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Thread: Guide to Teaming With Docs!

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    Still relevant! Except the part with IC and team!
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    As it seems players as of late don't seem to know the proper etiquette around doctors and how to train* them, this calls for a bump.

    * Whichever meaning you prefer.
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    old days... miss those times when doctors were super important and the game worked as it was suposed to. if you did hecklers in ely beach or addonis a doctor was needed even for the 220's.
    now a level 30 twink can solo kill a ely heckler, when in the old days a full team of 150's could wipe if the doctor didnt do his job

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    Am I wrong, but the game difficulty was lowered so every n00b(ette) should feel like
    a "He-Man" or "Wonder Woman"?... At least they can't give the Doc the fault for a wipe...
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    I've been wondering the same, having had the feeling it's like playing Guitar Hero on easy. It's either that (in the form of so much ubah stuff) or people have been alting doctors enough that they have now realized the error of their plebeian ways.
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