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Thread: Guide to Teaming With Docs!

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    Originally posted by Ubzorenf
    Wow you have a doc yourself.... that is even more a shot in the back.....

    ..."Tell her what she's won Bob!"...



    Reset your tactics.... as they are NOTHING that any doc would like.

    And this you should know having your own doc....

    I'm pretty sure you've just lost the respect of everyone who's seen this thread

    This is a joke thread, don't take it too seroiusly, you seem like it's a matter of life and death :P

    And even if this was a real guide thread, I don't know how many people would take the advice (or slander) of a lvl 63 doc seroiusly. No offence, but i'd take the word of somebody with experience over somebody who likes to overly use his 'caps lock' and has no comprehension of sarcasm anyday.

    Great thread btw

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    WTB Brains for the ppl that took this thread seriously PST

    [edited: O wait this isn't the market forum, damn]

    [edited: Still no brains for the ppl]

    [edited: Sorry lack of brains amongst certain AO users have forced me to implant a road map over Alaska in their head instead, sorry for the inconvinience it may have caused]

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha... I love this thread no doubt one of the funniest threads on the AO forums... /me slaps the hell outta all the ppl that took it seriously
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    Originally posted by Sigfrid
    And be sure to never try to remember the doc's name, and call him just 'doc'. He likes to feel important through his profession.

    Ahhh that was a joy to read, as for the above, yeah sure, the first name of my Doc is ... Doc.

    Weell, it was obvious someone would just call me Doc so I tried for that first name got it and am still in shock.

    Obviously this calls for more caffienne.



    Zanth, Pls make another this one had me in stitches ...

    I know you got some flak but some just don't get the sarcasm, me I think it's the bees knees.


    The Tells, heh, I've had a group of ... one ask me to join their team and I know people like asking once and then before you've even reached the No button send about a dozen more .. Is their
    STFU button?

    And with a test char (Omni, now deleted, well he bathed, what else could I do?) I got invited to a .Org by someone I'd just run past and never met, after saying No I got invited again - three times, after saying No I got invited yet again luckily after the next No they gave up.

    And if a Doc say's he.she can't take the aggro, doesn't have enough nano you can always ask for a second opinion ... prefarably from a non caster reliant class, they'd know best.


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    ahh A realistic Guide for once, they are rare
    Nice Work!
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    ROFLMFAO!!! I have to say that you really hit the spot there. I started out as a enf, and experienced most docs adding me to buddylist and spamming me with teamrequests. All because a enf gotta keep the doc alive if he wants healz, and he should readily sacrifice himself for the doc/team since the doc is the one healing ;D And then i became insanely tired of playing a enf so i made a doc. And became quite good quite fast as i had a understanding from what kind of healing i wanted as a tank and keeping the doc alive. So now i constantly experience haven to press caps and keep typing STOP FFS!!! to people that dont understand that i cant heal anyone without nano... These people quickly goes into my ignore list and i do it without a speck of remorse... When in a team u should be a TEAMplayer... Not trying to hug all the loot/xp as fast as you can for yourself! I think this post really pointed out a subject of great annoyance to all docs everywhere. Thank you! ;D
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    love this thread keeps me coming back for more

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    sorry meant
    it makes me come back for more

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    omg...brilliant absolutely brilliant.

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    One more thing to keep in mind;

    Make sure to explain to the doctor how to use his or her own abilities as they are completely unaware of them. Doctors are a forgetful bunch and often forget exactly how many points SFA will add to treatment; your best course of action is to tell them (in a private tell in an empty area, of course) "SFA... +80 treatment." No need for the normal social graces like "please" and "thank you" as these are out-moded ideas that doctors have long since given up. Also, doctors forget tactics for mobs that they have fought any number of times so at the beginning of each team remind doctors to heal and to keep you alive - they won't do it without reminders of course. Finally, every doc has every doc buff regardless of their level; a level 4 doctor should certainly have SFA by that level, right?

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    I just have to relate this one.

    When doing uniques that AOE and you are an engineer. Run halfway across zone the first time an AOE hits and immediatley beacon warp just the doc. The other team mates that stayed after the doc got the message "Changing Area" will really appreciate that. Yes it really happened, and no I didn't end up at reclaim everyone else did for a change. The tank was shouting heal so hard that when I finally explained what happened he was at a loss for words.

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    Hahaha, funny
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    Re: I just have to relate this one.

    Originally posted by Davesbane
    When doing uniques that AOE and you are an engineer. Run halfway across zone the first time an AOE hits and immediatley beacon warp just the doc. The other team mates that stayed after the doc got the message "Changing Area" will really appreciate that. Yes it really happened, and no I didn't end up at reclaim everyone else did for a change. The tank was shouting heal so hard that when I finally explained what happened he was at a loss for words.
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    This was an absolutely priceless guide, I was laughing so hard lol. Here's my favorite bit:

    It probably has something to do with the doc being "gay" or "a homo" (or both), so you should do your best to warn the rest of your team that the doc is "a gay homo" so they know to be careful
    Don't think I've ever had so much fun over an AO related post

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    Thanks, Leely, that part was my favorite when I wrote it and I'm glad someone liked it.

    Davesbane, I hope you added that engie to your friends list since he clearly was looking out for your saftey, warping you away from the fight like that.

    New update coming tomorrow!
    (Okay, not really, but it would be nice.)
    Guide to Teaming With Docs! is the funniest post ever. | "Engie Got Bot" song spoof
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    Thumbs down bah..

    hope i never gonna team with a person like you.

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    Re: Guide to Teaming With Docs!

    Originally posted by Zanthyna

    'you are so good I feel free to be totaly reckless'
    lol, i just loooove when people sloppy pull 3 hecks just cause they know they got a doc, and gladly pull one more when the first one is dead. The "gotta keep a stock in case we run out" principle.

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    think i woke someone up.

    /macro WTF! /g team <<<<HALT!!! i need a pee break, badly......>>>>

    then fill your nano
    might get a little annoying after a while but tell em you have a bladder problem,
    and that yo9ur seeing a RL doctor about
    being stuck with an anal probe. usually grosses out all the stupid ppl.
    and hey itll give u time to recharge. lol

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    does this also applies to agent's in fp doc mode?

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    hehehe, you hit the nail on the head.

    Laughing so hard that my jaw hurts

    Only thing I really miss is that if you got a doc in team at around lvl 100, your group could easily do 200+ missions even if no one have upped any evades

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    I like this post, it's true some people think docs can keep anyone at anytime alive.

    But I will not blame you if I die, as a mp i have a pet of which people think it will keep them alive indefinitly. In solo missions it will not allways keep me alive (about 950 in all evades)
    They forget that its slow has a limited amount of nano and is just supporting.

    I know you did your best. I know I have my teamwindow open and see what docs do. for some of the supporting proffesions with heals it would be nice if they support a doc.

    I allways use my perks to heal (only 875hp at the moment for everyone) I use my perk spirit of purity to give a team nano heal. would be nice to see more mp's do that or adv, ma's and traders to use their heal capacity including stims!
    If they do that a lot less people will die.

    As that proffession which has some of the more desirable buffs, i know what you mean. They come running from the otherside of the world or ask you to leave team and buff them just because you did once.

    But this post I like it and if someone complains about the doc which couldnot keep him alive. I try to give hime the link to this post.
    Keep up the good work docs!

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