all used alot of hours to get so good.

    To learn as the game moves along is all part of the game, if everyone should be just as good, whats the point then ? there MUST be a difference between a good pvp'er who knows the game and a guy playing his first character up high with lots of ip's used wrong. ( If you take away this, what point is there to really work hard? )

    As I started with, whats wrong? pinpoint it for me? and tell me why it is wrong? cuz this crap about: " I go killed by a trader at lvl 11 and I am lvl 17 enforcer " is no good, thats life.

    As and end statment: Those who use bugs in the game to get into UBER equipment is cheating, but thats got NOTHING to do with this so called EO.


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    I like this change...

    I've always been slightly over-equiped (I'm a cheap guy, don't want to fork out 300k for a wrangle).

    PvP will be a little more predicatable. No more level 40 guy with a ql200 rifle of owning.
    Traders/MPs have a new use in teams

    PvE will be alot harder, but I'm assuming (yeah, bad word) that FC will even everything out. With characters using a smaller QL range, it will be easier to balance out monsters.

    I like this change...

    As an advent, I like the IP reallocation...but I just want to make sure we get the correct IPs back from our multi wield skill!

    *eats his ice cream happily*
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    Read the Article

    MOB's have already been nerfed as part of this package. They aren't making them any easier. It's been done. 13.8 was your MOB power reduction. I saw them get easier in 13.8. Didn't you? What did you expect? Levels handed to you on a platter.

    Did you think this would be anything other than another step towards slowing down the leveling rate?

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    "As and end statment: Those who use bugs in the game to get into UBER equipment is cheating, but thats got NOTHING to do with this so called EO. "

    OE is a result of bugs. Having a hard cap in place prevents users who use bugs to gain an advantage over those who don't is a good thing.

    Just switch all that time spent on making the perfect implants for the old system to the new and you'll keep your advantage unless of course you used bugs to get there.

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