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Thread: PvP strategies

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    PvP strategies

    Chronita kicked me in the butt to make a PvP strategies thread it would be nice if people with some experiece in pvp could add some things they know

    Pow Bow
    This is prolly the best bow atm, since Aimshot is the best special in the game atm i would say use this bow for hot swapping and back to fists again

    other things i would try getting would be Globe of Clarity since your an Martial Artist you are critt depended at higher levels you need to critt to really do damage at all, so i would suggest getting two of those, they also add some nice defencive/Offencive mods that could help you.

    a Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancer would help alot, like i said when your an MA you need critt! and a ql 250 of these gives 8% Critical chance but it also makes you slower, might wanna cut this to a lower ql or rather not use it at all if your going much defencive while pvping, it also adds alot of aimshot skills that could help you with your bow i also noticed something in the 14,9 patch a new item that fits in that HUD that would prolly be much better for MA's to use, Gurgling River Sprite much lower init debuff and 5% Critt increese, all we need now is a flurry that adds Pshy init huh? it also has some other nice mods on it

    I would also try getting a flurry some people like upping fast attack to be able to use higher flurrys a ql 25 flurry adds 10% a high ql would add around 17% ish but it's really up to you if you wanna spend ip Flurry is a nice item it only adds melee init but also + Critt it's kinda funny that it aint adding Psy init even tho our Four Fists Nano adds + 30 Fast attack and there aint many MA weapons using fast attack, i'm not sure if there are any at all!

    Some weapons that most MA's use would be
    Lotus Parry Stick this one has some nice Defencive mods
    Torturing Tool i got a ql 150 TT i'm not sure if you can get a higher ql then this Le fay is a rather low lvl mob..
    these are prolly the only "ok" items you can use now..

    other things, MA attacks Flower of Life Bright, Blue, Cloudless Sky Wave and Blessed with Thunder these are prolly the best MA attacks you can get at this point, yes shen was nerfed so it sucks try getting these attacks they will help you alot

    You should check the for info on some of the MA attacks, some of them does things that's not said in the info, like Bright, Blue, Cloudless Sky ( my fav attack!) it does some nice things to the person you use it on

    RangedInit. -550 for 40 seconds
    MeleeInit. -550 for 40 seconds
    NanoC.Init -550 for 40 seconds
    PhysicalInit. -550 for 40 seconds
    CastStunNano Tight Embrace 100%

    there are some problems with hot swapping and seems like fc aint reading my bug reports after the new Dualwielding error message came you cant hot swap a Pow bow with a Parry stick, you only get the " cant dualwield these items" it's rather teh suck but you can hot swap a Torturing Tool and a Pow bow somehow
    just something you should know before fighting it almost got me killed once

    Proffesions, now that SL is almost out i'm guessing our proffesion will change alot i've heard alot of rumors about how our proffesion will turn out but i'll keep it for myself these things i'm gonna write might not work in 2 months

    Support classes, Since the thing that hurts MA's the most is Roots i would say max your NR! vs proffesions like Crats/NT's/traders get Fractured Sanity from nelebs dungon hey it's 54 NR! it helps... and remember to go full def vs rooting classes i would be evil and use rooting devices myself that's what i do Hacked Boosted-Graft: Feet of Stone try finishing these off as fast as you can, traders will prolly need to drain up to be able to do ok dmg or heal killing these before they get all their drains in would be the best i always alpha them with Bright Blue Cloudless Sky it has a 100% Stun for 4 Seconds, they cant use any drains then and their inits will be gimped for 40 seconds as i said further up in my post, smart traders will prolly run around in the arena and root until you really are rooted, and since the arena has a Loss of sight bug it's kinda hard for melee users to fight them if they do this you prolly will die anyway =/ but i heard FC would do something about zoning and arena in the next patch i hope that fixes it

    NT's without phat lewt like Jones vest and Gph cant cast Res blast after you've casted MC int, stamina gen debuffs on them this is kinda lame but it works, you should always go full def until their NSII goes out, i would also try running away from them while they are rooted (NSII roots the NT) run away and heal up and start counting i think NSII lasts for 22 seconds i'm not really sure now then run back and alpha them to hell i would use Flower of life, and remember to root them after their NS II is out, NT's have rather low hp =p
    and dont forget to start with your pow bow for the aimshot..

    Docs, can be scary if they are using cater your kinda doomed, it's fun being aimshotted for 3500 3-4 times
    but you can kill them, with a nice alpha i've killed several Shotgun docs they aint that hard, you should equip a recomipler after your Rapid Palsyed you can still cast MA heals almost instant on full agg what i use to do is just equip my recomiler live on my heals and kits and use Blessed with thunder, at some point the doc will prolly forget to recast init debuff or he start failing it if your full def you should quicky go full agg and equip your tt and flurry up, if your chain critting most docs will die, i've beaten two cater docs and those were with some nasty 10k alphas aimshot brawl dimach critts and BBCS/WAVE i was rather lucky
    rather hard killing docs really but if you got add all def implants you could just go full def and heal up, but not now that everyone is using cater >_< alpha would be the best in that case..

    Enfs... Enfs hurt !

    but they have a weakness, Flurry flurry doesent only add good things, it also makes other critt more on you and your a critt depended proffesion i would say try timing your aimshots and other specials, it's so fun killing enfs with a 5000ish aimshot and alot of critts, enfs hit hard but slow after flurry, and while flurry is running you should try doing everythign to do dmg i always use flower of life vs these since they hit for like 2k per chop, going 50% def would help i am using a ql 200 VE so 50% makes me still 1/1 i think and enfs tend to miss me much i got some add all def implanted too depeneds really on luck really, if you cant evade some hits your prolly dead i dont really use cheep tricks like some poeple do like running around the arena to heal up but you can try doing that too but always try doing your specials once their flurry is running..


    reflect + a fast hitting proffesion = ouch ;X
    most soldiers start with TMS i would advice you to go full def and just brawl the soldier i'm using a
    Superior Radiation Deflection Shield since high lvl soldiers uses Hellfury/Hellspinner shock cannons, they both use Radiation damage i would remember to put on bracers, it's really all about staying alive until their TMS is out if you can survive it you'll prolly win with an alpha that's really how i do it...

    but those Agumented guns hurt alot they got a burst recycle of 6 seconds? remember using flower of life, you cant really win vs a soldier in tms you would prolly hit for around 20-50 and 300ish critts on a TMS soldier if 'i'm not correct but it's doable but evades is needed and of course ... dont use flurry soldier is a specials proffesion flurry would only hurt you =p

    Fixers with Grid armors, now that fc never fixed our MA attacks i wouldnt waste much time trying to even go for a fixer, you can kill them with alphas but the thing you should know about grid armors you CANT land MA attacks on them, not even the root breaker, since the def check system is rather flawed Grid Armor adds alot of Def and i think MA attacks rolls on Duck exp..
    i hope someday FC fixes this since they dont resist the attacks they are inmune vs them.. i think i wrote a thread about add all def and crat speetch here somewhere too

    another thing the Desturction line is rather crap we all know that but, 80ish dmg overtime can be around 1k dmg in a duel i would use it before i started a duel just like enfs pre challange..

    MA Vs MA heh i think these duels are rather funny it's more a Russian Roullete the one critting wins i've sometimes ended up not critting at all vs other MA's and vice vesa

    Advs, Advs Can CH but has a long casting time you should always open up with Aimshot then flurry up, most advs will start using CH at 50% hp or so i'm not really sure how long the casting time is... but i know BBCS interupts their CH i hope i'm right now i only tested this once and it seems to work if you can interupt it they are rather doomed even tho they cant root try using wave on them to stun them for 4 seconds Wave has a 20% Chance of Stunning! most advs today use Pop/RoP so use a Fire Delf shield, they help alot overtime a ql 200 boosts your AC's around 12k.. and try dualwieilding your tt with your fists while fighting them it seems tt has a higher critt chance somewhat i heard some rumors about it too i'm not sure ;x

    Engineer, not many Engineers fighting these days =/
    but an eng using MA skills and a 15% critt scope can be a hard person to kill they will have more MA skills then you, and they can use MA attacks liek you =p now that the 50% critt thingy is off fists they will critt engs have some specials obsorbers that obsorbs Aimshot dimach brawl fling full auto bursts etc i think all specials infact while fighting them constantly use Brawl to eat their Obsorb shield, when you notice their Sheild is down dimach and aimshot them, engs aint really hard to kill but they aint really a pvp proffesion either..

    Upon a Wave of Summer gives 900 nano res at ql 200 could help vs traders if you use it right before the duel starts, it lasts for 20 seconds

    ok MP's
    key nanos would be
    Presence of the Dominator Why? you can scare away their heal pets or even their main attack pet if it's not a deamon, if you cant scare it off try debuffing it's Psy,. but the main reason why i use it is to scare away the heal pet, no heal pet no heals
    (that goes for all pet classes really..)

    another thing is we all know MP's can ruin your nano skills very much i would have a lower heal like greater healing touch up on my macro bar, he will debuff you anway and remember to buff bio met etc etc,
    another thing MP heal pets will heal once the mp loses *1* hp point you can take advantage of that now find your Eternal Enmity or the gen buff you can get from the shop, it does *1* dmg to the target, and it will make the mp pet heal the master use this before you start a fight can make you kill the mp with an alpha if your lucky, MP's will prolly run around the arena to heal up,use root grafts!

    still not quite done i'm kinda in a hurry anyway later!
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    A very nice post indeed .

    Covers.. well.. nearly everything...

    Or wait. i might have missed it, but where did the Metas go?

    Halofire Stuff

    Ogiebogie Stuff perks


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    i'm not done yet! gonna add the rest of the proffesions soon
    even tho i think i wrote something about Support classes up there somewheere
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    very nice beginning if we get several PvP experts to chime in here I think this could be a great resource for those MAs struggling with PvP woes. Therefore. . .


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    I read through all that and its full of nice tips. One thing I think u forgot tho was to use a root-graft on soldiers while they are in TMS and run out of range. Wait for TMS to end and then come back. Saves u from alot of bursting. I think burst-cap is 8 sec.

    Looking foreward to the rest of the professions

    Edit: The root from grafts are kinda short-lasting since they are so low QL but there are more than one type of root-graft so ure able to root atleast twice during TMS. Im not 100% sure if rooting a soldier is a smart thing to do as a MA but I cant think of a reason not to atm.
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    Nice Post PB !
    I agree on everything you wrote, tho I'd like to add few things.

    A little item, that's extremly usefull : Purifying Rod
    As you see in the description, it cancels every Init Debuffs, DoTs, Snares, Roots.
    They are quite hard to get ( Got mines from GoT in ToTW ), are stackable ( and usable only on time ).
    Bad point is that it locks NanoPool for 10mins.

    But it's the kind of tool that _can_ save your life, both in duels and towers fight.

    Another thing. A little comment on the powbow.
    It's, for sure, the best bow for MAs, but I doubt it'll still be after the AS nerf.
    Imo, the next alternative for MAs are the Growling Bows.
    I'm selfequiping a QL 200 one ( Had an hard time doing it, without armor switch ) and I'm still amazed by crits I land with it...
    Best one was 2k ( against someone without armor heh :P ) and usual ones are around 1k6/1k7.
    Non-Crit damage are kindof good too. ( up to 700-800 )
    But well, it's more a MassPvP bow, since equip time is very long... ( 3sec )
    ( And if you think that getting 1001 bow in order to use it don't worth it, you might take a look at Bang of Thunder, our upcoming ubah bow ! )

    While i'm at it, you might want to get a Hacked Boosted-Graft: Detain Suspect in addition of the Feet of Stone one. ( They both locks different skills )

    I hope it helps, and again, good post PB.

    ~Was about to post when I saw Wrangeline's post.

    Rooting a soldier using a graft is, I believe, almost useless ( Unless you use it right after he use a First Aid Kit ), coz he'll break it using a single Free Movement.

    ~Waiting at next PB's post.
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    i'll add more tommorow i'm tierd ;X

    i hope some other MA's can write some stuff they know that might help !

    laters ~
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    "Remains of Phoenixbird" lolz

    Seriously though, very nice post by the best MA on RK1

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    Excellent. Great job, PvP maestro.
    /DaveDread (D.A.V.E.D.R.E.A.D.: Digital Artificial Violence and Exploration Device/Replicant Engineered for Assassination and Destruction mohahaha)

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    Lesser Paralyze with Indecision is another root graft! I use all three. Best bet is to get a Q200, boosted version, for a faster recharge (would be about 15 minutes). These are blitzable, and I blitzed all of mine.

    Another graft I use is Lesser Deflection Shield (only if you're doing arena PvP - it locks time and space but when in a city, you can easily use a surgery clinic to regain nano when necessary). I use a wolf form graft as well (Playful Cub), for two reasons besides the added runspeed. As you may know, those in monster form sometimes bug and all of their hits are double. It's only lag based, but it can really help if a doc or especially Invoc'ing adv waits until the last second to CH. Also, no one can see what weapon you're using (or not using), which can be a key factor in planning your alpha.

    Other items you might want :

    Steaming Hot Cup of Enhanced Coffee <- +1 crit! I can't believe PB didnt mention!
    Energized Carbonan Oven Mittens (fire reflect, really only usable by opifex)
    Modified Aggression Enhancer (projectile reflect, solitus only)
    The Third Eye of Daria (mainly for the evade CC for melee professions)
    Stone Samurai Boots (mainly for the evade CC for melee professions)
    Ring of Luck (Q200 is +28 def, wearable with a Q99 +14 - for when you don't need NR)

    At the moment I can't think of other specific items. But I will add I suggest knowing what damage all the popular weapons do (Rifles - energy. Solders HF/HS - rad. E/QB - chem. RoP - chem. PoP - fire. Ithaca - Proj. Etc!), and have/use ALL the appropriate bracers and shields all the time. That is, for duels. Mass PvP is a totally different situation.

    And keep in mind, vs. Docs, Wrack & Ruin lowers attacking skills 100 pts so you need to have 100 points more than your pow bow for doc duels unless you have UBER NR.

    Which reminds me, Dave can probably add to this, but I Triple Imp NR as an Opi fairly easily (doable with just org benefits). I still can cast FFoK and UVC, which Im fairly certain a 'trox can't do (sowwy pb <3 ) It's a lot easier if you use a 3rd eye, but I hate to re-equip my sentinel's helm, so I don't.

    To do this at level 200, I imp - bright si/ts, faded pm (refined)/si/ts
    I need to use -
    Flaxen Notum Pants (opifex only +8 SI/PM and otherwise uber)
    Kalinkalov Mz-99 Rubi-Ka (+12 PM, looks funny but it does the job)
    Ring of the Monkey Tail (+14 int)

    Oh and I need int boost & expertises. I dont use eggs, either.

    Also, PB didn't cover buffing at all. For Duels it's fairly simple, buff yourself with everything you can possibly think of, providing it's a self buffed duel. I usually cast horde and AC buffs, and personally prefer fire fists (fire AC is generally lower than chem, I find).

    For mass pvp -- ncu, gsf, hot, doc HP, CS, behemoth, engi absorb, tts, HE, leet form (some like other things, this is what I like for outside buffs)

    Well I've gone and rambled sufficiently I'd love to hear from MA PvP'ers who use other weapons, I've seen some running around with kaehler sleeves I only use the weapons Pb mentioned.

    PB covers a lot, but I think he could go into more detail and I'm sure we'd love to see that. he's a little nervous about this guide so hopefully we can all make him feel better about it.

    Don't worry, it's very good
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    oh damn i forgot the coffee

    thanks Kit
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    A couple small things:

    Against engineers buy a low QL flashpoint/westinghouse and use it at the beginning to wipe out the absorb shield on useless specials.

    Also, another option for bows (which I use) is the sapphistic bow, does a little less damage but recycles in 30-32 seconds as opposed to 40-42 seconds for a pow bow (1003 AS skill). 10 seconds is an eternity in a duel so I try to use sapphistic first then pow (assuming the fight won't last more than a minute).

    I personally use AS as my timer against soldier TMS, don't have to hit them quite as much as with brawl (brawl does stun but soldier will be doing most of his dmg from his bursts anyways). But it takes quite some practice to time to 80 seconds well, and it's extremely important because every second after TMS is down is so valuable.

    Get as many of those items that have been listed as possible, you need every point in every skill/stat you can get.
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    I noticed most of these tips are for duels, I'd like to add some general mass PvP tips. They aren't in any order of importance, only listing them as they come to mind.

    1) Make a "/assist" macro. If there is a leader calling targets, then it might be even better to make a macro that specifically assist that person. My "/assist" macro is right next to my AS button, so I just assist the leader and fire off an AS right away.

    2) Get range. Use VE and Movement Predictors to increase your range to 40m if possible. The farther you stay away from the enemy crowd, the less chance of you getting jumped.

    3) Outside buffs. I believe Nikki already mentioned them, but I'll just repeat again that outside buffs are extremely important. Out of all things, I prefer GSF, RRFE, HE, and a Dr. Hack & Quack. If you have spare NCU for others, even better.

    4) Keep moving. Yes, don't stand at the same spot shooting forever. The longer you stay there, the more people will pick you up on target and start shooting at you. It is best to shoot a few shots, back up some (throw a team/single heal if needed), then step up to shoot more.

    5) Map upgrades. Map Navigation is one skill you can't reset, but it's very important in mass PvP. Use temporary implants, get as many maps as you can and the Side upgrade. Knowing where your enemies are is an incredible advantage.

    6) Pick a weak target. Somtimes there isn't a leader calling targets. If this is the case, then it is very important to hit tap very often. The first person to come up on your tap isn't neccesarily the best target. Tab through the enemies, find one that's weakened or green to you, and finish him/her off. One less enemy on the battlefield is always a good thing.

    7) Prepare for mass PvP. This means a lot of things. Turning down visual settings to reduce lag, making macros, changing hotkeys, buying free movement, virus scanners, etc. Everything that can help mass PvP go smoother. One thing that you will experience in mass PvP is lag. Don't go in with 100% visual settings and expect it to run smoothly. Reducing view distance and player distance works for me, but you'll NEED map/side upgrade to navigate.

    That's all the general mass PvP tips I can think of at the moment. Feel free to question/comment.

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    Good tips
    --- Make /assist work on yourself ---

    /target <name> command please FC

    In summary, I beleive that we can say that not only is Mongo not a heal, neither are MA heals.

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    Something to add here

    I don't really concider myself a PvP expert, but lately I've beein trying to pvp and noticed something that's been working for me that's missing...

    Maybe it's just me and my gimpness, but I have a better chance at finding jimmy hoffa in a thong than outlasting a 190+ soldiers TMS. What I've been doing is starting with bow unequipped and start of the duel by simultaniously using BBCS, flurry and brawl. Then I dimach the soldier and UWS before equipping bow and ASing, should be noted that you should have the AS off withing 5-6 seconds of the duel. the key is to get the alpha in before the TMS and with the stun they won't be able to TMS after u start doing ur thing. I've gotten soldiers to about 30% hp before TMS went up in some cases.

    After TMS is up I use parry sheild for their dmg type, chainheal with nano/kits and just pound at them with all I got.
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    has anyone added the 551 or whatever rifle to use a reet bow? i used to use these forever ago, and i did INSANE dmg. with AS and fling i did over 1/2 their HP with just my bow. i am prolly gonna run 1 and try it out. will post results

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    Very nice guide. I'll link this to the RK3 Forums if u agree
    What i further would like to know is how to battle non-GA Fixers.

    Where Monsters rampaged, i was there to take them down.
    Where Treasure glittered, i was there to claim it.
    Where an Enemy rose to face me, Vitory was mine !

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    In my experience non-GA fixers have never offered much of a fight really. Start of with bow, AS them, then root them and run up and flurry, dimach, brawl and stun with BBCS. U wanna keep them rooted though cos they will want to root you away from them, which you can't let tem do, so make sure u keep em rooted and don't go out of range while they're rooted cos then they'll root u and u'r stuck. If you do get rooted use UWS to get free and run up and kill em. Non-GA fixers have low hp in most cases and won't dodge that much, so not much of a problem. Only thing is if they use a cater and manage to keep u rooted away from them.
    Taracan 215 Omni MA

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    usefulness of parry

    While i always prefered Bright blue Cloudless sky before Flower of life and Thunder, i didnt skill parry. My Questions is, if the skill itself is of good use in a pvp against melee fighters or if it doesnt work at all.

    Where Monsters rampaged, i was there to take them down.
    Where Treasure glittered, i was there to claim it.
    Where an Enemy rose to face me, Vitory was mine !

    Apprentice Ashes Omikurita Ney PvM generic PvP
    Rookie Alpha Xenogear Omega
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    Freshman Pyrotess
    Freshman Springbreeze
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    Yeah, it works but only works good on MAs and melee advents and such, and of course the EQB mps and NTs and docs, but they're kinda rare. It's nice for parrying AS and dimachs, and can really tilt the fight your way when it does, but it's kinda rare and almost never happens on enfs due to ridiculously insane AR.
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