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Thread: Congratulations to...

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    Congratulations to...

    Malyeen for being the first Adventurer reaching lvl 200!

    Congrats Malyeen!!
    * July 9, 2001 :: + July 29, 2004

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    someone made it ?


    my rerolling squad (what s IPR? )
    Celebnor, Balbanes, Lacaan, Ignetos, Hadouken, Icehilda, Icementat and the late Seregnor

    if you ever met one.....well...nevermind

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    My respects to you Malyeen!

    _When the going gets uber, the leet goes flirting...

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    Thank you, thank you =)

    Sorry didn't check this thred well.
    Thank you everyone =).

    BTW, no great days waiting for 1he adv.
    Me maxed 1he, fast attack, sneak attack, heavy weapon, multi melee.
    Using 1st wakisashi on right, Premium rider on left with QL200 scopes.
    I tryed less over equip and keep main skill maxed, but realy no reward from that.(at level 200, I have only 400 ip left)
    So, don't waste your ip too much, keep over equipping guys =).

    Over equiped shotgun adv with 600 ATTACK or so can outdamage 5-6x Master Sword Fighter with 1000 ATTACK easy.
    Nothing to trust for FC designers there ;p
    I realy hope they fix this stupid situation.

    Anyway I can solo QL200 missions with own buff only, that is only 1 pride for me =)

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    from Noer and I and the rest of PG,

    congrats earned it...

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    grats on becoming the 1st lvl 200 adv!

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    I vote we go to Newland, Malyeen, and turn the WHOLE TOWN into pit lizards, reets, and wolves!

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    Yes Leets for everyone!

    Two things I wanted to do when I started my Adv

    Turn into a Pit Lizard

    And Turn other people into leets (mmm yummy! )

    Now if we could turn into that new mob in Calmolot duegon(the lvl 400 one)

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    COngratz Malyeen.

    U once turned me into a reet when I accidentally blocked you at the Newland mission terminals

    Turning the whole town into leets would be cool.. ehhee... Newland rat infestation

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    Just noted the comment about having only 400ip left.....

    Wow... that MA (kicky?) had millions left!!!

    Where did u invest your IPs Malyeen ? Did u max evades, treatment, 1st aid ?

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    Congratulations Ranger.
    rolling leet, crouching tiger, hidden dragon

    Pioneer rifle/crossbow Vanguard with a personal sidearm and a campstove

    AO Adventurer Professional (2003-2004)

    Map design suggestion for mapmakers

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    Originally posted by Ashuras
    Just noted the comment about having only 400ip left.....

    Wow... that MA (kicky?) had millions left!!!

    Where did u invest your IPs Malyeen ? Did u max evades, treatment, 1st aid ?
    Those first lvl 200 chars allegedly used all kinds of exploits, including the IP exploits. Funcom has fixed most of those exploits so it's much harder to get to lvl 200. Congrats on getting lvl 200.

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    No matter how you accomplished it, congratulations on a job well done!


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    Well done Malyeen. You're an inspiration to the rest of us wondering if we'll ever get there.

    "Today is a good day to...ACK!"

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    Talking congrats Mayleen :)

    Congrats on a job well done

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    Maxed abilities,weapon skills,evades,inits,MM,BM,MC,SI,Treatment,CL
    Spend too much to Elec Eng, Weapon Smith, Psycho.

    Don't think so.
    I didn't do over equipping so much.(I have 600 Elec Eng for scope etc)
    And Adventurer's IP cost dumb realy suck.
    MA has many green skill for main battle skill.
    And 1st lvl200 ppl didn't need skills for battle etc.

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