Fix for the "crashing when selecting map" problem

Your maps are located in this folder:
\Anarchy Online\cd_image\textures\PlanetMap\

Each map is in its own subfolder here. The new Dovve map is in the subfolder "Dovves". The original map - or any custom map you use instead - is located in the subfolder "normal".

Old custom maps, and any backup of the original map, might not be in the folder they're made for, hence the crashing when selecting them.

Each map consist of a .bin file and a .txt file. The .txt file contains - among other things - the location of the .bin file. Open the .txt file in notepad or similar. The line with the .bin file location looks like this:
File normal\PlanetMapGfxNormal.bin
This line exists two places in the .txt file. Make sure to edit both.

Now change the "normal" part with the name of the subfolder these map files are located in ("backup" in my case), save the file, and the maps selection should work properly.

You might also want to add a name tag to the map - and any custom map you have - while your at it, to more easily identify them in the selection menu. To do this, open the .txt file for the map and add this line at the very top of the file:
Name "The name of your map"
Use the .txt file for Dovve's as a reference if you want to make sure it looks correct.

Hope that helped. If it didn't, let me know.