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Thread: The Role of the Neutrals

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    Wink my thoughts

    Ive always felt it only made sense to have neutrals on the same footing as omni and clan .! would welcome them as equals.but as some fear clan ,we are only in newland because of its close proximity,borealis as well.You should no more fear us as you would omni ,well , at least me anyway.i ve never ever killed a neutral.I only defend my self and my guild.I want no ill will towards any neutrals.Ever since the athens accords went the way of dust,ive looked forward to having more neutral participation.I wish we could come to a better understanding of what omni means to both clan and neutral.
    Truly the independants have demonstrated that the neutrals are deserving of everything clan and omni have.Most players i think start as neutral anyway it only makes sense.

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    I would also like to say thank you to Gaute and the team for putting some thought into The Neutrral Question.

    And in that vein, here's my thoughts. Make of them what you will.

    I don't believe Gaute meant a set of whompas that only we neutrals could use, just a set that linked the neutral areas in the same way that the Omni areas are linked and the Clan should be. To that end I can agree readily. Link the whompa in Tir to Athen instead of Newland, then link the now free whompa in Newland to Omni-Ent and you've got a much better system.

    However I have no strong opinions on where the three transport hubs should meet. ICC headquarters sounds as good as any.

    The "Third" Faction:
    As a neutral I can only speak for myself. I am NOT the third side. I do not want to be the third side. I am simply not your side.

    And should Neutral become a third side, then you're just going to have to accept that I'm also not on your side.

    What I am is an Emgineer, I moved to Rubi-ka to practice my craft. If someone needs work done, then talk to me. My preferences are not faction biased. If I help you it's because I want to. If I won't help it's because I'm busy or you've pissed me off.

    And this includes neutral guilds. I may agree with some or even many of your principles but I will remain an independent contractor.

    I'm not on any side. Why should anyone give me tokens. Pay me for the work I do for you and tell your friends you were satisfied with my work. Word of mouth advertising is all I ask.

    I don't need your weapons and armour. I can get what I want from the off-planet traders and fixers that supply the shops in Newland and Borealis. However I do wish you'd sell me a damn drink or burger now and then and the second hand clothing I'm pulling off corpses is getting a bit ratty. Come on Miiir, I've got the creds, sell me some new clothes.

    Neutrals and The Story:
    Would I like to have a part to play on the fate of Rubi-ka? Hell Yes!

    Am I going to join a side (inluding neutral) to do so? Hell No!

    So because I'm not enough of an egotist to expect Funcom to let a single player have a significant effect, I am content to show up at any events that I feel like and see if there's anything I can do.

    Becoming Neutral:
    Now that's a biggie

    Going OOC for a while, I like the fact the if you want to be neutral, then it's a lifetime commitment to remain that way. No changing for expediency to grab an item and then coming back.

    However back IC, I don't see why people shouldn't be able to opt out of the whole squabble.

    Maybe it's time for a fourth side - Deserters.

    Friend or Foe:
    Removing neutrals from the foe classification would probably make my life a little easier, but in all honesty I don't care. If I go to a political war zone, I expect to get shot at by some gun crazy psychopath. Hell, I've learnt to expect it while sitting at the bank in Meetmedere.

    However if you do take neutrals out of the foe targeting for Clan and Omni, then do the reverse as well. Take Clan and Omni out of the neutrals foe targeting. The amount of time I've lost tabbing through an entire team while hunting before getting the real target is enormous.

    Shooting First:
    I can see the IC reasons for some to want this, Assassins and the like. Personally I don't need the ability and I'm sorry but I hope we don't get it. I fear an influx of l337 d3wdz if it happens.

    Well that's it from me for now. Catch you in Newland City.

    Neutral enginner from Newland RK1

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    I havn't ben playing for long, and I may have no business saying this, but I think neutrals are cool. I played today with one, a doc and he was great. I alwys thought of them like bounty hunters. Guns for hire. No team, just work for the highest bidder. I think that's great, and I have been tempted to create a neutral char for that reason. I am clan, and I enjoy visiting newland, and the people there have been quite helpful and nice. Maybe i don't get what people don't like about being neutral, but I am all for them. As for the ability to "win", I have to say, that it seems wierd, because the story is based on war between omni-tek and the clans, but if it were a possibility, wouldn't it give them an advantage, to still have access to both sides. You know, take them down from the inside??? Anyway, whatever. The game is great, the people (for the most part) are great, and I got a pair of sunglasses today. I'm a happy clanner.

    On a side note, thanks everyone for making girl gamers just as welcome as the guys.

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    ok, I'm not neutral.. but would have loved to be.. instead all my characters are clanners...

    one thing about PvP and neutrals. Neutrals cannot attack first, and so they pose no threat.
    They are on both sides tab button, for some reason.

    my perception of this is, when someone attacks a neutral in PvP (someone who poses no threat), then that neutral person is only defeinding themselves. In my view they are innocents, not involved as such in the conflict and so killing a neutral should result in no gains towards titles or even a loss of points for titles.
    you know, like when you see those police training grounds where the carboard men pop up.. the ones with guns get shot, but occasionally an unarmed man will appear and they have to recognise that and not kill them.

    leaving neutrals on the tab button, not allowing them to initiate attacks, but giving a pentaly for killing a neutral within a conflict may even slightly reduce ganking.
    unless you know my name and know that I am not neutral when you hit the tab button you gotta target me first to check.
    (would have to limit targeting to outside of grace period)

    but anyway....

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    This is great to see neutrals are getting some positive attention by the higher ups. For quite some time it felt like we were not only the target of overly-bloodthirsty omnis or clanners, but an object of absolute loathing by funcom itself.

    I don't believe you will ever see the neutrals unified in a single aggressive front like how omni or the clans are supposed to be. Neutrals tend to be more individual than most would expect, even with the advent of the ability for neutarls to create organizations the organizations really only represent general concepts in ethical codes. Recently the neutral organizations have been attempting to bring some sort of greater community together, and quite frankly, there are more differences of opinion than there are people. We are a sorted lot, but we like the desert winds at our backs and the ability to choose our own path.

    The role neutrals will play in the larger conflict is probably as difficult for neutrals to figure out as it is for the dev's to think out in advance. Some seek to establish themselves as a name your price industry, others seek only to flourish, others still wish to provide objective observations of the events that unfold, others might fancy themselves as some kind of uniting force between the factions.

    I do like the concept of a neutral whompa network. It would be great if the ICC headquarters mentioned in the article could be a central hub forming a spiderweb between primary neutral sites. Not necessarily going to every neutral city, but much like a computer network a central hub, connecting to smaller remote hubs which connect to various nodes. Especially after looking at the OLD zone maps from the developement phases, there are going to be a lot more places to go out there and a central whompa location that services upcoming zones through the various connections. Possible whompa changes that I think would make sense would be use borealis as the north east remote hub, add one more connection to Hope in Mort and then a connection back to ICC HQ. Then use 20k, another neutral town as the south eastern remote hub, with possibility to expand with a connection to the city of Wine, and of course back to ICC HQ. If my memory serves me correct, Kapar (not yet implemented) would be an ideal 3rd remote hub, and could service a number of nodes all along the north west, west, and south west of the world map.

    Oh, a couple notes about the ICC HQ. 1) its not finished, devs its a cool structure, give us access to the internals. Would be great to see some kind of large meeting room for future negotiations, as well as some more recreational rooms ala rompa bar but more sterile and high tech, clean restaurant style not nightclub 2) The store there is a clan store, what gives? Not a very good stance to a supposedly unsided galactic entity. If ever there was one place to give neutrals a true superior store here would be it. I'd love to see some kind of mega store specially designed to match the architecture of the ICC HQ covering basic/advanced/superior/special ranges of items. 3) For the planet of rubi-ka's sole ICC fortification, three guards seems very sparse. Granted its not a military presence they are looking for but as it stands it would be too easy for a group of players to take the guards out without the others ever coming to their comrades aid. 4) it would play in nicely with some neutrals backstories if you made somekind of apartment block out at the ICC HQ, with the possibility of guild housing out there as well.

    The ICC is the ideal neutral in-game mechanism for adding in events or quests that are neutral only (something else that is missing, items available ONLY to neutrals). This should be greatly expanded upon to spread more life into the wings of neutrals.

    I don't want to make it seem like the ICC is all that I want to talk about but its really been a background entity that hasn't really been visible to the planet's population.

    Other points of contention, the ability to join neutrals. There are quite a few ex-neutrals out amongst the other factions who felt forced to move back when the game first started and the near complete lack of higher level shopping began to be quite a burden, they have left, but then the game itself changed, and their original reasoning to leave might not have been reached had the resources been there to begin with. As was pointed out before, quitting a side is not the same as turning against a side. Funcom, you guys have knowingly or not taken the first step to open the pathway up for players to join neutrality. The Rubi-ka timeline (page 11):

    The first "neutrals" appear when Omni-Tek employees - as well as clan members - abandon their affiliations and settle in non-political zones. Fearing more ICC interventions, OT authorities turn a blind eye to these neutrals.
    It was done before, we're still here, others should be able to make that same choice.

    Well... I think this is a long enough first idea post, I'm a wealth of ideas if I have a focus, feel free to drop me a line anytime FC, I'll be here

    Saim Dathedi General
    Proudly Neutral
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    Red face errrr 2 things

    1..." why can't we just all get along?"

    2.... where is the ICC HQ!!! every1 is talking about it and (I think)
    I have no idea where it is.....
    JimmySav , Neutral Fixer RK-2
    "Jim'll Fix it for you...."

    CEO Rubika Asset Management
    "Jimmy's back, and this time, its personal!"

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    Jimmy, check this thread by RoboKa. It's been a great help for me finding ICC scanners, mission terms and other stuff.

    pirates. with lasers.
    Are you having an argument on the internet, again?

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    its in the andromeda sector, built into some mountains location 3300 x 900

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    Neutrals shouldnt be there own side wanting to win? they should side with clan or omni and "hope" for the best?
    That is the biggest joke i have heard. why should us neutrals side with people that attack us for no reason, come into our towns and shop when we cant even buy clothes or medical supplies from them?

    Just because we are supposed to be neutral in our faction of the war (and that part i agree with and take advantage of both sides.) means we have no opinions about the conflict? Why should we settle for the lesser evil ? I live my life free and not to be ruled by slavedriver omni scum or the warmongering clans.

    our freedom is at stake if either of these try to rule the planet. when most peoples freedom and life are being threatened they will fight back against it. why should we not be a side with the chance to win?? I for one will not sit back and be ruled by either.

    1.Let neutrals use medical scanners in omni and clan areas , if not make our scanners neutral only.

    2.Make all clothing , medical supplies and other minor shops usable by neutrals , and/or tell miir to get a clue and open a shop in newland geez...

    3.Change our pvp titles , we cant attack and shouldnt be grouped with those type of people...we are defenders not killers.

    4.100% agree , boot that damn clanner whompa from our town...

    5.I dont agree that people should be allowed to turn neutral again...they sold there soul, to hell with them. But if you must , they shouldnt just use a form and poof there neutral. they should have to "demote" there tokens earned by completing some type of quests or missions. that way they atone for there crimes and dont just say gee i want to be a neutral , make them WORK for it.that way the longer they were sided , the longer they have to work to be free.

    6.The ICC changes should be put in , Newland hardly qualifies as our "HQ" and why shouldnt the neutrals have a higher tech , mass city of there own?

    enough for now, im out.
    Robstercraw was born on Thu Jun 28 05:31:41 2001 , My main and finally 123th level
    all solo all the time

    Live free , die neutral

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    Coooool !

    Hi to everyone !
    Great to see Funcom taking care of the neutral community very good news.

    I don't which change do you think about for the whompas.
    There could have some good and bad ones I think.
    for exemple... I'm totally to keep NEwland a crossroad between several towns (and not only neutral ones). One of the important thing for me is to not put neutrals aside from Clan/Omni. Our (for the most of the neutral guilds) efforts tend to be more recognized by both sides as a true side that can have a weight in the political history of Rubi-Ka.

    For a second point... I agree with Rypht about the neutral community : It's very difficult to talk of a neutral side as one gathering of orgs with common purposes. It will never be like that.

    It's one of the very interesting (and complicated to do with...for players as for Funcom i guess) part of it : Neutral meen diversity.
    Each neutral guild can have very different purposes.
    Some are very independant, some try to create a communication between all neutral, some think of their role as mercenaries...ready to help Clan or Omni for money, and some are neutral only for an ideological purpose....ect...

    We are trying these last weeks to create some kind of "council" for the neutral side. So i hope it will be taken in consideration by Funcom. Even if hard to create, it should be the larger org representating neutral people (even if not reprentating ALL neutral people).

    Namos - The Free Assembly

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    Originally posted by VonVolks
    1..." why can't we just all get along?"

    2.... where is the ICC HQ!!! every1 is talking about it and (I think)
    I have no idea where it is.....
    1) Its human nature, we all constantly fight, but we get little calm periods which split it up occassionly...can't see what thats not the same in the future as it is today.

    2) The ICC HQ is a VERY cool build/mountain thingy in Andromeda. It best resembles a volcano with the crater filled with a satellite dish, and deep under that theres shops (clan shops grumble). Best way to get there is go to the Omni town of Clon**** and they go North-East-East till you zone, and follow some beautiful scenery around a lake and you can see the spires of the dish in the distance. Its a bit of a dangerous walk though and is highly recommending TABBING alot so you have some warning on the mobs (all highly dangerous to most, Anuns, Plants, Wolves, Pathers, Spiders). Since the outside rim of the lakes so deadly, I always used to jump and swim between the rocks across the lake.


    I've been listening to what everyones been saying here, and thinking of what I said earlier. The removal off the TAB key is a biggy, seems every agrees on that one.

    Winning the fight hehe, I have to admit it's been in the back of my mind since beta but hey, it's a pipe dream, we haven't the resources, and it would never happen...that and its not our style *kicks the box of ql300 anti-matter under the desk*. But the winning is going to be effected greatly by how the faction joining works. Hmm, I can jump back and forth from Omni to Clan in only, call me su****ious here but can we all see down the road how this will end? One side about to win, everyone jumps ship and joins the other faction when there side is about to loose? Not massively sure on a way to stop this, but was thinking that the amount of time you were in one of the factions, also determins how long you have to wait if you wanted to change sides. Your an Omni for a year, then its going to take a week till you become Clan as your well inside Omni. In the game 4 years? its going to take a month. 24hours is (no offense) bad design. And in that waiting period? they are neutral. At the end of the period the player gets asked if they want to go to join up and then they're in.

    Tokens hmm, to be honest I don't give a rollerrats butt about them. Never had them, and don't partically want them. But the idea of a non Clan/OT token board is something which would be nice. People regard us as the traders, the mercenarys, the people who are open to be hired for that special something. Theres also Harry (of the town of Harrys) who is a neut and used to run the 2nd largest company on Rubi-ka in Omni-2 (Athen), he used to support the Clans but when they took control of the town they torched his business too in a big show of anti coorporate bravado. So now he's set up outside Omni-1 where its safer, and he can trade from there. Harry is GREAT! and ok, for every neut to get like that would be extremely difficult. But there are people out there, like Blade Corp and a couple of others who run Corporations. This idea has been on the boards before, but if we did get a token board why not make it first level you can use Clan/OT trade/cluster shops (as we do now), 2nd level maybe allow access to the tools shops. 3rd lvl has to be nano formulas, as its a joke as it is...great neuts don't get nano formulas. 2secs later in Omni-Trade with a lvl1 omni buying out all the ql125 formulas and muling them over. 4th one maybe open up all remaining shops. 5th why not allow access to Clan/Omni Insurance terms? Lets face it...we would be running more trade deliverys of OT Medsuits to Tir than you'ld believe hehe (not like a fair few neuts don't already do that).

    The ability to choose neutral. Others here have said it, the planets not black and white. As it stands we've got an incredible number of shades of grey now. It would have made Funcoms life easier if it was just black and white, but with large factions in Omni hating Ross, the same in the Clans who just ignore the CoT. And the rainbow of grey that is the neutrals, its not quite working out.

    So how do we get brought into it? To be honest, even the little changes we've seen in the last fortnight have moved neutrality forward lightyears. The forming of the neutral council, this was a simple start with seats open to any neut guild, and seats open for any unaffiliated neut who wishes to join into it and say whats on there minds. There are those neuts who already don't like the council. Fine, but they have an open seat for them to come and voice there opinions on matters...if they do than its there decision. Its a democracy, one which hopefully will bring every one into it. But we are shades of grey, just like with Omni and the Clans, not everyone agrees with everything...thats freedom for you.

    The recent addition of leaders chat for neuts...great! Long overdue and about time...thanks for listening

    And then theres events. The recent doctors lab in Borealis which all those lovely mobs. Great. Really made us all feel apart of something again. thanks (ok, I was lagged to hell and couldn't stay in which is why the IRN hasn't reported it yet, waiting for the story so should be up soon). There is also the requests off Omni-Tek for the use of neutral citizens of late for the trail of Azizzal (sp?) of TBH for his crimes against the company. Why do they want the neuts? simple...we're neutral, and we're the only one on this planet who could give him a fair trail. Heck, the Omnis would hang him on sight for what he's supposidly done, and so would the Clanners as he's an Omni.

    As for me? I have my work at the IRN. Neutrality is the only way to monitor what Omni and the Clans are doing.
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Lightbulb What about "Wine"?

    The majority of my characters are clan, but I play both sides. I've yet to play neutral because the disadvantages of being neutral have overweighed the advantages is my head.

    First off I believe the neutrals need a center of operations, a town all their own. Newland, Borealis and Last Ditch are definitly not neutral center of operations.

    Newland should basicly become a clan city in my head, it's the link to the two major clan cities and is used constantly by clanners to travel to them.

    Borealis is... pointless almost, I just use it to travel to my missions, it's got some decent shops but it holds no true value.

    and the Reet Retreat in last ditch seems to be used by clans more than neutrals.

    So what about Wine? The map that came with this game shows all the major cities and on the far right side inside a pure grey area it says "Wine"

    I haven't heard anything else about this city at all. Will it be created as the center of operations for neutrals? Where they can find as many high level shops as there are in athens?

    Clans have Tir, Omni have Omni-HQ, but where do neutrals meet to discuss things?

    Before neutrals can become more powerful, they need a center of operations. I believe Wine should be created and become their HQ, also I believe it needs wompah connections to both major clan cities and major omni cities, to create a peaceful location where clan and omni can easily meet.

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    well, i'm not going to go into my opinion as to what i think neutrality implies, as i think scumbug put it rather well earlier in this thread.
    this also goes for our current advantages/disadvantages, as guilds help communication for those that want it, the ooc channel monitoring was a very nice touch imo, and the guild leader channel helps word spread on events amongst neutrals as well, so that those that wish can participate.
    (wich saves us a lot of ooc channel monitoring )
    that everyone wants to take a shot at us, i have no problem with that, nor the self-defense only rule, as in any war the ones that get shafted the most are the civilians or non-affiliates, not the fighters themselves (something i expected when taking a neutral stance), and only being able to shoot back gives you a moral edge if you do happen to take someone out in a political zone, as nobody can claim you started the aggressions.
    as for storyline participation, i don't think there's a single player that doesn't want to be involved at some point, i sure didn't stay neutral so i could avoid participation, but as a neutral in the omni/clan conflict i don't expect to participate much at all in a direct sense, as that would ruin the point of being neutral in my eyes.
    i stayed neutral for two reasons, one was a moral stance regarding the conflict, as both sides have too many idiots running around, and i simply won't support either side when they have members that maim and kill indiscrimenently and nothing is done about it apart from a slap on the wrist and being told "please don't do that again".
    the other reason is that i don't think the clan/omni conflict will be the main focus after a while for various reasons, and i think affiliation will matter little at that point, wich makes neutrality a good choice from an ethical point of view.
    i'm not going to keep my nose out of what both sides are doing mind you, but then again i don't think neutrality and curiosity are mutually exclusive either.

    The ICC whompa network sounds interesting, makes sense that nodes would would be in neutral territory so that delegates from both sides would have a place to meet, as well as give those who wish access to major cities on both sides.
    this will probably be more evident when the playfields grow to their intended number, and the population is dispersed a little from the major cities compared to how it is now (i'll probably be spending more time in jobe than newland when that time comes, borealis will still be a home though)

    regarding what gaute said about suggestions as to what neutrals could become, my personal opinion is don't change it.
    i don't think we *need* any special faction attention, if you feel like dragging some in to act in a relation to your story, just go out and grab a few, there are plenty of us out there at any given time, but i think it matters more that you tell your story and have us RP along it, rather than try to fit in everyone's wishes into everything that goes on.
    as it stands now, neutrals get the chance to see how it is to live between a conflict in the sense that people care little if you live or die, some even shoot at you for fun, wich unfortunatly the way it works in the real world, but that adds a great deal of realism and involvement to the faction (if you wish to call it that), and it also enhances the RP aspect of it belive it or not, though it can be bloody annoying at times.
    personally i've been to a good few events so far in all gas suppression zones, and participated in most of them in all aspects from combat to political debate and observation, and in all honesty i think it's fine the way it is now.
    is it rather dangerous in anything below 75% zones, absolutely, but in my eyes that is the price you pay to keep a semi-clean concience, and i think it would be a damn shame if you made us into some sort of permanent mediators or moral elitists, as there are plenty of shady neutrals as well, they just don't open their mouths as often as a few of the others.

    on a closing note, i'd just like to make one thing clear, a collected conciousness neutrals are not, at the moment there are ideas in the air about a possible council, but there is to put it mildly varied opinions on this being a good idea in itself, let alone opinions on how it should be done and to what intent and degree of influence it should be implemented.
    and more importantly, at the moment there is no single guild or council that speaks for all neutrals, nor do i think there will ever be, at the moment it is a collective of people who are trying to rally around an idea, and i honestly i would be horrified if that warranted some rethinking of the role of neutrals, as that reeks of a complete lack of a storyline, or at least one that's still so much on the drawingboard that all the time put into trying to get a feel for it so far has been more or less a waste of time.
    i do belive that the RP aspect of the effort made should be rewarded in time though, be it as a reward or punishment (i highly doubt that two factions that drove off the ICC forces would let a couple of hundred political upstarts try to dig into their turf), and as has been stated before, the minute we try to be anything but a bunch of individuals, we're a target, and allthough there is nothing wrong with challenging authority, i do belive a few neutrals have forgotten what the end result of people doing that in a wartime scenario is, and that is a swift death in most cases.

    ok, this has gone on for more than long enough allready, i'd just like to say thanks to gaute for acnowledging that funcom knows that we exist, and if there is anyone at funcom who has the job of reading over all these posts, they probably don't pay you enough concidering the sizes of these things, but if there's anything that defines most neutrals at the moment, it's the ability to be vocal if nothing else

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    Lightbulb Neutral By Nature

    I am neutral by nature and I think that both Omni-Tek and the clans have a right to pursue their interests on Rubi-Ka. I believe there can be a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. (Certainly there will be bloodshed. Suffering is so often the price of peace.)

    To me, it makes no sense to say that one side will "win". What a terrible loss to the planet. The clan population of Rubi-Ka is a vibrant one. They have important interests. They make meaningful contributions to the world that we all live in.

    But you cannot ignore the necessity of commercial enterprise. Omni-Tek is representative of that here on Rubi-Ka. Rubi-Ka possesses a unique resource in notum. It would be foolish to suppose that the galactic community would sit idly by and not pursue the commercial benefits of the substance. And if it did, then what would be the result?

    A part of the clan population might just as easily organize into a commercial giant similar to Omni-Tek. Consider that Omni-Tek started small as all must in the beginning. What better way to found a commercial empire than with sole access to a unique resource in the galaxy? If Omni-Tek does not represent the galactic commercial interest on the planet, someone will.

    And there will always be injustice. There will always be cruelty. The elimination of Omni-Tek or the clans, will never stop that. There is no easy solution. Life is harder than that.

    If you ask me who I fight for, I will tell you I fight for the clans. Do I fight to overcome Omni-Tek? No. I fight for lasting peace and growing understanding. I fight for a mutually respectful relationship between the Clans and Omni-Tek.

    This makes me neutral. But it does not make me apathetic. I fight for peace and I am not alone! There are others like me among you. Look carefully. You will see such neutral people allied with both Omni-Tek and the clans. You will see just a few that walk the neutral path openly.

    Indeed, I would declare my neutrality for all to see. But on Rubi-Ka, as it is this day, there are no merits (token board) for a neutral to earn and who will lead us to peace? The voices of the neutral leaders have been silent! Too silent!

    The silence must end. Terrorist organizations such as the Dust Brigade serve no one. The deaths of high level officials on either side of the conflict serve no one. These are the seeds of anarchy. Beyond anarchy lies the abyss.

    Let the voice of the neutrals be heard. Neutrality is not apathy!

    (OOC: This is my role-playing way of suggesting how Neutrals can have a more active role on Rubi-Ka. A Neutral token board merit system and the voices of Neutral leaders as part of the storyline would be wonderful. But it is a huge commitment by Funcom to undertake the storyline implications of this, so if those reading this think it is important enough, you must make yourself heard!)


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    Needed: Aggressive Neutrals and Passive Neutrals

    The current faction system needs to be more dynamic. In terms of the faction system this game is behind EQ. With the Conflict and conflict in general being an important element such an inadequecy is quite detrimental to game play. When a player attacks someone or thing on his own side they should get a permanent mark on their record. Especially for the OT side its ridculous to have departments/guilds attacking Omni-Pol personel without any repercussions. Such people/organizations should, after repeated offences, be switched to aggressive neutrals.

    Aggressive Neutral( Outlaws ):
    -Should get a few small secluded towns with few NPC guards and completely 25% except for right around the reclaim terminals
    -A few very expensive save terminals
    -Shops with limited inventory and high prices
    -Should be KOS to all NPCs( omni, clan, neutral ) at all gas levels
    -Most importantly they can start combat with anyone in gas <=25%
    -Also they should lose any ribbons/tokens that they earned while on either side.

    Also passive neutrals that attack sided( aggressive neutral, omni, clan, passive neutral) NPCs,MOBs, or Players should get pushed to aggressive neutrals. And there should also be special multi-stage missions in order to switch sides or boost ones passive neutrality.

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    Well, let it be said I am all for the neutral exsistance, and their validity, but:
    1) choosing to be a neutral in the conflict, means you already have taken a stance on your position, namely that of the bystander. You have renounced the fight, and, again by definition, have decided to stay out of any ongoing conflict.
    2) to then claim you want to "win", is just downright stupid, refer to the definition of a neutral standpoint in any conflict. If you want to "win", join any fighting side.

    Its quite simple.
    Im only referring to the conflict side of this, other ideas on channels/whompas etc., are not bad imho.


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    Red face Heh. Nothing but worthless, defenseless, glitches.

    Nice artical on the neutral `faction`, however, I'd like to voice some disgust by the fact of "neutral" being considered an actual faction.

    Maybe disgust is to harsh a word, so I'll leave it at the fact that it is upsetting that I am considered a faction.

    I chose neutral when I started my Agent on Anarchy Online, so that I could be what I wanted, work for who I wanted, help who I wanted, and never be thought to work for anyone. After all, isn't neutral the lack there OF faction?

    "I'm not Omni, I'm not Rebel, I wear grey so just who am I?"

    That's what people should wonder, who am I? Who are you all? Neutral, meaning you are who you are, and do what you want. That's all. Being considered neutral means you have the freedom to do covert ops for your `true` faction, it means you can can be anything you want!

    Neutral is the "faction" of anarchists. Neutrals should do whatever the heck they want and should not be factionized. Omni-tek and Clan are factions. Neutral is not. "Neutral" means, no affiliation with either of those FACTIONS -- Not "We're part of Neutral! We hate Clan and or / Omni". Neutral guilds are factions however, just like Omni-tek and Clan.

    Neutral does not need its own "city of operations" because "neutral" does IS NOT A FACTION. "Neutral" does not have a leader, or leaders. People don't seem to understand this, even FC calls us a "faction". Anyone have a dictionary? Putting high level shops for neutrals there would be a good idea, high level area, for high level neutrals. ^_^

    Me, I'm a neutral Agent, who I work for is none of your buisness. That's why I am neutral.

    Now, let's look at why I chose to be an Agent, now that we know why I am neutral between the conflicts of Rubi-ka.

    - Covert ops.
    - Spying for pay.
    - Smuggling.
    - Assasinations.
    - Mercenary possibilities.
    - Looking like that `kewl` MIB.

    Now lets look into each of these fields.

    Covert Operations
    Questions: What in AO is covert? You see everyone's information, you can easily listen in on conversations, ect. There is no real way to be a spy, listen in on Omni-tek or Clan groups talking, unless you can get in their guild houses or what not, which really is unlikely for anyone to work hard to do. Even if you do manage to, who will pay you for this kind of information?

    Answers: In AO, it is covert to PVP, sneak, aimed shot. Killing, sniping, hiding behind a box and listening, sitting in a corner, lots of other pointless, laughable stuff. Getting in guild houses are easy, I think? I've noticed that I can enter other neutral guild, guild houses easily, at least I think that's what happens when I am allowd in small huts without a mission. I don't know of any Omni accessable or Clan accesable guild houses. Maybe a way for Agents to enter and actually SNEAK to players VS. their preception, would make for better Covert missions? And, finally, lots of Clan and Omni factions will pay for information you hear! Just look! It's a great thing to do for fun in game, and gain cash, besides missions. (I wont speak names, but I've been paid for information many times, and been paid very well.)

    Spying for pay.
    Same points as my Covert Ops. arguement.

    Maybe this is the fixer or trader catagory, but as an Agent I still find it would be fun to be able to do buys for Clan or Omni people, from either factions stores. Maybe some kind of skill or item to gain access to stores? I dunno, I think it'd be better for neutral people to have access to all stores, or at least some other than the damned implants.

    I have the skill "Snipe", why can't I snipe people? I'm a neutral, ass kicking, su[]Da Agent. I want to be able to assasinate the targets that my Clan or Omni employeer pays me to. Useless as a neutral.

    Where is my MIB suit? Where are my c00l shades with l33t stats? Where are my elite Glock-17 pistols and side arms? What about my combat knives? Hacking gear? Missi0n Imp0ssible man. Missi0n imp0ssible.


    I'm sorry if that was a rant to Agents, but I wanted to keep it to how I feel about my profession.. and how it is constricting to role-play, and do invotive things in game as I'd like to.

    I really wish PVP was allowed for neutral characters, in political zones. That should be allowed, especially for Agents. Used to be a bunch of neutral agents.. guys come on. Can't you understand this?

    Maybe I should post this list to the Agent's as well, I think I made some good points.


    My final note is what I think neutral is.

    Neutral, as it applies to Anarchy Online: I don't care who or what anyone does, I'm going to group, buy, kill, destroy, love, hurt, hug, accompany, and join anyone I feel, without some deformed leader.

    That is neutral. Like it or not, P E R I O D.


    I'm not good at writing this kinda stuff, so I applogize if I got off topic, but I think I got my opinion through.

    I'd also like to note that I didn't read all the replies before I posted this, I am lazy and want to get back in game to finish some missions.


    Operation: Glitch
    Rocco "Rukus" Albe
    "Ayame, I'll find her."
    "huh? wtf u want!!"
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    Neutral All My Life, Despite "Clan" Label

    I started this game within it's first week of hitting shelves. I was hooked.

    I created a character, and I have stuck with him since day one. He has a history developed now, but it's lacking something that should have been easy to write into it...

    ...See, when I started this game, I knew that neutrals had it bad, but I desperately wanted to be one. And when I realized that neutrals didn't receive "tokens" for mission, I was aghast. I didn't know what "tokens" were back then, but I thought they must be important. Neutrality was regularly discouraged. I was a noob, and the discouragement was so immense that I thought I was playing AO all wrong if I were to stay neutral. Okay, so I though "I'll keep my neutral persona but just 'work' for the clans so I can get tokens."...

    ...Now I can't go back. I've played as a neutral from day one, and have since learned that I do not require tokens, and I certainly don't hold any contract with the clans that should be indefinitely binding. I want it back.

    I want to be neutral again, and I have done a fantastic job playing the part. I am not a clanner. I have no side. I am a mercenary doc, and I will always be that way, whether I am allowed to display it with the label of "Neutral" or not.

    That point in and of itself makes it insanely silly to disallow ANY POSSIBLE way of returning to Neutrality. If someone used to be clan or omni, but now is a neutral character, what on earth is the IC story behind making it physically and literally impossible to be displayed as one?

    So you want to offer a penalty? You want to knock a couple levels off me, take away my tokens, remove most of my equipment, and tattoo "Gertrude's Biznatch" to my forehead?

    Cool by me. At least I'll be free from this lifelong contracted obligation nonsense.

    I am Neutral and Proud.
    --The connections that enable us to learn are infinitely more important than our state of knowing.

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    Angry Neutrals

    I think its about time they stopped forcing the Neutrals to be pacifist moderators..just becouse we dont choose a side doesnt mean we have to be sweet little angels. Maybe I want the war to go on forever! After all black markets cant exist if there is no conflict. This cant attack until attacked is forcing us into the gandhi role wether thats part of our character or not. My char does not belief in either side, but recognizes that war is good for business. After all I will have more access to areas to adventure while other people are killing each other rather then have to compete with omni and clan for prime adventuring ground. Also if there is peace between clan and omni its harder to sell arms to both sides. Why are we forced to not fight?

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    Neutrals? a matter of strategy

    Hi all,
    About neutral topic i think that to give them the same opportunities that other factions have is a great thing.In fact, in my opinion, the question it is not in the terms:"neut can/want/can't or want not win rubi ka or whatever" but in the terms:"what happens if neut can do whatever they want to do?"

    i think that if the neut want to win rubika and to be an active part of the conflit they must have the possibility to make this; and in order to make this possible they must have access to the same game features that actually are only for the "sided" factions(i mean high ql level items in the shops,a general chat channels,whompa network etc.)

    then if the neutral mindset can make neutrals a "disintegrated" faction made from individuals and isolated clans more than an alliance this is a matter of "politics" or peraphs of war not a game issue

    i think that the the next implementations in the game (conquest and holding a territory etc...) with a neutral faction that can be the same things that clanners and omni can do can resolve completely this issue

    the rest is a matter of future...

    Criswolf agent clan
    Whiteforce nanotech clan

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