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Thread: Psydon's Metaphysical Calling

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    Psydon's Metaphysical Calling

    I was a cold morning on December the 8th 29463

    In a small laboratory in Omni-Trade a young nanomage was born, the scientists who helped create him, gave him the name "Psydon".

    From a very young age Psydon was curious of everything and anything around him, he would sit for hours just staring at certain objects. The scientists were puzzled by his interest in objects of any kind, and with that they refered him to The Book Of Metaphysics located in Omni-Trade library.

    Everyday Psydon would awake and head for the library, he would sit there and study the teaching of metaphysics from dawn till dusk.
    As Psydon was still very young, he was guided and looked after by his scientist creators, as they would continously monitor his development, to ensure that the creation process was a sucess.

    Eventhough Pysdon had the body of a full grown Nano Xenomorph he still experienced stages in his life, like adolesence. During his adolesence the scientists witnessed Psydon creating metaphysical objects. In his first attempt he mangaed to manifest a young plant, but he was unable to focus fully and the plant was phasing between the physical and metaphysical.

    Psydon was aware of his power, and he wanted to progress his powers so that he could use them to benefit his fellow kind.

    From that day on, Psydon left the city of Omni-Trade, with only the book of Metaphysics in his hand, he set out into the wilderness, his hunger for learning and guidance into Metaphysics drew him into some of the most in-hospitable places on Rubi-Ka, he had no fear because there was what seemed to be a presence guiding him, he did not know what it was.

    Today Psydon is an accomplished Meta-physicist, He can manifest beings of power and control them to do his work, ever since Psydon entered into the unknown he has had a presence with him, this presence is still with him now, and he feels the presence growing stronger by the day.

    He hears the pain and aguish of his fellow Meta-pysicists and he is being drawn, he does not know where, but he will follow.

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