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Thread: A Meta-Physical Calling

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    (OOC: w00t to Sallust and Seelenlicht!!! I can't wait until Black Sunday and it's so refreshing to see great talents within our ranks! Callings index updated at the top )
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    Nathrae's Calling

    The wind howled fiercly in the air as Nathrae trudged up through Old Athen to rest comfortably against the building in the center square. She pulled her hood closer around her face as she studied her fellow clan members. Their laughter and comradery would be almost infectious had she felt apart of them. As such, though, her profession granted her a nearly invisible existance.

    "It is not so bad though," she pondered as she looked up to study her only real friends, Nath and Sanoo. Sensing her, they cooed soothingly in words only she could understand. She smiled wearily. Their last mission was difficult, and Nathrae was more than ready to retire to her apartment nearby, but she always liked to sit here and watch the others beforehand. Her weariness had a tendency to clear her mind and she was able to acheive a meditational like state in which she viewed to world about her. To try and understand more about the place they lived in.

    The storm seemed to be kicking up and great, bilious clouds swept in, covering the sky in a near instant. Lightning started to sputter. That was nothing unusual though. Strange and spontaneous weather patterns were an everyday thing in Rubi-ka, and by now, everyone was used to it. Nathrae smiled, enjoying to storm, the sheer fury of it making her feel more alive. Lightning crashed in several places at once around the sqaure as people dove for cover. Her pet, Nath, screetched an unearthly sounding reply to the deafening noise. Nathrae felt positively blissful.

    She was looking up, studying the sickeningly green clouds, when she noticed a spot of black amidst them. The small cloud twisted this was and that and was growing bigger by the second, soon dwarfing the other clouds by it's sheer mass. A weird silence permeated the air as the fierce storm had no choice but to submit to this black cloud which was taking over the sky.
    Nathrae looked around to the other clan members, most were oblivious to this phenomenom, although a scattered few were caught in it's almost hypnotic pull.
    "Meta Physicists", she muttered after studying the others that were watching, and then turned her full attention back to the skies. The blackness overhead was complete now, with the exception of small arcs of silent lightning leaping across one expanse of sky to another.

    Nathrae felt a layer of cold sweat form on her face, something was going to happen. The air felt alive. The black cloud began to bulge weirdly and, after one final flash a lightning, a multitude of pictures began to form in the blackness, Nathrae was not sure she was able to fully comprehend all of them before it changed rapidly to something else, the visions were moving with incredible speed. She saw the births and then the deaths of hundreds of Meta Physicists and in between witnessed the many hardships the suffered and the fleeting moments of glory they each had strived for. Nathrae could hear her heart beating, too fast, but she could not look away. The visions started to wane and then focused upon one thing; she saw a long, black line moving across the wilderness. It was hundreds of hooded people, Meta Physicists, clearly defined by the weapons they were wielding and the bobbing of their pets overhead. They were walking solemnly, the lines of sorrow clearly etched on their faces, they walked determined, towards a goal that Nathrae could not devine, but clearly walking with a great amount of purpose. From where they came from and where they were going, Nathrae did not know, but one thing was certain. She had seen a few faces she recognized, and she was sure one was her own.

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    (OOC: Nathrae I love the vision part! The vision of birth and death of MPs was very unique Added your calling to the index

    Can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!)
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    i would just like to mention here, that our walk across Rubi-Ka was a very excellent success. Very few people died or were injured. though it took us over 4 hours to do the walk, we all remained very optimistic that we would reach our goal without having to cast our Quantum Wings.

    thank you to all fellow Meta-Physicist who made this journey more enjoyable than if it were just a small number of us. i couldnt count how many people showed up, though i want to say around 70 or so total. and the pets, wow.. when 70 MP cast their pets.. you better watch out! they alone nearly darkened the sky!

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