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Thread: A Meta-Physical Calling

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    Post A Meta-Physical Calling

    (OOC: This is the RP thread for the upcoming Meta-Physcists event - Black Sunday. If you are an attending MP, please feel free to post your "calling" to this event here! If you are not attending, why not? )

    Callings Quick Jump

    A Meta-Physical Calling
    Late at night, Votary was laying in bed in his modest apartment at the westest side of West Athen. He picked the most remote apartment he could find so when night falls it would be quiet.

    He was just pondering about himself, and his progress as a meta-physicist. Ever since his awakening to become a meta-physcist from his mining days, he has worked hard and long to become the best that he could be. He found ways to augment his abilities to be on par with his nanomage, solitus and opifex meta-physicist friends. He trained hard and spent long hours reading ancient meta-physical texts. He knew he was one of the best meta-physcists at his point in the path.

    This night, he was pondering even more. His path might soon come to an end. Soon he will be able to summon the mightiest demon that a meta-physicst has ever summoned on the planet of Rubi-Ka. He already possessed the most devastating nano programs a meta-physicst could have and could execute them with ease. He was frustrated. He was also scared. What if that was it for his metaphysical stuides? He has never been so clear in what he wanted to do with his Atrox life until his awakening after his mining accident. But then he was not so sure anymore.

    He slowly drifted into sleep. Between the half awake and half asleep state, where you couldn't tell whether something was real or something in your dreams, he heard a voice. A voice inside his skull. His tatoo on his temples started to itch, then burn. He couldn't make out what the voice was saying but one word.


    He struggled to get up, but he couldn't. His arms and legs seem to weigh a thousand men. He could not open his eyes. He could not turn his head. He could not even wiggle his fingers or toes. He was stuck at the limbo between the real world and the dream world.

    The voice kept whipsering and mumbling inside his skull. "Shadows" was all he could understand. Then the voice became two, and the two voices became four. Not even a tick after, thousands and millions of voices were mumbling "shadows" in his head. He wanted to scream, but he could not. He wanted to open his mouth to gasp for air. He could not. He was overwhelmed with terror. What was happening to him? He did not know.

    Instead, he remembered his studies. He focused. He channelled his emotions. He refocused them. He manipulated the nanobots in his body with pure willpower. He activated them without even a single movement with his hands. He was no longer scared. Instead, he was then angered. He was angry at the voices. He was angry at whatever was doing this to him. His anger then turned into rage. From rage they turned into wrath. His emotions kept elevating. They fought with the voices, which made them even louder. They thundered Votary's skull. He felt his temples were about to burst wide open. Beads of sweat ran down from his forehead. Veins were showing up all over his muscular body. Veins that were black and purple.

    Suddenly, the voices stopped. Or did they all become one? He heard one voice, and one voice only. Was it a male voice, or a female voice? Or was it two voices? One male and one female, overlapping each other.

    "On the second Sunday of June, the month of the balanced, you must show the same prowess you have demostrated to me, to all others. Join your fellow pilgrams of the path, and a new path shall be shown in front of you."

    The moment the voice stopped, he opened his eyes. He could move again. Everything was normal then, just the same as every night at West Athen. He did not move even though he could, for a good half an hour after that ordeal. What was it? Who was it? He did not know. Though he did not question. He knew what he had to do. He no longer was frustrated. He no longer was scared. He had a mission and he planned to fulfill it.

    He got out of bed, grunted at the now soaked bedsheets. He gazed at the three moons and prayed. He pondered what is in front of him. Emotions of frustration and terror are now filled with excitment. He could not wait.
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    (OOC: Please feel free to comment on my writings and if you are attending the walk for MPs event, please add your own "calling" here I envision it to be different for everyone since we should be all different on a spiritual level, we might believe in the same things but ultimatly our understandings of the path would manifest the calling differently for each person)
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    (The writing is good though ))

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    ((You have been summoned by Thedeacon!. Prepare to be asismilated!

    Seriously - Nice story, and nice way of presenting things! ))
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    (OOC: Thanks to the compliments Come on, no other MPs got a calling? )
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    ((Well, I'm not a MP... so I guess it'd be pretty lame from me to write something on that point, and I don't have the time to roll an alt :/

    But bump for more MP calls! ))
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    Updating my stories -- 19/03/08. Going slowly, but certainly
    Anarchy Reloaded - AO webcomics for the sake of being silly

    I never want to lose what I have finally found
    There's a requiem
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    And it's telling me: go forward and walk
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    (ooc: so narysta isnt my MP character, so that there isnt any confusion. im in the process of restarting my mp as i was unhappy with my breed choice)

    As a recent initiate into the world of meta-physics, I find myself constantly surprised by the situations I find myself in. At first I thought it was just a lingering effect of my recent arrival on Rubi-ka, and my acclimation to this new world. But Im starting to feel like its deeper than that, that as I gain in my knowledge of my anger, I am becoming more in touch with the world around me, and my manifestations of my hatred. And so it came as a small surprise when the other day, as I was conversing with my new friend Absuum that he turned to me and said, in a rather disconcerting voice, that "In just under two weeks of your time, you must take your walk with your brethren. You must make a pilgrimage across the land, and absorb the knowledge of your elders. You have no choice, this is your call to arms."

    After his burst of unholy speech, he returned to our previous conversation on the merits of bronto burgers over mongol meat products. I had heard of the gatherings of other meta-physicists on the west bank of the Stret before, but I had never attended. I had seen the plaintive cries of the most powerful meta-physicists, their cursing of the Genetic Manipulators, and their pleas with the gods of anger for new tomes of knowledge to be open to them. But never before had I felt the urge. Never before had my newest comrade taken on this tone of command, and used his power of mind clouding to compell me to agree. In the end, I suppose it doesnt matter why I take my pilgrimage, only that I complete it, and hope to find myself at the end. Perhaps the answers to my questions will finally be answered. That would certainly be a surprise. Though that might in fact disperse some of my anger... and that is a worrisome thought.

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    I was never here

    Yohon enters the room winded, moves the door to close it, first peering out of the crack to see if he had been followed...

    Hello! *Yohon catches his breath*

    Look, stop, dont do this, a gathering of MP's is a really bad Idea, trust me, very bad, and being ambushed by Atrox's wanting free Metaphysical Pie is the least of your worries

    Who knows how or why Meta-Physicians have the gift of Creation, but do not take it for granted, watch your back and trust noone!

    "Stay in the Shadows..."

    Yohon works a floorboard free with a screwdriver and exits down...

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    we will cast nanoshutdown on ourselves to prevent access to our metaphysical pies
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    (OOC: Nice one Narysta! I really like that you used our mezz pet as your calling Very nice usage of its "mind controlling" power)
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    because Cham or Chum or whatever wanted me to put this here...

    This is my crappy attempt at story writing:

    Meta Callings

    Skies grew black, and winds howled with a devilish chill. A storm was coming. Trilic threw her hood over her mostly shaved head. She was growing all too familiar with the cold and lonely nights.

    For the majority of her life Trilic had studied the spiritual teachings of her Meta Physicist elders, and had read countless ancient manuscripts and attended many lectures and meetings discussing the future of her kind. She had heard it all, or at least she thought she had.

    She had also often pondered if she had chosen the correct profession. "A Meta Physicist, PFT!", she thought. Feeling like never receiving the respect she deserved, she grew annoyed, sparks of nanobots flew from the corners of her eyes, dissipating into the night. People often came to her in need of her services, to an outsider they may have mistakenly seen her as an important person, but she new different. It was a selfish act on others, yet in a way it was a selfish act on her part also. All she had ever wanted was acceptance. She often felt that they really were just looking down on her. She felt that the world was out to just mock and use her. To make her its whore. And this is probably the reason she was such a loner, always trying to stay away from the crowded street corners. Often pondering if she should just reform herself into an Adventurer. After all it would be ten times easier, and she already was a wanderer and loner. But deep down inside she really did love her profession. To most people’s surprise, she was very proud of being a Meta Physicist, but was also very frustrated at the same time.

    But on this night, something in the air was different, being a nanomage, she felt a strain in the notum around her. After all, she was born from it. Something wasn’t right. The rain had stopped suddenly, and the wind picked up more ferociously, Her make shift tent flapping in the wind, she threw herself onto it to keep it from being swept away over the edge of the cliff. Any thoughts of this being a real storm was soon thrown out when she saw the clouds forming a vortex over her. For a brief second she was almost scared, but quickly shook it off. She quickly shoved her tent into her backpack. Standing up straight again, she quickly threw her hands into the air in front of her, nanobots flew around as she casted Quantom Wings and flew down to the base of the cliff taking refuge. The vortex, now spinning furiously seemed to have been getting closer. The wind was howling so loud that it shook the ground below her. As she looked up at the still swirling vortex, it almost looked beautiful, almost. Time seemed to slow and everything went deathly quiet. And she heard it speak, not out loud, but in her head. “Young Meta Physicist, your presence is requested to join your comrades to take a great journey, a pilgrimage if you may. The time has come for all Meta Physicist to learn their true powers. The way is in the Calling. The path will be shown. And the day will be known as Black Sunday. For this is your destiny, this is the destiny of your people. On this day, lay down your weapons, and use only the gifts given to you at birth. For only with your powers and your anger will you be heard. This young Meta Physicist is the way. This is your path.” And then the vortex's eye opened ever so slowly in a deathly black glare. The eye of the vortex looked almost sad in its infinite darkness. Then without warning the eye flew open with an insane burst of speed, quickly covering the sky in a pitch-black silence.

    Trilic slowly got up to her feet. She didn’t fully understand what had just happened. But she felt like it was important to her, and to her kind, the Meta Physicist. Picking her backpack up and slinging it over her shoulders, she started the long hike back to her West Athen’s apartment. She had to prepare for the Calling. She had to prepare for Black Sunday.

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    (OOC: Trilic that's NOT crappy! I loved the vortex's eye part and had a very clear picture of what was happening. Very good! Really loving how everyone's calling is different!

    Oh deacky you need to write something you story master

    And Cham I JUST understood your comment... )
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    (OOC: bumpage and for those who haven't signed up for Black Sunday yet, please do so by email
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    (ooc: thank you votary . youre such a cutie. now, the other reasons for this post. a) bump for black sunday, and for votary. b) i still dont get chams comment. i feel dumb)

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    Sallust's Biography


    "Reminiscing, a dangerous thing to do.

    Few now with the new genetic engineering for their chosen profession ever experienced the freedom of choosing their profession through free will. Something probably only a true Meta-Physicist can appreciate.

    Originally I thought myself a Nano-technician and eagerly went off to study after leaving my Parents; yes I had Parents! ... house. Maybe its a result of my nanomage breed, but I've always had a fondness and attraction for Nanotechnology. I found however that simply manipulating the nanobots at an Advanced level was not enough for me. I had to understand the why of what drove these things called nanobots. I had to understand why my knowledge of science couldn't account for all my emotions and free will.

    So driven I changed my career path and re-emerged as a Meta-Physicist! Rage, Anger, Compassion, Hope certainly all boil within me and now I understand how to give them tangible form using nanobots. If you encounter me then you will feel the strength of my emotions without the need of physical tools."
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    Finished, bump, and hope to see you at Black Sunday.
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    Thumbs up Meta-Ganji

    -Hipp hipp horray!!!-

    -Re Legalize today!-

    -Email you local senator today!!!-

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    Seelenlicht's Calling

    Seelenlicht stumbled from the mission doorway he had just completed. His tired pets, "Fish" and "Nightengale" chirped that they had survived the last assault from the stray Hellhound. Leaning on his staff, Seelenlicht reached out and stroked one of Nightengale's tentacles, now slick and wet from the rain.

    As he removed his Cyber-Helmet Seelenlicht felt the rains acrid sting as it traced new patterns across his dust encrusted face. The wind helped him wrap his dark cloak about himself and he pulled the dark blue hood well over his head. Peering out with eyes that burned green with Notum and nano-energy, Seelenlicht felt a bit of solace in the refuge of his cloathing. Not that he ever wasn't alone. He just sometimes wished he could pull inside completely...

    Fish's tentacle dropping over his shoulder pulled him back to reality, or at least what he recognized as real. He knew better. Sighing, he pushed himself into the harsh darkness of the day.


    Trudging along the corridors of Old Athen he was assaulted by the stench and the sounds. He passed clannner's who hooted at him the names he had long since learned to ignore: "Fence sitter", "Whimp", "Opportunist", "Traitor". He passed by the Clan only vending machines which he knew he could not use. He chuckled at the thought of how many clanners this "Traitor" had helped in his days. At least the Omni's mostly ignored him. Although, they had their names for him as well. Well, let them think he was a just zealous freak or a neutral do gooder. He grunted and spat out some of the impure rain which had meandered into his mouth. He hated that word... "Neutral". He was anything but. He was a Meta Physicist and a Nanomage. He knew and cared more than they could know... he fought, he helped, but not in THEIR war, not for THEIR causes.

    Nightingale burbled beside him. He looked up and realized he had wandered further than he realized. The Wartorn Valley spread before him as lightning rezealed the spent carcass of the land. How they disgusted him.

    The wind blew a churning cloud of dust over the ruined expanse. The dark sky grew darker as Seelenlicht pulled his cloak closer. He noticed a long line of clouds stretching across the charcoal sky. These cloads were darker than the rest. Black even. But he knew that was not possible. A trick of the eyes. The planet was polluted, sure, but a cload still had to obey the laws of nature... dark grey perhaps, but not black. Yet the line continued to stretch and as the sky grew yet darker, he could still see this ebony ribbon clearly against it. A long black line. He remembered from his training the old order that had been called that another place and another time. He thought how some order had always existed... in every civilization, in every age, a group of men and women who could see beyond the everyday woes to the reality of the web lining them all together. Order upon order of leaders, teachers... and many in dark robes... like his own, those of a Meta Physicist.

    Above the whistle of the wind he heard the roar of a ship. An Omni-Med Emergency transport soared overhead. Probably on its way to some mining accident or clan upprising. The ship spead over the gritty desolation of the clan city. It rose up and disappeared in the sky above the black line of cloud into the lighter poison colored clouds forming above. He stodd back and admired the beauty amongst the chaos: A bile green/gray sky above and the ashen brown scorched earth below and both divided by a black line. The clouds WERE black!
    He strained his eyes at this improbable impossibilty. As he stared, the line seemed to grow, tot lengthen and widen. The blackness slowly covering all, pulling him. For it was a void... no stars shown through. He had long since stopped hearing anything around him. Only the roar of the wind. But now, he heard a murmer... low and lamentful... a chant.. the void was not empty! Within the blackness the churned a mass which was blacker still. The murmer resonated as a multitude of voices. He could see no face, not feature, just the black outline of clothed figures. Suddenly a green pin point caught his glance. No two...

    He gasped. Within the churning mass was a small face looking up at him. His own. He saw himself look back down and continue moving in the blackness as teh line moved on... a line of his brothers and sisters... and many more, of the many orders of time ... all priests, all Meta Physicists in their own way. Marching. But where? The line went on from one horizon to the other and on either side there lay a faction. On one side Omni, the other clan, each pulling at the line, trying to tear it, trying to break it. Yet the line did not break, and those who tried were swept into it. And all were drawn together into the progression.... the march towards...


    Fish's tentacle had knocked something from Seelenlicht's pack. He looked down and picked up the small Notum shard. It was unrefined and not worth much, but it reminded him of the path he had chosen. The path toward fullfilment of all creation despite itself.

    The path toward the truth.

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