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Thread: Guide to Teaming With Docs!

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    Talking Nearly at a loss for words

    OMG TEH 00BERest gUide Evar!

    Thank you Zanthyna, this was a wonderful piece of writing. I admit that you had me scared through most of it. My first successful doctor just reached 110 thanks to some great friends and orgmates and past experience. That past experience told me how true your guide can be, and that really frightened me.

    After reading this guide I realize how truly fortunate I am that my doctor, Quacknslash, is a member of Black Rose on RK2. Our president took his 136 enforcer on a team mission with several of us, all 100+. I got to see a fine example of how an enforcer should act. The guy even gave me a ql200 nano kit after the mission... how cool is that?!

    Now a word to the people that bought the guide as a complete factual representation of etiquette: thpppppppppttttt!

    Enforcer + Doctor = Ubah

    I've played both doctor and tank. As a tank I have died many times to save the doctor so he/she could save the team. As a doctor I care for my team but I cherish my tank.
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    This guide deserves a bump, me says! Great reading although a bit disturbing for my fresh doc! I found this thread when searching the net for AO scripts.. (thanks for the excellent script guide, having tons of fun making scripts now!).

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    i now love you for making that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowstlkr
    i now love you for making that
    Love as in "I love peanut butter milkshakes" love? Or the kind that you need to clean up with a mop and bucket? Perhaps even the kind you would wear assless chaps and a ball-gag for?

    Thank you all for your praise and continued support. Perhaps AI will bring about some additions to my doc guide.
    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
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    if a doc wants to team u and has a weap tell him "buzz off u funny agent im no noob"

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    I've been playing my new doc for a whole of 4 days and have run into all of this. O_O
    lol hehe wtf pwnt bbq

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    GREAT GUIDE! But what about hecklers? Does this mean if doc leaves we shuld give him more hecklers while he is excusing himself for leaving? Like, 20-30 more at the same time? Maby repeat this the next time aswell?

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    She doesn't have the vast tactical training nor combat expereince you have that comes from your countless hours of pressing Tab then Q while watching reruns of Giligan's Island on tv, so it's usually best to either ignore her or do the oppposite of what she says.

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    LOL great guide. Best laugh in weeks

    You bring the word ironi to another lvl

    Added it to my signature
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    Monthly bump for a funny thread.

    Bugger it's a sticky. Serves me right for following crumbs from IGN
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    <---- Just scared...
    <---- sitting in a corner.. to scared to talk.. (shudder)
    (initial response from reading the guide)

    True.. it is all true..
    Then it was all a lie.. all the "np doc", "not your fault".. all of those comforting words i saw.. they all were a lie.. It was my fault..
    How could I have failed to see that "not your fault" was for another teammember.. "np doc" .. must have been nerfed pested doc...
    I failed to be the healer.. Instead of spending my hoarded gold from monster parts on healing nanos, I must have spent it on things I cannot remember.. (sniff)..

    A very .. Very good guide..
    Happily I have been a spoiled doc.. They usually remember my name and call me by .. well by the 4 first letters..

    However.. two weeks ago (atleast I think it was).. I was grouping in shadowlands.. we had different tanks.. and in the end it was a nanoteck, tank and me..
    I healed like crazy (patting myself on my head).. For the tank was an aggressive hunter.. When we finally left (I had my backpack filled, with many bags.. and they where stuffed by items.. not all of them crap.. ) the tank told me that I was the best doc he had been with .. now he was lvl 95.. and i lvl 98 at the time..
    I took that as a compliment then.. but now it struck me.. could he have been one of the people of the list...? (.. .. ) No im sure he has not read it or is a follower of it..
    There are fortunatly many people who are not a follower of the guide..

    Sadly it is first from last week that I have been introduced to followers of the guide...
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    I nearly pee'd myself the first time a friend showed me this, & I keep coming back & it's still as funny!!!

    Nice one!

    P.S. The realy worrying thing is that, within the first 2 days of having a Doc, I'd seen most of this!
    The Superb Doc Guide from Zanthyna --- Warning Do not be eating/drinking when reading this post it can have bad consequenses to your moniter/computer environs

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    Brilliant article... Reading this made me think of a friends words once.... he said

    "You know, im so sick of dying...... i know!... i think I'll create a DOC!!!!!"

    If only he knew

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    This thread is my stress relief for bad heck runs.

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    woot ^^ i feel da fun
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    This is a great guide! I too, have seen most of this happen first hand.

    My favorite part,

    "out of nano: If your doc says this after a fight, make sure you hit her with your QL 20 nano recharger berfore you run three rooms down and start another major fight."

    "QL20" just floored me when I saw it...ROFLMAO

    Thanks for this post Zan!

    Gotta say though, most players I meet now appreciate my heals and ask me to /tell them when I get online again (good compliment)! And we usually do /alpha loot as well so I do get some stuff!

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    need a guide for heckler, llike pull as many heckler as you can all at once so the doc has to use CH to sacrifice themselves to save the team.
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    [Team] Idleloony: this isn't working because you guys are running wherever... I tried to tell you to keep rights, but you scattered all over the place - then I just tried to heal as fast as possible, and you charget mobs when your health was at 25% - then I died, and nobody said a word... sorry guys, I'll find someone else to heal...

    Just a bit frustrated atm, as a group of lvl 110 - 120 should manage good in a ql 177 mish IF we do it right
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    /macro IDIOT /r what?

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