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Thread: Guide to Teaming With Docs!

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    I have read this, at least 4 times and every time I get to chuckle.
    I was Cleric on EQ for 3 years before coming here, and altho, so different, some things ARE THE SAME. OMG!!! which according to this, must mean *oh my go* get more mobs.. I dont know haha.. but now everytime I write what I think is nice abriv. I will worry someone has read this and I will come back to a dead doc..
    Not that I dont die often enough
    It is a pleasure to read what I often think, but dont have the words to put down so other people get to enjoy.

    thanks for this, it made my day

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    Angry Lamo To anyone who believes this mush....

    This is such Hogwash. The doc profession is dying because of the ungratefulness of the teams. Fixers and agents running ahead and looting all the good loot to keep. Enforcers rushing docs when its their turn to loot. Ingrates attacking multiple mobs thus drawing extra agro. People opening chests that explode or release adds upon opening. These are the reasons why docs dont stick around and why they chose other professions. Docs should be held with the highest regard, they keep you leveling and looting so if you want the benefit treat em right.

    I was in a team the other night with my doc. We entered the mission and within moments loot started flying off the screen as chests were open, mobs were looted, etc. Within 15 minutes, teammates inventories were nearly full and I only had one looted item (defender shotgun) to show for my adventure. The problem with docs is individual selfishness, not their own shallowness. We all need each other, but there are either too many 3 year olds playing the game or no respect for being one of the few teams to have a doc.

    I'll give you a secret. You want a doc that sticks with you through thick and thin. Who joins your team everynight and helps you through to level 200. "Take Care of them !" Thats the secret. Give them stuff that might be of value to them. Let them loot first or near the top. Seek their input on things during the mission. Thank them for saving your "*(#". Then you'll truly benefit from the experience as opposed to being on one of those lamo, selfish teams that never can figure out why the doc left or why they can't get a doc to join their team.

    Think about it!

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    lol reminds me of the days when i cared about looting in missions.. oh the memores =(
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    JackD, the whole point of this thread is to illustrate what you have said through sarcasm. Every doc agrees with your position but rather than state it directly they are using sarcasm and humor to point out the absurd ways teams treat docs. Enjoy the thread, it is supporting exactly what you say but it is funny. Maybe humor will break through where common sense has been shut out.
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    Just stopped by the doctor forums since I am just starting a new (read first) doc. Saw the thread, though to myself, here might be some tips I have missed. Outstanding guide, and to any doctors that have teamed with my fixer in the past I sincerely apologize. I realize now that evacing the team to save the doctor and thus our team was not only insulting the doctor, but also an act of pure cowardice. Secondly, in the same vein, I again apologize most sincerely for the incredibly rude gesture of casting a short term hot on the doc who ended up with aggro.

    I want you to know from now on that although I know it is best to /invite the doc to a not yet existent team, while letting her believe there is a team, I will attempt to buff the teams ncu out of range of the doc, as the blue flash animation must be distracting and docs only need to cast not receive. Lastly I will no longer take up your ncu space with unnecessary pathetic run buffs. :P

    Seriously a very funny post and unfortunately a truism that has caused me to preempt my good doctor friend from leaving with /tell theincreasinglyfrustrateddoc let's take so and so with us and start a new team or just go do a lower ql mish.

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    LVL 130 doc here. everything the first guys wrote is crap! if you spam me with invite will for sure not join your team. docs normally join higher lvl teams. thats just tuff #$% for all you people wanting a high lvl doc to team with you. unless your in the same guild as the high lvl doc. don't count on teaming with him/her. Doc's heal you with everything they got. if you go and waste your ncu on dumb stuff so doc can not cast a hot on you. its your own damn falt for dieing!!!! iam sick and tired of players making add's and dieing them blaming docs. we as doc's are not gods. we heal and every doc has a limit (some better than others) but that has no reason for players to blame docs for deaths. I honestly understand if the doc is not buying updated nanos and or if the doc isnt casting constantly!
    And where in the hell did you get the idea Doc NEED a team. LMAO docs are so low right now and needed by every team!! make all the excuses you want but every team needs a doc. whan i log on i see 20-30 tells that were buffed asking me if i would heal their team during a mish, quest or raid. whatever. Docs never need YOU!!!!!! pleanty of other teams out there and i gladly quit teams that are rude or gaining xp slowly!!!!
    nothing worse than joining a team that cant kill a mob less than 1 min each.
    I would just like to say to all you ENFORCERS who think they don't need docs. heh you know damn good and well you need us as much as we need you. you are not keeping us alive! the docs are keeping you alive!

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    The only thing I can figure is that the original author must have a screw loose.
    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
    AO chat log of Titanic sinking is the second funniest post ever

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    Originally posted by Zanthyna
    The only thing I can figure is that the original author must have a screw loose.


    I can't believe this thread just got bumped.

    There is some good stuff in this thread...but a majority of it a little overboard and a bit odd.
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    Is sarcasm such a lost art that people don't recognize it anymore?

    Doctorhell, lighten up, and read the post for what it is. Although the original poster does probably have a screw loose the post used that loose screw to make it's point through hyperbole, humor, and sarcasm.

    Of course teams need doctors that is why you always see people shouting "Team of X, level Y, lfm, have doc". People join teams with docs. You never see, "Team of X, level Y, have Fixer".

    Enforcers are the first to request a doc. They know that they will be getting pounded and a good doc gives them a much better chance of survival. I have never played an Enforcer but in some ways they need a team as much as docs do, they are opposite ends of the spectrum. Enforcers do and take damage but can't heal so they can solo and waste time in between healing up. Docs heal damage but can't do much (normally) so they can waste time trying to kill mobs (boy have I had some long battles) and then heal up in no time to move onto the next long battle.

    Or they can both find a team where their strengths are used at the right time and their weaknesses are compensated for.

    However, I must admit your attitude Doctorhell is not one that I would want in a team I am on (only judging from your post not from knowing or teaming with you personally so take this statement with that caveat in mind). I would never drop a team because they were killing too slow. I am very reluctant to leave a team although overt rudeness could prompt me if it is extreme. I will gladly team with characters who are lower (as long as they are close) to my doc. I will take a lower XP rate for a mission or two to help them out and improve my reputation. I must admit the only problem with this is they often try to take too hard a mission because of having a high level doc but after a few close calls they start to listen to reason.

    So relax, re-read the first post again keeping in mind that it is dripping with delicious sarcasm. Laugh at it and all the while you will be laughing at the people it mocks.
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    [COLOR=sky blue]Big Round Number Landmark ![/COLOR]

    Guide to Teaming With Docs! has surpassed the 10k thread views mark! This is especially meaningful since at least half of the views aren't mine. Help me celebrate this meaningless landmark by saying "w00t!" to big round numbers. This thread is currently the 11th most viewed thread in all of the profession forums!

    I want to thank everyone who's read, bumped, replied, quoted, linked, referenced, recited, or stickied this thread. Just think, there are 10,000 players out there following the advice in the doc guide, meaning you have a pretty darn good chance of teaming with at least one person who follows my guide every time you team.
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    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
    AO chat log of Titanic sinking is the second funniest post ever

    No matter how many levels I gain, the Lag Monster is always red to me.

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    This has to be one of the funniest posts I have ever seen on a player forum. How did I miss this thread for so long? I had to clean my monitor after reading it. Thanks for a good bellylaugh Zanth.

    One thing though, I'm pretty sure they watch Wheel of Fortune, not Giligan's Island.

    And I think you should add a paragraph about helpful tips and criticisms people can give Docs. Like which heal to use, how to equip their Doc, timing of heals, etc. Those helpful instructions from other team members are something I cherish especially if given in open team chat or even better yet in /shout.
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    WooT To Big Round Numbers.

    And Three WooTs for Zanthyna who started this thread

    Hip Hip WooTay
    Hip Hip Wootay
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    great post! I will be sure to remember and put into practice this excellent advice.

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    I love this post


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    I saw it to day and yes, its so wonderful!
    *Still wiping tears of laughter of my eyes*

    I always wondered why ppl complaining about docs in team, did they really think docs were especially suicidal?

    Thanks Zanthyna!

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    I thought this post was funny as all h3ll. I love when someone blames me for there "Insta-Death" from some mob that just nuked em for like 4k. Don't blame me for your lack of learning the IP system and knowing that increasing your HP is essential!

    Great POST


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    I am not a forum reader...

    Been playin my doctor since beta... first, best, and favorite...

    I LOVED the sarcasm... what a way to get a point across. The saddest part is that at least half of those things happen to me on a regular basis.

    I'm sure enforcers/tanks could tell some tales about teams that refuse to follow their lead, hotshots that thought 'taking the agro away from the enforcer' was actually a good thing...

    That's my favorite - the squishy agents that get agro of a RM with a big bat and then sputter at the DOC when they get beaten to a bloody pulp.

    Sigh... now we have an entirely new paradigm to learn... shadowlands where CH is like mongo on speed... PLEASE - write a shadowlands version of this =)

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    woooot to anything that needs a woot.
    Lollipops really do make all boo boo's better

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    OH and I forgot to mention this...


    For all out there who want your doc to feel REALLY special... Make sure that when you are doin a mission at least 60-70 levels above you and you see a security camera... make absolutely SURE that the whole team runs in the room and spawns as many sentries as possible... then make sure the whole team is hitting the SAME one.

    With the first heal... team or target... all the undamaged sentries will automatically agro your doctor. The stun effect is the best part of this because that makes sure the dumb doc is unable to defend herself - and she's gonna get a real charge out of trying to run additional heals between the stun spam of all 5 remaining sentries... but it gets better ;D

    If you're doctor can run Complete Heal she'll get at least ONE and maybe TWO CH's on herself before she hits the floor dead giving the rest of the team long enough to kill the rest of those adorable little metal balls.

    OHHHHHHH - on the odd chance that you havent managed to hit, much less kill, any sentries before your doctor dies... and if you've also got a fixer with an insta-cast team grid... make absolutely sure the fixer runs it AFTER the doctor has announced her arrival at the reclaim booth. You wouldnt want to deprive your doctor of the honor of having the largest lost experience pool on the planet.... that would be CRUEL!

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    OUCH bad day at the office huh??
    Here have a lollipop... I hear what ur saying...

    Lollipops make everything better

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