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Thread: A change of pace

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    A change of pace

    The application had been in her backpack for weeks. Could she make more money by working for what her brethren called "the enemy"? She didn't know. The only thing that she knew was that she had to help her current family, Nirvana, overcome it's current problems.

    "Naijen! Naijen! Are you awake!?" Came the voice over her recorder, urgent and defined, no doubt it was Comfortyou and no doubt she was stressed about something. As she rolled out of her bed listening to the recording she couldn't help but feel a wave of despair as the news reached her. "Naijen! This is Comfort! Our base... attack..." The message was broken up by the sound of gunfire... "Too many..." then silence... A few seconds later and Comfort sounded much calmer "Damn Omnis... I really hate this issurance shock, guess it's better than dying, anyway I'll talk to you when you wake up". Distressed Naijen tuned into her organizational com channel and greeted her friends.

    "Anyone out there? It's me, Naijen. I just got a message from Comfort about our base, everything alright?"

    Aeodan, her admirer, was the first to respond. "No sweetie, we lost the base and alot of people have left us". This was distressing news indeed. The organization was already small. A blow this severe and it may not recover.

    "Damn! Alright, thanks Aeodan"

    Naijen slept alot over the next few days pondering what she could do. She technically wasn't a general in Nirvana but she felt a promotion would be comming soon enough. But now what? Even if she got the spot there wasn't much of a guild left. Even more had left and those that were left weren't very satisfied. Raids had completely vanished, their presence at Ian Warr's base had completely vanished, everything they had accomplished had vanished in fact. Nirvana was but a shell of it's former self.

    She finally managed get out of bed and fondled the Omni-tek application form. "No, not yet... Nirvana may yet pull out of this slump" she thought to herself. Then she tuned into her organizational's com channel for what would be the last time. "Greetings Nirvana!" she chimed. All was quiet. Then, finally Eviljade came on.

    "Hi Naijen. I'm just here to see what happens. Everyone is leaving for Wen Tzu Enclave, seems we are merging with them."

    "I see..." Naijen fondled her Omni Tek application again. "Well, I guess I'm going to leave as well..." she said with a saddened tone. "Although I'm not about to get bounced to another Clan org. I've worked my butt off to help the clans and I have 7M, heartburn and my grid armour to show for it. I done with the lack of appreciation" She was getting angry now... another family, gone. Yet again wasted energy, time and now heartbreak. Anger was mounting in her voice.

    /org leave

    Naijen switched her com to an associate of hers.

    "Deadlyfox, you there?"

    "Yea" came a gruff reply from the seasoned enforcer.

    "Can you meet me in ICC?"


    The two met in ICC, Naijen filled out her application and together he showed her the sites of Omni-Tek as a new employee...


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    Sorry about your friends, But good luck in your new employment

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