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Thread: What is the earliest lvl it's possible to wear GA I?

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    Question What is the earliest lvl it's possible to wear GA I?

    Greetings fellow fixers,

    I have lurked these boards for several weeks, after having created my fixer Isaac on Rubi-I. I am essentially a newbie, with my main character a lvl 60 MA.

    I created Isaac when (please don't flame), I came upon a Grid Armor I disc while playing my MA. I am now lvl 24, and wondering if it is possible to get into the Grid Armor at this point. I have roughly 1.5M credits for implants and such (along with a bag full of QL 10 concrete cushions and QL22 Quartz Rilfes), and am wondering if it will be possible to meet the MM/MC/SI and nano cost reqs to cast the nano at this lvl?

    I have avoided MC to this point, while raising my other nanoskills equally. I have maxed STA/AGI/SEN/INT each lvl, and haven't touched STR/PSY. I max evades, ranged ini, smg, and burst, comp lit, and treatment, and have about 70000IP left to spend, enough to max most of these skills at this level. I have 8 point in nanos from my NCU hacker interface, and a couple of points from Notum rings from the temple of three winds. I also have a guardian circuit board, and around 120ish NCU, so I'm not sure if buffing will be a problem.

    I am also curious if the OE rules will make it worth doing so at this point? I'd like to be able to wear GA to go get a couple of Ring of the Nucleius Basilius (to sell) from the subway, and then I intend to level to 41, get a gamma ejector, and stay at that lvl for PVP. Anyone know an organization geared toward low end PVP?

    If you have any suggestions for using the nano, or see a flaw in my intents, please let me know. Provide as much detail as you like, and I hope I can repay the favor someday.

    Many thanks!

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    Anything is possible, Issac. It just depends on how hard you are willing to work for it. I have heard stories (unconfirmed) of GA being worn at level 12, although I'm sure it was OE.

    In order to upload and wear GA at your level, you will need a set of QL50+ MC/MM/TS implants, mochams and a 132 wrangle. You will also likely have to reset some core skills to get back the IP needed to max the relevant nano skills. Even then, your GA will surely be OE once the mochams wear off.

    As such, I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have access to a small army of high level people to buff you and are prepared to invest substantially more than 1.5 mil in twinking gear.

    Furthermore, if you are seriously interested in twinking out a low-level PvP fixer, you really need to do the math for yourself. There are many ways to accomplish your goals but the level of detail involved goes far beyond the purview of a message board post.

    Go do your homework then come back and let us know how it worked out for you.
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    Thank you for the fast response. You gave me a huge piece of information that I was unaware of--I did not know that wrangles boosted nano-skills---I have been doing my numbers without considering this possibility, and was coming up around 30 points short of the MM requirement, using only Mochams.

    It looks like the biggest problem I may have will be the 800+ nano point cost to cast this nano. I'm sure I will be OE by a huge amount if I was to be able to cast it, and wonder how this will change the GA effectiveness.

    Thanks again for the post, and I will keep crucnching, and let you know what turns up.

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    OE rules apply to the addalldef modifier as well as the AC's, making you substantially easier to hit. However, in your twenties and thirties, in pvp, attack ratings of your opponents may still be low enough to be effective without mochams.

    When figuring out the max nano problem, don't forget about the "Lend nano: X" line of trader nanos.

    Also, Skeena definitely has a point. Getting GA equipped in your 20's or 30's is a substantial task. Be prepared to pay through your nose for it unless you have a lot of high level friends willing to do the work for free. High level people usually cut lowbies a break and don't expect a tip, but a naked fixer in his 20's begging for a 132 wrangle and some mochams isn't likely to get a lot of sympathy from the high levels. Expect to tip, and tip WELL, each and every time you need to re-equip your grid armor.
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    i heard that it is possible to wear a GA 1 at level 15, but this is just hearsay. I know for a fact that is can be done at lvl 25, couse i saw one ( a nanomage fixer ).

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    Thanks for the replies guys, I'll let you know how it works out this afternoon.

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    Originally posted by Aameul

    When figuring out the max nano problem, don't forget about the "Lend nano: X" line of trader nanos.

    Also don't forget HE/CC from an nt.. Those can help a lot as well.

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    And if you've got NCU to spare, you could swap one out for a Hardcore CPU Upgrade.

    Edit: I'd also like to thank Isaac for a polite, well thought out post, and the fixers for showing some restraint and not flaming as soon as they saw 'I created my fixer after finding GA'. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside
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    Originally posted by Hukk
    ... 'I created my fixer after finding GA' ...
    OMG! Ph1xx0r! KILL!!!!

    /outofcontextmode off
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    Originally posted by Hukk
    And if you've got NCU to spare, you could swap one out for a Hardcore CPU Upgrade.

    Yea i just heard about this, any links or info on this and any new things i seemed to have missed?

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    i wouldnt recommend wearing it so early....i got ga3, and i first put it on back when i was in my 80s i believe....maybe earlier..i cant remember....i just remember having to get all 3 mochs and a wrangle just to get it on every damn was a pain....i actually stopped wearing it for about 10 lvls i think....cause i was tired of OEing, but im a lvl 131 now, and thats the only armour i use......cause i dont want to go through the hassle of buying any more armour right now. but it works alot better now than it ever did when i was 85 and OE.......oh and dont forget to max them evades!
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    Status report


    I have dropped just a bit over 300k on some minor twinking gear, and am now in the process of putting in 70ish implants. This is going to get me *very* close to the range were I will only need a 132 wranlge or Mochams to equip the GA. Still going to have to beg for max nanopoint buff, b/c even by implanting psychic, maxing nano pool, and getting a guardian circuit board, I still have only 500ish nanopool.

    Working out the final numbers on the implants now, and checking the overequipping rules to see if i should go ahead and fully implant MM/MC/TS, or if I have room to put SMG/Max health/evades back in (I'm know if goign to be OE, the question now is how much).

    I'll let you know what happens....

    Thanks again for the post.

    Edit---Is it possible to wear normal rings or headgear when equipping GA?
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    The verdict is in...

    Here are the numbers I cam up with for GAI and its effectiveness:


    These may not be completely accurate, but I believe they are pretty close using the OE rules supplied by Funcom.

    The result is, with QL70 implants at lvl 24, 50% OE is the best I could do. But, with only 1 or 2 more lvls, 75% would be easy to acheive, and thus someone willing to spend the time and money to get into QL90 implants could most likely be 75% effective at lvl 24.

    I decdide instead to implant these:

    SI +40
    MM +39
    PM +39
    MC +16
    BM +16

    It will take another couple of lvls to get 75% effective GA, but I will gain 2 nice HOT's, Reckless Dig, a new Supressor, roots/snares, and summons in place of 25% effectiveness (I can still use GA at 50%). I miss implanting any TS, but can live with it at lower lvls than my other skills.

    The new plan is to lvl to 41, get a Gamma Ejector and some 100+ implants in, get GA fully operational, and go learn to PVP. If anyone wants to teach me, give me a tell in game!

    See you on Rubi-ka...
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    Sounds like a good plan to me. I'm guessing that 50% OE would be next to useless while 75% should be somewhat functional. In addition, GA is probably overkill for the Subway so it's not going to hurt you to level a bit.

    I also think that you have made a wise decision in going with a conventional implant layout for nanoskills rather than going all out on MC. By prioritizing SI, MM and PM you will have a well balanced set of buffs, HOT's and root/snares which you will appreciate whether teamed or soloing.

    Assuming you are on RK-2, let me know if you need a hand getting your GE. I am always happy to help out.
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    Thumbs up Worked out well

    I went to the Subway tonight and played around a few hours to see if I really wanted to try and upload GA yet. Without uploading GA, was able to solo bosses and never go below 75% HP with HOTs running. Pick up a couple of rings, and may stay for a few more so that my cash supply will be ok for next several lvls.

    Having a lot of fun now, and will let you know if having GA on later really makes a lot of difference. As for now, maxed evades and smg/burst is all it takes

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    oh and a tip for more nano/ncu at low lvl's is to use a set of armor just for the casting, carbonum could help there a lot

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    I know for sure a guildy created a twink wearing GA1 at level 14. When he wrote this here in the Fixer forum someone else claimed to have done that with a lower level char ...

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    Wink Well...

    I guess what I was really wondering is when GAI can be worn effectively. Like Skeena said above, at 50% it's likely to be very useful at all. I'm aiming for 75% effective ASAP.

    BTW Skeena, I'd take you up on your offer, but I'm on Rubi-1...anyone else wanna go hunt gamma ejectors?

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    Re: Well...

    Originally posted by Isaac
    I guess what I was really wondering is when GAI can be worn effectively. Like Skeena said above, at 50% it's likely to be very useful at all. I'm aiming for 75% effective ASAP.

    I have a ga1 fixer twink at level 24 and holding

    Implants ---- ql80+
    MCS - exactly ql66 is highest she can use selfbuffed non-OE
    5-slot from GOT in ToTw
    (If you need extra ncu to hold buffs to cast GA1, you can use NCU ring from subway and carbonum armor, thats what I did)

    I use my mp to cast masteries (mochs not needed)
    I use my Trader to do wrangle and lend nano +500

    without the wrangles it is 50% even with masteries. I can solo Abmouth and his pets with both hots and stims for heals, using nano battle kits to recharge nano, and that is full aggro. I can run straight to the end of subway to abmouth, pull all the mobs that are following me back to a small room, snare, then run away to lose aggro therefore getting to abmouth by killing nothing, with full health. I kept my Enf in there till level 30+, and without a doc Abmouth would kill him quickly, and he was twinked at level 24 also. So does GA1 work at 50% oe ? err......... yeah it does obviously. I cant comment on anything higher than GA1, I have ga2 disc, but I will make another fixer for that, my ga1 twink is done leveling he he.

    Oh, dont forget that "leveling" item that you get from hacking a nano-programming interface, it adds a few ponts to nano skills and is fixer only, can be worn with GA.
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