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Thread: Guide to Teaming With Docs!

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    Very funny, Woe. I fell out of my chair laughing several times.
    Is being the first 220 Soldier with green hair as arbitrary as being the first soli/opi/atrox/mage 220 soldier? I sure hope so.

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    Originally posted by Zanthyna

    Actually Matrioux, proper teaming etiquette dictates that you may in fact /tell anyone you want asking for a team, just make sure to provide as few details as possible. Also, describe your location with a non-standard abbreviation (i.e. "lis" for borealis) or, even better is to tell them to meet you where you plan to be in five to ten minutes (just make sure to tell them where you really are after they have searched all over where you are supposed to be). And remember, it is perfectly okay to ask a doc to join your team when you don't have a team (if she asks where everyone else is, just say that you figured you'd get a team faster if she looked for you).

    P.S. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

    The wounders of /list doctor work well at this time too.

    p.s. muyo hallariouso Zanthuna. its funny cause its sad... and true.
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    Congratulations to Woefallen for a glowing recommendation of the Guide to Teaming with Docs on AO Stratics today! Perhaps ALL will now learn the proper way to team with a doc.

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    Lol think that guide so true i have added it to my Sig
    The Superb Doc Guide from Zanthyna --- Warning Do not be eating/drinking when reading this post it can have bad consequenses to your moniter/computer environs

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    Originally posted by Xarno
    Congratulations to Woefallen for a glowing recommendation of the Guide to Teaming with Docs on AO Stratics today! Perhaps ALL will now learn the proper way to team with a doc.
    OMFG! I made Stratics? Awesome! Thanks Meister.

    /me does the dance of joy

    "You like me. You really, really like me!"

    My continued thanks goes to anyone who's promoted this guide, be it by putting it in your sig, spamming it in guild chat, or emailing it to your grandma. I dream of a utopian future where all AO players have a dog-eared print-out of my guide next to their computer that they religiously follow, making them the best teammates us docs can ask for.
    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
    AO chat log of Titanic sinking is the second funniest post ever

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    Dont flame me for leaving my assigned corner (trader and NT forums), but here is a handy guide for how to team with calmers:

    GODDAMNIT STOP SHOOTING MY ****ING MEZZ: Translation: Please shoot calmed mobs, as I want to recalm them all repeatedly to show off my uber calming skillz.

    Out of nano: See doc definition.

    Wait, Ill pull: Despite the meaning you might all think ("I have high evades, and can instacast my calms on full def to get the mob off me") - this means "Immediately pull all mobs on the floor to me so I can calm them and let you take your pick at will".

    You pull please. - Usually spoken at the beginning of the mission by the calmer. This means "Please run up and cluster bullet at least 5 or 6 Aces."

    U GIV 132 PLZ: Trader specific. Should be ask when there are at least 10 uncalmed mobs attacking the team. Do not ask for a wrangle unless you are in dire need of the calmer to do his or her thing.

    Calm Ian Warr now please!: No comment. Yes Ive been asked to do it before. No, I couldnt do it. I was called a sucky calmer for not being able to calm Ian Warr.

    Drains not up, careful with adds please. Translation: Please pull no less than 5 Aces on me.

    Stay down here, Ill go calm - Everyone follow me up the lift, give me about 45 seconds of floor change lag - just enough for me and everyone else to die.

    Edit - Addition: Proper way to ask trader into a team: U GIV 132 NOW PLZ TEAM TEAM. *get wrangle, kick trader from team, go back to asking "TM OF FV LUUKIN FOR CALMR"*
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    Talking do not forget Tanking Doctors

    I went on a team mission with 2 members of my guild
    and the doctor was tanking and doing most of the damage.
    Chocolate "Croissant" Deluxe the Atrox Doctor with a
    odd looking red, I think two handed sword.
    the Doc kicked butt while I tried to steal agro with aimed shot
    just to be a pain 8)
    gee my poor adv felt so gimped after that mission,
    the now morphing adventurer
    with the paired swords 8)

    Coven of Hunters

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    LVL 200 Doc gives new advices

    Great Guide !! The only scary thing is that any newbie may believe it.LOL

    Allow me to add some things too )

    1) ALWAYS try to find a doc with QB.Invite him ASAP even if
    he is TOO high for team . Don't worry if team-mates dont' get

    What is XP btw ???

    When u all get to mission let doc in entrance buffing and start pulling mobs.Each team-mate 1 mob at a time and don't attack mobs.Let doc do it.

    AND start making bets
    How fast the doc will kill the lvl 218 atrox enf etc.

    If you want better bets pull at least 2 mobs each time

    2) If you can't find a doc with QB get one with hellspinner or one
    with a nice glass of wine and ask him nicely to give you some

    When you get to mission start killing mobs and tell to mates to give u a tell when they want 1K-30K to level and they have 20-40Mil XP in line to lose.Then the party starts Run with your team-mates and pull ALL mobs of floor.

    I guaranty you that you'll all have fun when you understand that your screen suddenly is FULL of red messages and after a few sec you are at reclaim knowing that you need some hours again to gain the lost XP.

    I hope I helped

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    Dont forget:

    Never give the doc PNH/IOR - it may take up all his/her NCU and keep them from casting things on themselves - like the temp HP buff when the puller drags half a dozen Aces back.

    "I said NO CLUSTER you goddamn idiot; NO cluster, not MO cluster!"

    And never, ever forget - by no means give the doc a range extender when he/she asks - the mob will ph34r (english: be scared of) the doc and no doubt /terminate when he/she comes running up.
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    good to know, the next doc in my team whos looting something ill petition him for ninja-looting, why does he need loot?... he doesnt need money afterall, hes just a doc right?

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    One of the best guides I've read anywhere, let alone for teaming with Docs! I've added a link to it on our org's forums under teaming dos and don'ts. Thanks for the hard work!!!! Geeze, I have been treating my doc teammates all wrong. Thanks to you I have seen the light!!


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    Just have to add my two thumbs up to the guide

    (sadly, many of these things are why I am VERY hesitant to team with anyone other than friends these days )
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    Hey, what's with the agent pokes.
    We have feelings too.
    Good guide though, although a lot can be applied to all professions.

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    Everything is so clear to me now! I see what I've been doing wrong!!


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    The truth, bah docs cant bear the truth...

    let's face it most docs think they are uber and can always pwn you. Thats why some actually ask you about your HP or ACs during the mission. To keep him in line its very important to tell him the truth with a healthy bounus of times 1.5 to 2.0. This tells him that hes not the best one in team and that he has to work hard to keep his slot in team.

    This is especially important if you are an agent or a fixer. The sneaky docs want to spy your stats to kill you later in the arena or even worse, the try to figure out if you are worth to get CHed at all in mission.
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    dont forget

    Another thing that is imperative when teaming with a doc is to immeadiately point out how his phallically shaped biomech helmet makes him look like an egghead/conehead/c0ckhead. This should be said as though you are the first person ever to make this joke, and you should pat yourself on the back for your rapier wit and profound comical vision.

    Apart from that I think you have covered everything most comprehensively. Thanks for the great guide

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    It would appear some people have used the advice here.... group I was with yesterday managed to execute at least three of the mentioned "techniques" to teaming with our doc... utter geniuses they were at it I would've evac'd all of them, but they were too stupid to deserve it, ... when the four geniuses in our group managed to get a sixth add (doc stated he was waiting for a Bio met debuff to end so he could use his heals and was seated in a room separate from group... yet they apparently took this to mean they should proceed anyway) onto themselves, they systematically began to drop like flies...

    I executed a quick area snare on the 5 or 6 mobs, threw a short HoT on myself, used a battle prepared nano recharger to regain nao, ran back to the room where doc was patiently waiting for debuff to end (and in utter bewilderment at the group's ingenious behaviour to proceed without him) and I executed a 6 second team evac within the room --- only the doctor and I were safely transported into the grid since the other clever members seemed to prefer a trip via reclaim and a loss of over 2 million xp.

    It's nice to see some people took this guide to heart

    (on a serious note, I think those idiots I was with must be in-bred or something)
    Tiaxx - Omni, Atlantean

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    Re: Wow

    Originally posted by Ultrazen
    Wow, thanks! I'd like to take all the credit, but you should really be thanking all the great teammates I've had who have taught me all the information in the guide.

    Also, I'm still working on an update, but it will be a couple of days.

    Thanks to everyone who has replied and for all your ideas ripe for the stealing. I have the seed of an idea for another guide, but I'll have to see if I have enough material.
    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
    AO chat log of Titanic sinking is the second funniest post ever

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    Thank you Silirrion from AOVault for posting a link to this guide!

    I just wanted to give a quick tip I learned while working on my implants this week--if you see a doc (or anyone, really) running around in a med suit with two pillows and asking for buffs, make sure to send them /tells asking if they are busy and would they mind teaming with you.
    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
    AO chat log of Titanic sinking is the second funniest post ever

    No matter how many levels I gain, the Lag Monster is always red to me.

    Currently playing The Secret World.

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