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Thread: where to find GA?

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    where to find GA?

    Ok, so Ive made it to level 84 without ever personally seeing a GA disc. I dont want to rely on it, however I would like to try it out a couple times. Where are the good places that GA1 and GA2 tend to drop?

    Ive heard they drop a lot more often since the patch (going by threads in this forum), so Im hoping it wont take weeks for me to find one to try out

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    well, the old advice is plant mobs drop them abit more often than other types. I am not sure how true that is anymore though. You can find them on ANY mob in missions now, though it is still one of the rarest dropping items in the game. The boss has a slightly greater chance of dropping it. However there is no fixed mob that will drop it regularly, so it is still blind luck. My advice is carry on as normal, and if you find it, its a bonus


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    Pssst! Lil, whereare good Plant Mobs in the range of lvl 75ish? I'd like to try my hand at the Smurf Side for a while. Maybe even find one to sell before the market hits rock bottom.
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    Don't go for 75ish mobs since mobs tend to drop stuff of the same Ql. GAII go for Lvl 93 and MKI go for 60.

    What I suggest is doing what that great post entitled "Finding GA Guide" or something like that. Pull some appropriate Ql missions to solo while waiting for your 6 person team to get ready. A 6 person boss drops much more loot than a 2 person. I soloed 3 of these a day for about 4 days and found me some GAI.

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    Im happy to say that Ill be a smurf within days now. I acquired the disk for GA2 earlier tonight, and have had it made into a nanocrystal. Now I just need to ding a LOT to raise my stats to the required levels, get some decent imps to help out.. and then Im off to try my hand at being useful in combat LOL

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    Would you care to share with the rest of us where / how you got the GAII? =)
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    I traded some cyborg death squad armour (not a complete set) along with some credits.

    Edit: as for where I got it... the trade took place in Camelot

    The finder said that he had found it during a mission as chest loot (red skull infact i think he said) in rising sun
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    How i missioned for my GA

    When i first heard this story i laught hard, and didnt belive it for a second. Then i thought well ill just give it a shot...

    This is what i did.. ( remember that i got it at first try )

    Step 1

    Get a full team. Be the lead and grab the mission QL 55 for GA 1

    Step 2

    Grab a mission in 20k or Newland.

    Step 3

    Grab a mission to Omni OP in lush or in Home BS

    Step 4

    Get the GA .

    Now if this workes or if i was lucky i cant say. I tried this only once and it did really work. So i beleve that GA can be missioned for. If you belive it is up to you...

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    Normal Loot In Mish

    Our group found GA MK1 in a barrel on a team mish. Was a ql 61 team mish of 4 people with all the bars down the middle so nothing special. I was surprised to see it as random loot in a barrel. Was in varmint woods btw, though I don't think the setting, number of people in group, or location had anything to do with it being there, other then the ql, was just very random. No one in the group really seemed to care either, well except for me and the fixer. Seeing as how I was on an alt at the time and not my fixer I just let her have it. Was very non chalant really, I guess most folks are either very jaded about it, or maybe they just didn't know what GA was. At any rate, it can be found in missions, I just don't have any method for the madness to give you, was very random.

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    Found my GA3 on a skeleton (new 'chest type') on a solo QL106 mission. Not sure where it was, but if I recall right, in Clon****. When I looted the skeleton, I thought it was Just Yet Another Useless ID.

    I didn't even immediately understand what I looted. Took me couple of mins before the text 'Grid Armor Mk III' dawned on me. Then it was victory dance time, and quick tell to good engineer friend who built the nanocrystal.

    And then my whole IP allocation plan was shot to pieces. Next 6 levels I spent raising Matter Creation, and even now at level 107, I need MC Mocham and 120+ wrangle to be able to cast the nano, and it's 75% effective OE on me while in use. I'll probably be able to cast it with just a wrangle in about 10 levels.. :grin: - self-cast? umm.. ask me again in 50 levels or something...

    So yeah, just keep looking. It will pop up if you are lucky, and if not... fixer is fine even without it. Just stop powerlevelling on mort borgs or some similar camp where IDs usually don't drop and instead do missions (preferrably team) for better odds of finding one.

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