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Thread: Soonest to selfcast GA4/ soonest to selfbuff out of OE?

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    Soonest to selfcast GA4/ soonest to selfbuff out of OE?

    Hey all, I am trying to do the math on this conundrum of mine.
    Currently I am wrangled into my manex, and have enough skill to do the MCS alphastrike if need be, at level 120 opifex fixer. With all 200 imps but head (172), triple mochs and wrangle I can also equip my GA4, but i was wondering when is the soonest us opi's can selfcast GA Mk-4? i know solitus can at 160, is it possible pre- TL5?

    Main Questions:
    What level is the earliest an opifex fixer can selfcast GA4?

    What level is the earliest an opifex fixer can selfcast out of OE for GA4?

    Thanks ahead of time, for all your guidance ^o^

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    Well, I haven't asked around and i didn't really try to get my GA4 on fast, was happy with GA2 till I grew into 4. I could selfbuff out of OE low/mid 140s (didn't really pay attention to it). This was after I put in my 200 imps, had 150s before and had no towers, but did have org buffs. I could self cast by 153 still no towers though. With Towers I could have self casted by 145, earlier if I really tried.

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    Heya duuude.
    I am 161 now, and still need infuses for ga4.
    I can self cast it if i really wanted to, but i like to PvP, so i need that SMG in right hand. And i prefer to self cast GSF, so i have SI in head. But with MM in head and MC in rhand i can self cast it now.
    With MM in head and MC in right hand and with general buffs, i wasnt OE at level 135.

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    Level 123 I think was the level for me to be non OE selfbuffed for Ga4.

    I did use a Shining MC head at that time, with Bright + faded MM.
    with the NCUHI + maxxed out MM and MC + highest possible Intel without gimping IP, I was non-oe selfbuffed at 123 for Ga4, being a solitus.

    hope this helped.

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    :) thanks vega

    I would love to know the specifics of how you did it at 123, Abrikoosje, I am 120 now with major suppressor to selfcast out of my 200 manex's OE. If I still have the capability to selfcast out of GA4 OE without breaking my smg/burst, I'm all game!!

    edit: i guess since I only have a few levels to determine this, maybe a skill i can RP gimp that wont ruin me in the future?

    also, besides pillow with important stripes, what items could we equip to boost MC, MM & TS enough to selfcast GA? ( to prevent wasting IP's)
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    you can use a neleb's robe for +6 to all nanoskills. Unless thats nanomage only

    I wouldn't worry about trying to self cast it for a while. I still cant self cast mine at level 162, but by 165 I'll finally be able to, with only faded MC

    (don't make it a big priority, better to have bigger runbuffs etc)
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    nelebs adds +8 to all nano skills, and it's not nanomage only. Nelebs can help summoning GA, but since it goes to the back slot just like GA it will not help to equip it.
    I would suggest Soft pepper Pistol as help item. ql 51 pepper pistol adds + 15 to MC, but it's easier to equip than pillow. And u can buff pistol by 132 from trader + 120 from engi. I think soldiers have pistol buff too.
    And there's a lot of other stats enhancing pistols.

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    I thought you could leave the nelebs coat on and still recieve the bonus to put GA over it.

    Maybe just with scopes :/.
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    Ql 51 pillow adds + 15 MC and requires 184ish 1hb...

    If you have maxxed base abilities you can selfequip it for all the other stats except for 1hb, you'll be short about 60ish points in 1hb which is not that much ip.

    +15 from pillow is easier to get then from a pepper pistol, since that needs pistol ip (a lot more then 1hb for the pillow) which means more gimping. (not 100% sure tho) If you want to selfequip without getting the wrangle and all for the pistol, I'd suggest the pillow. I found it very easy to get and to get on.

    I just had Mc head and 2 x MM (faded + bright) at 123 and I wasn't Oe with ga4... Dunno if that gimps an smg cluster I can't recollect: Been a while since I was 123 hehe...

    anyways, GL with that.

    This is what I used Pre 160 (before selfcast)

    I think you lose some in smg yeah.

    This is what I use now
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    Am level 135 atm and havent been OE in GA4 for about 5 levels I guess. I am now short of about 95 points in the 3 nanoskills to self cast. Thankfully I have a patient trader friend.

    MC is pretty near skillcap for some reason - must have overdumped IP at some point. Imps are only 160-170 ish so should be a bit nearer self casting when i eventually get round to putting 200s in. Without using a spreadsheet I am guessing self casting to be around level 160, I suspect the nanoskills will be maxxed and capped in about 6 levels.
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    I uploaded GA4 last night and had it un-OE self-buffed at 108. I'm not trying to set a world record here or anything though. I could have done it earlier, especially if I had towers up

    To cast it though, I needed a +131 wrangle and lend nano: 500.

    3x MM imps
    bright/faded MC
    INT ear (though next level I can put PM back in)

    I'm not totally done with implants yet, but I currently have all QL200s in except for head/eye/ear. I expect to be able to get a QL200 ear in tonight and perhaps 170'ish+ head/eye. Would have done it last night if I wasn't gimping myself on a decent night's sleep before work (got a whopping 5 1/2 hours of sleep, my eyes are drooping ).

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