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Thread: The Role of the Neutrals

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    The Role of the Neutrals

    Please use this thread to reply to and discuss Gaute's article on Neutrals. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for noticing us

    As for the Whompa changes hmm, I've wanted for so long to brick up the Tir and Athen whompas in Newland mwhahaha
    *pauses to imagine the surprise as the Clanners exit it...THUD*
    It never made sense to any of us why we were always an extention of the Clans, and in the same instance this was why we hated it so much as we hated the clans so much as we were targets to them. Making the neut areas truely the merging ground between OT and the Clans they (shouldn't but who knows human nature) end up perminently targetting us, and instead go for each other. Linking the neut areas like Borealis, Newland, 20k and Harrys would be great. The latter two partically as it would bring into the neut areas more OT. Which would (hopefully) dilute the massive Clan influence.

    I am curious though about how that changing whompas to being side specific would really leave us with the statement of Neuts having free movement? No offense here but you seem to be missing how low lvl neuts get gunned down in places like Athen when NPC's attack them on sight and pull guards on them. Thats not free movement. Speaking to many neuts, we dont midn if its certain areas we get attacked, as we understand some places are high security and you don't want neuts poking there noses in. But Athen mainstreet?

    Last nights story event was also a great addition, nice to see us brought into it for once much appreciated.

    My last point is the Dusters, and how some are Neut. Ok, by every description they cant be. I've said it in all over these boards that if anything, can't they just get marked all as Clan (which they are even though they don't follow the CoT) or even to be more exact Anarchist? If it was intentional to get ppl to generally not like us, and pointing that we're sided with the Dusters than it kinda worked.

    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Glad to hear that the Neutrals are coming into thier own.
    I don't think alot of Neutrals want to 'win' on Rubi-ka, but a decent existance is not alot to ask for. As far as the story involving only 2 sides, that would be very boring.
    A world as large as Rubi-Ka, and with the problems plaguing it, there are bound to be many grey areas. The views and beliefs of thousands of people could never be restricted to 'black and white'!
    Personally I started Neutral because as a newcomer to the planet I didn't want to jump into a conflict I knew nothing about.
    But I have found that many 'sided' players know much less about
    it than I do.
    But my Character(s) will remain Neutral now, because of the friends I've made and the difficulty to stay this way, I have alot of respect for the high level Neut's I see around, it is not an easy path to follow...

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    neuts and PR

    i don't agree with nyadach that people have a bad opinion of neutrals... i think most of us know that being neutral is a tougher choice, because of lack of certain opportunities (token boards and higher ql shop items), because of being only a target in pvp etc.. so we usually respect high level neutrals we see around and see them either as people who do a lot of roleplaying (which is good) or as people who have strong RL convictions they want to follow even in game. Either way.. respect man!

    I myself do omni characters, and roleplay them a little.. not always as the coldblooded corporative bastards some people stereotype us to be.

    Anyways since neuts have developed some strong organizations and a bit of a political identity, i see nothing wrong with making them more of a force to reckon with by providing them, not with POWER, but with more opportunities for communication/organization/movement.

    So the idea sounds pretty good...
    Etchu solitus omni MP 103 on rubika1.. just left departmentX for First Order..
    Feydrutha nanomage omni NT 25 on rubika1 retired atm
    Rodja atrox omni soldier 20 n00b!

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    It's great to finally see Funcom make a stance on us neutrals. The best thing about being a neutral, for me, is the freedom to travel.

    The idea of a neutral whompa system is excellent. First, do get rid of that Clan hub in NLC though. I don't mind folks from either side being able to get to our towns. I really like that actually. I don't like that Clanners have to go through Newland City to get from one major Clan city to another. Like Nya said, brick the whompas up! I'm all for making the neutral whompa hub in ICC headquarters, it will make that place much more worthwile (like it should be) and make the ICC seem like a real organization instead of some mythical secret society (which is what it feels like to me). Oh, and the ICC HQ should really have neutral shops, not Clan shops.

    Another thing that would enhance the freedom of being neutral is not to be such an easy target for everyone. I would really like it if we didn't show up on everyone's [tab] button. I've always thought that since I'm neutral and not part of the war I shouldn't show up as an enemy. At the very least, include an icon with the health bar to show persons affiliations. Then when you [tab] around you can distinguish between neutrals and the enemy faction, or if your neutral, between the two factions. I think as long as we show up on [tab] along with the enemies we are viewed as a 3rd faction. If you remove us from the [tab] and make us friends, then we become more diplomats and go betweens. It has the potential to make us more useful and itneresting in the story than simply being a 3rd side.


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    Talking All this is great!

    Can I drop the dignified guild leader act a second?

    Wooohoooo! (jumps around and does a silly dance) Yay, yay yay!


    This is something I've been hoping for for a long time. I think it'll make a huge difference to the gameplay for us hardcore neuts. I like the sound of, well, everything Gaute mentioned. The neutral leader's chat has already proved its worth last night- Dr Tissa used it to tell us all about the event taking place in Borry. Clearing that lab was good fun, too... even if I did die four times. Yum, crunchy nanomage...

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    Talking good news!

    This is good to hear. I found myself in neutrality late in the game but have to say that it is a very enjoyable role. Thanks for recognizing the community.

    Since you are giving us this podium to talk on, I have to put in a plug for our need to implement some means of turning clan/omni characters to neutrality. What we dont want is a simple "Application Form" that could be used recklessly but some more intense means of giving up our political affiliation. Perhaps a quest/mission or some process that takes on the order of weeks to complete.

    There is a clan guild called the Conscientious Objectors that has the sole purpose of pushing this idea though to you, the developers.


    82 Clan Advent

    37 Neut Engie

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    The School of Hard Knocks

    First off, I'd like to say this is my first MMORPG(I only got my comp in July), so I don't expect my personal viewpoint to agree with everyone(anyone? hehe). I started this game as a Noob in every sense of the word. I chose Neutral at first because, like many, I figured I needed to learn more about what each side was all about before making that commitment. The character I play is my first ever, and VERY unconventional; an Opifex Female Enforcer using 1h Edged instead of the usual Hammer/Beam(or even Rider Exec) fare. It seemed like a fun and challenging choice at the time. As I progressed further into the game, it became clear to me that, in order to see and experience the most I could in this game(as I said before, this is my first this is quite important), Neutral was the only logical choice. Being a Neut not only gives me the greatest freedom of movement throughout the game, but allows me to team with/have friends on ALL sides without worry(well, for the most part......Mort before the Amnesty was quite frustrating. And, I suppose it is again now). My personal take on Neutrality? I'm EVERYONE'S friend(much like IRL); I have no desire to be involved in a conflict. I freely admit there are players who are Neut because of the Merc mentality...they see being Neutral as a way to profit by working for the highest bidder, regardless of side; or, they see it as a way to be able to fight with whomever they chose. The true meaning of Neutrality is even now being hotly contested. As we strive to come together, internal forces are also trying to force us apart. Time will tell which way the pendulum will swing; I can only fervently hope that it will swing in the direction that logic tells me is the best choice. My biggest problem with the game right now? The fact that Neuts are aggroed by sided NPC's; as I stated before, I view myself as everybody's friend....or, at least, as noone's enemy. I have only partially come to grips with the fact that my char will NEVER be as powerful as a sided player of the same level, due to the Token advantages I am so envious of...yet another reason I don't understand why some Neuts are so quick to seek an aggressive stance, as it is sure to fail. Mission tokens for Neutrals would be another HUGE step towards lessing the disadvantages of being a Neut. Of course, I never expext this to come to pass, but I can dream. One feature I WOULD like to see added in the very near future is a Neutral form; maybe a "side denouncement(?)" form, which would allow sided players to bow out of the conflict if they chose to do so. This option would admittedly also provide another route of subterfuge for the player of that inclination, but I believe there are a significant number of players who would like to become Neutral, if they were again given the choice. To all those who took the time to read my rambling thoughts in this post, I thank you. Take care, and let's have fun out there!
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    One thing:

    If the newland whompas were removed, as some neutrals seem to want, then they'd have to be replaced somewhere else.

    As it stands, newland is the only way for clanners to efficiently travel from city to city. Low level clanners can't use the grid, and so must use the whompas. The trip over land from Tir to Athens would take forever, and would likely be too dangerous anyway for low level players.

    Even for higher level players, the newland hub is important because of the fact that the Athens grid access is a long distance away from the Athens whompas, and because the Avalon grid access is pretty much off limits to all but the highest level players. Almost nobody raises their comp lit to 450.

    Without the newland hub, Tir would be greatly cut off from the rest of clan territory, and would likely be abandoned by many clanners as it would be too difficult to get to and from.

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    /me dances with joy!

    I'll organize my thoughts and come back later!

    Thanks Gaute!
    RoboKa & RoboKaKa
    Solitus Neutral Engineer & Pet

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    "If the neutrals want to become a force to be reckoned with in the conflict, a third party with the intention to "win" - just like the clans and Omni-Tek - it's going to be a lot more difficult."

    the majority of the neutrals i know dont want to be a 'side' we just want some recognition and a bit of support. we all have different reasons for neutraility be they mercenary, negotiator or otherwise.
    i like as a neutral that i can go anywhere, i dont often get aggro from npcs but then i am pretty high level (one of the top 15 highest neutrals in the game). i;m not stuck in the Home: Broken Shores mentality.
    I can team with whoever i want be it clan or OT, i can get xp from anything, as can whoever is in my team. eg a team of clan with me in can fight clan mobs and get xp, doesnt normally happen. pretty powerful advantages in my opinion. As a Doc i like that
    a neutral engineer can take a team anywhere now, a clan team want to go through Omni to 20k. send the neutral engineer and he can beam you there. no more aggro in the city. nice.
    however the npc aggro at lower levels is a killer, literally. it can make hunting tricky (or did when i was hunting in VW, remember those days?). i feel this should be changed.
    tokens? we dont get them, means we dont have to spend 4 hours finishing a mission to get a token. it is however a major disadvantage, but then we can gain xp relatively quick. i dont worry about tokens, i seem to do well enough without them thankyou. my major gripe is the shops

    poeple from other factions can use our stores yet we cant use theirs, apart from the tradeskills one, whoopie frikkin do, last i looked Borealis and NEwland were pretty much stoked for those anyway. all NF over 99 we have to find or make a mule char. i would like to see superior NFs available
    a decent clothes shop as well i hate looking like a pauper in the clubs.
    and save terms, if clans and OT can use ours why cant we use theirs or have more neutral OP with save terms.

    I dont want the newland whompas removed, but it would be nice to have more connection with OT areas. i have over 100 people on my contacts list, 2 are OT, that tell you somehting?

    as it stands neutral is a viable way to play, hell there are players ranging from level 1-200 on RK1. most of the neutral people i have met are good folks (then that is true for the clan and few OT players i have met as well), but there are bad apples in every bushel. i think a few tweaks are needed to make it a bit fairer but otherwise i enjoy it, plus at level 115 people give me a lot of respect for being neutral. esp at the rate i level and the people i know. hell i have had offers from many Clans and one OT guild to 'defect'.....but thats a side point

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    If the newland whompas were removed, as some neutrals seem to want, then they'd have to be replaced somewhere else.
    Oops, I was selfishly thinking only of us neturals.. I figure when removing the Clan whompas from NLC a Athens-Tir whompa should be added. I just didn't mention it 'cause, well, I'm neutral


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    Red face

    Well first of all that's for noticing neuts FC, you created us and have ignored us as if we were an unfortunate accident.

    I don't see neuts as a force trying to win the war, we are the population who don't want to live our lives under the watchful eye of Omni or Clan leaders. The mercenaries and psychos who hate both sides, the traders and weapons deelers who want to make money from all sides, and the unfortunate townspeople who have been trapped in the middle of the war.

    I have nothing against omni and clan having better resources, being the big corps with the manpower and money to get the superior nano crystals in shops, where as we are the poorer population trying to make ends meet. It makes more sense to let us use clan and omni shops (maybe at higher costs) to buy and higher end equipment, I can't see why omni or clan should dislike neuts giving them money in trade unless they think we'll peddle it to the other side!

    I'm all for the whompa network, though not sure how you'll find a good way to explain why it is neuts only. (maybe I got the wrong end of the stick) The most unique aspect of being neut is the ability of traveling to both sides towns (though please so guards shooting us in town centers, I agree with what Nya said on this one)

    Next item: Neut forms. Well I like the fact that neuts at the mo have been neut since they started, I think it would destroy some of the uniqueness to allow people to become Neut. That said I think that there should be a way for clan and omni who have had enough of there side to leave. Maybe let people become neut but give such a penalty that only those with extreme needs to leave will do so (more than just taking away the board and tokens!)

    More events please, yesterdays was great! They don't have to be anything to do with the war, just crazy events that happen (like yesterdays)

    Let us target in pvp, I don't pvp myself (or rather I don't want to pvp at this time, though that doesn't stop others pvping me! grr)
    Neuts include the mercenaries, psychos and pirates who want to fight. I consider the lack of targeting for neuts a clear attempt by FC to dissuade people from becoming neut! STOP IT FC! :P

    I think that a neuts life should be harder work than a clan or omni, we are always going to be the minority trapped in the middle of things and this is how I like it, but that does not mean that we have no role to play. We are the few people who won't take orders from the dictatorships that are clan and omni. There will be neutals long after omni and the clans have died out!


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    Talking boy in the bubble

    instead of pulling the whompas outta newland they could build a glass bubble that encompasses the athens and tir bound whompas so we could all grab some pop corn and watch the clanners zone-in... zone-out... zone-in.. zone-out...

    clanners under glass....

    funner than a fish tank

    <btw, isn't gaute something you get when you eat excessive amounts of chocolate and red wine?.... ahh thats Gout.. nm>

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    Its nice Neutrals get some attention for a change, im happy for you..and that is coming from a clanner

    Thewanderer lv 41 Clan MA

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    "Well first of all that's for noticing neuts FC, you created us and have ignored us as if we were an unfortunate accident."

    The neutral faction pretty much was an unfortunate accident.
    The faction was offered from the start but was never meant to be a third side to the war. I think neuts gaind popularity due to the way early beta was set up. Newland use to be crawling with Rhinomen that stood around (on the other side of a wall) and let you kill them risk free. Lots of the testers played out of Newland so they didn't have to travel to kill rhinomen.
    I was playing Omni when I first got in beta and could find no one to group with much less even talk to most the time ... yes, I ended up going neut in beta too ....

    There was lots of talk on the boards at the time about how folks were going to go neutral and be the big bad bounty hunters of AO, thinking they could kill either Omni or Clan indescrimanitly and stay Neutral.
    The problem with this - if you pick up a weapon you are no longer Neutral.

    I think the penalties for neutrals fighting should be as such :
    If you have killed a Omni, no more going to Omni cities risk free. If you kill a clanner, no more going into clan cities risk free.
    If you kill over 20 Omni you loose neutrality and become a clanner. Same for killing clanners, you become Omni.

    If Funcom wants to turn them into a third side to the battle, they should loose the name Neutral and be restricted from the other two sides cities. Same for the Omni and Clan entering the now neutral cities.

    If the Neutrals want to remain Neutral in other than name, there should be reprocussions for 'taking sides" in the war. Otherwise get off the fence and join the fight.

    Ther are only two sides to this fight. Those who think Omni legally owns Rubi-ka and has the right to rule as they please and those who think the planet should be free for all. There is no 'middle' ground.

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    some misguided neutral improvement suggestions

    I'll try to put this in order of priority:

    Thank you, Gaute, for publicly paying attention to us. Many folks feel that their profession / IP Path / Whatever aren't getting any attention, and it is nice to have Neutral Issues publicly recognized.

    Application Forms:
    Please don't do this. There are far too many opportunists swapping back and forth between Omni and Clan to get to advantageous hunting grounds as it is, without folks being able to switch to Neutral.

    The lack of application forms gives characters such as Fractaloon, Nyadach, Trevelar, and other high level Neuts a form of bragging right that OT and Clan characters can only dream of. Every neut that runs into a mid-high level fellow neut knows they are dealing with a serious player that is willing to make decisions and stick to his guns. I presently run three neut characters, from lvl 21-46, of three varying professions, and I'm proud to have deleted my Low Level Application forms. Someday when my MA is lvl 150, I hope to have the kind of respect afforded to my Neut elders. Please don't water this down.

    I think all neuts can agree that with the present no-initate policy for neuts in PvP, we really shouldn't be on the TAB-Enemies list. This is a complaint that has been brought up many times, and has lead to the popular Neutral saying: "Please stop shooting at me"

    I think the worst thing that could happen to Neutrality as a whole would be to both allow Neutral application forms and allow shoot-first privileges in PvP. This would lead to a mass migration of griefers and sociopaths into our ranks. We don't need that. If they wanna participate in the war, let them enlist. I didn't want to participate in the war, so I stayed neut.

    PvP Summary: please take us off the TAB-Enemies list if at all possible. The only reason to have us there that I can think of is to make Neutrality unattractive.

    ICC As Clan-Affiliated
    That's just silly. They're neut and they know it. It's the Sol Banking Corporation that is heavily Clan-sided.

    Ok, so we can't buy weapons from OT stores. That makes sense. But we can't buy CLOTHING at sided shops? I would greatly appreciate hearing an official justification for that policy.

    Cell Scanners
    How about when NPCs of a certain side are aggro vs. neuts (as clan mobs are sometimes), don't let us use that side's variety of scanners. Otherwise, neuts are rather clearly "at peace" with that side, and there's no compelling reason to prevent us from scanning. Heck, charge us double the normal rate, just let us scan if you're not hunting us

    Token Boards
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: they're a crutch for the weak. We don't need them, don't give them to us.

    Hey neato. I'm curious to see how that works out.

    Guild Leader Chat
    Hey neato. I'm starting to feel like a 2nd class citizen instead of 3rd.

    Keep up the good work! This game really has steadily improved, even for us dejected Neut-types
    Neutral Nanomage Bureaucrat RK1
    Veteran, The Independant Rubikans

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    Lightbulb neutrals as a balance, not a buffer

    Admittedly, I've only been playing this game for a very short while, and I'm still learning about both sides. However, it appears to me that picking neutral is more of a buffer zone right now. It acts as a way for people to start the game without predeteremination, a way to delay a choice. It also allows people to not participate in the conflict between OT and the Clans. As I said, it creates a kind of buffer zone between the two sides. While that makes sense, and IRL that seems logical, the way it is played out in the game it is only that. The neutrals don't act very neutral, and I don't mean roleplaying. Neutrals just seem to be playing the game, not taking any notice of either side at all, and even consider it a burden (perhaps).

    I would like to think of neutrals as people that don't like the war. Neutrals should be made up of people that are tired of fighting, and are seeking an alternative. Which brings me to a side point that I think people should be allowed to switch sides to neutral, which isn't allowed right now. What if a clansmember has a revelation and sees the error in both sides' ways, and wants to preach peace? He cannot do it in neutrality, because he will always carry a label in the current world of Rubi-Ka. And it wouldnt' make much sense if a Clan or OT personnel believed in peace, because they belong to a group of people whom the majority believe violence is the answer.

    I've always been inclined towards a peaceful solution for these two sides. Wars do not have to be constantly be fought. I quote from the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:
    The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
    You may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. You may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate, nor establish love. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
    Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    And it just makes sense. Should all neutrals believe in ideas such as this? No. Should they agree? Yes.

    -PegLegPete (Fatman2000/eng/solitus)

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    Great Article. Input from a Neutral.

    Damn, stumbled on Gaute's article somehow and was amazed. I can only pray that my comments are somehow read and considered.

    He really hit the nail on the head regarding how we want to be viewed in the game. We don't want to 'win'. We want what's best for the planet and ourselved. We don't care which side 'wins' (if either) as long as we retain our independance and livelyhood.

    Regarding the Whom'pa network. I'm assuming this change is prompted by the opening of new playfields and maybe a summer expansion pack. Nothing made me happier than getting that Whom'pa to Stret West Last Ditch. I'd be glad to rid myself of the Tir and Athen Whom'pas in NLC as they serve no purpose to me at lvl100 and are too dangerous for a lowbie to use these days.

    Replace one with a link to ICC headquarter in Andromeda.
    Replace the other with a link to the new playfields.

    Add Make the Tir City and Old Athen Whom'pas that currently go to NLC go to ICC headquarters.

    Add some pizzazz to ICC headquarters. Perhaps this is the place where Neutrals can buy Superior Nanocrystals? As of now they have to have a Clanner or Omni shop for them. ICC is all about intergalactic business, isn't it? Perhaps this is the place I really was thinking about when I was thinking of Omni-Trade. The TRUE tradezone with 100% suppression gas and a feeling of being a hub of business.

    With neutrals being killed by Omni NPC's in Omni-Trade and being disallowed from shopping in 95% of the Omni Shop terminals, it has more of a feel of a 'company store' to use the old mining company analogy. I look forward to a center of intergalactic commerce and trade. The prices would of course have to be set at the Clan rate at a minimum. Perhaps you could set it up with more NPC's than terminal stores for a little variety.

    A second request is not to forget us when it comes to the Static Missions. A recent post noted that we Neutrals could indeed get the Alvin quest and complete it. Know what the reward is? An Omni-only NODROP item and 5 OMNI tokens. Please take the 10 minutes to make neutral items for questls like this as you did for the Bureaucrat's unique Suit.

    THIS IS BIG, the number one complaint probably for 95% of the Neutral community: TAKE US OFF THE TAB TARGETTING. Most of us can live with the inability to not shoot first except in 0% Mayhem zones. Hey, we're Neutral. We don't want to shoot. What we can't stand is getting killed by somebody as we brush against a 25% zone and later having to be apologized to by the regretful killer who didn't realize we were Neutral.

    If you want to kill Neutrals on purpose that's fine. Be an ass. I can deal with it as part of human nature. But I want to know that my killer made a conscious decision to kill someone who harbored them no ill-will. 90% of my deaths back when I got killed a bit by other players were later admitted to being mistakes and often came with offers to help with buffs or protection through the 25% zone.

    That is just about all we want. Nothing more. Once a Neutral reaches levels above 70 they are pretty much embraced by the community and the lack of lower-level NPC's (who are now grey) attacking in cities _does_ give us the feeling of Neutrality we strive for.

    Your next step is to make the game just a bit more FUN for us.

    As an example, when you make player-created missions a reality, if there is the option to put a bounty on another player's head, then make sure if the target is Omni that that mission is open to Neutrals as well. Waive the 25% gas rules for Neutrals for that specific mission-holder vs. that specific target. Perhaps the Ritual Krys knife mentioned in some assasination missions could be issued and used to initiate combat.

    Gaute, the game is NOT better when it's BLACK vs. WHITE. Us Greys are here to make the game more exciting for everyone. Use us as an asset. We are a powerful tool for your storytellers to tap into. We are for the most part intelligent, interesting, and dedicated. Look at almost every post done by a Neutral on these boards and they are well though out and fair. Contrast this to the simplistic 'if you aren't with me, you're against me' follow-the-leader replies of people who can't think for themselves that inevitably follow a well written post.

    These are the people you want to entertain. Bring us Neutrals into the fold and we can help do that. A greater percentage of us probably want to be part of the history of the planet and the telling of its story than the Clan and Omni masses at mutant camps in Lush Fields or Pleasant Meadows. Just look how much conversation was brought up by the fact that the Duster were NEITHER Clan NOR Omni. It was a blast. Some people just couldn't grasp that there might be powers on the planet besides the misguided automatons of the ruthless Corporation and the misguided unled hippies of the clans.


    NO to Neutral Forms. No, no, no.
    NO to Neutrals being able to shoot first EXCEPT in 0% zones

    NO NO NO NO NO, never, that would make us no longer what we are. Neutrality is a way of life, not a mid-life crisis.
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