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Thread: Fixers

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    Re: Re: minor suggestion - Traps

    Originally posted by FileNotFound

    No it does not. To be honest. It's stupid.

    It does NOT fix the fixer. All it does is force other classes to max their BE skill.

    How does that help the fixer?

    Id like to disagree.
    Disarm and Perception are rightnow useless - we are *not* talking about B&E here, because everybody is already raising that.

    a 5000 Damage trap needs 800+ in perception to spot and 780 in Disarm to disable.
    Make it so the Fixer can figure out what type of trap he is up against (Perception check)

    and apply the same to doors.

    this would be a VERY SOLID Fixer improvement IMO.
    Thats the stuff most of us imagined when we chose the Fixer;
    just because i can do about the same stuff as a DRUID in EverQuest doesnt make me a hippy in this game - Im a thief dangit - if i wanted to be a 'weak soldier' id play a soldier with a BBI gattling saw.
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    The idea with dangerous traps is not stupid at all. A system where seting of a trap spawns a rat that gives the best gd xp in the mission _is_ stupid (it was rather fun at first tho).

    Lower the perception needed so that any profession have a chance of detecting the trap, maybe with additional information about the trap given to characters with high perception.

    That way it's up to you if you want to try opening it or not.

    And make the traps destroy the loot.

    pirates. with lasers.
    Are you having an argument on the internet, again?

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    Exclamation whoa there

    i think the trap ideas are going a little overboard.

    lets not take away things from the others but i would really like one or two rooms in static dungeons and maybe one or two chests in mission dungeons that have this option.

    an armory or supply depot DOES make sense in large facilities does it not?

    important would be:
    a) that not being able to open it does not screw the mission.
    b) the trap risks your life and or the loot.
    c) the loot is really REALLY worth it - not mort maps or some crappy trade skill item you do no need anyway! something really cool, like armor or weapons at least 50% above your level in quality or a rare nanoprogram or a vehicle or or or.....

    i like that idea because it is about the rogue skills and could get fixers into teams.
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    Angry Crossposted from Fixer Board

    ...guess what.

    The NCU Hacker Interface will go into HUD 3...

    Yes, thats the same slot that the Target aquisition (+init) AND the Targeting Scopes (+crit) go in.

    Now can anybody please explain why the NCU interface has ANYTHING to do with my "Head Up Display" ?

    How about making it a UTIL2 item?

    You guys try EVERYTHING to make us quit, right?

    I could explode over this act of unwillingness - but im just fed up now.
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    How to fix your Fixer somewhat

    Well heres one sure way to repair the main defining flaw in fixers. Dont take SMG as a weapon. Take Shotgun. I know some people are saying that I dont know what I am talking about but let me explain a bit first.

    First off Shotguns will do more damage per QL than any other gun short of some of the Soldiers weapons. Shotguns come with Flingshot and Aimed Shot which both out damage burst at the same QL. Shotguns may cost more but let me relay a little story.

    I being a 150th Fixer using a Chem Mausser of 179QL was recently attacked by a Fixer 120th using a Ithica KI-8 Shotgun. First off I died in four shots. The 120th Fixer first, Aimed Shot 1100damage, Flingshot 1100 damage, Normal cycled shots at 988 a piece. In roughly 4 seconds I was dead. I got two shots off a burst which did 500 damage and regular shot which did 45 damage.

    Stop laughing now. This is what is normal for most fixer weapons short of the suppressor in PVP. If you use SMG you can not effectively PVP.

    Shotguns effectivley even us out with other classes and make us a real threat for once in PVP. I am not saying forsake SMG, I am just saying that this is a good option for anyone making a new fixer to consider. One day SMG's will probably be fixed to where they are capable of the damage potential they were in the opening months of the game but till then you need an alternative and this is the only one.

    Barbbs "Pissed off about SMG's" 150th Clan Guildless Fixer

    Oh yeah let me say that the one thing that can help even out Fixers on the playing field is Grid Armor, yet dont hold your breath on getting. Funcom has Funced up again by making it almost an impossible grab. I have been killing 90 to 93QL mobs to get GA II for 24 hours game time and I still have not seen a GA II instruction disc dropped. I got tons of other classes rare nanos, speechs, pets etc but nothing even comes to being as rare as GA. Hence GA should be not labled as rare or ultra rare but "A waste of time rare."

    Funcom could make this a bit easier to get or remove it from the game. I think those are the two only viable solutions. Oh a few people now have GA IV and I here that one person payed in excess 100 million credits for his. Leave it to Funcom to Func everything up.

    Barbbs "Pissed off that Grid Armor is impossible to get. 60 levels and still trying to get some" 150 fixer Clan Guildless

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    A couple ideas:
    * Since we can't sneak for ****, how about conceal/speed combination. Example, if a Fixer has decent conceal and speed, he can literally run past mobs so fast he is not seen. Now I'm not talking about competing with Agents, but if we have green in skills, give a purpose for them.

    * Hacking. We should be able to hack more than blisterpacks (which anyone can hack). Examples:
    - Nano spells for lower casting and maybe using other class spells with a slight skill loss.
    - Mission terminals. You see the hacked missions all the time (Override, blah blah), so why not allow us to 'fix' what the mission's objectives are to make them all spells, all armor, all guns, all in one location...
    - Shops. Cheaper prices.
    - OT Armor. Clan has no 'clan only' armor, let fixers make OT only armor clan usable.
    - Insurance Reclaims. Lower fees.
    - Grid. More exits, lower comp lit requirements, more entrances (fixer hacked).
    - Whompa. 'Fix' where they go to. Could improve teams by making travel faster.
    - NODROP Items. Perhaps hacking them with a risk of erasing them totally if it failed? Everyone is screaming for vehicle trading, it can happan.

    *New line items. Perhaps Fixers could get a Fixer only computer (think Palm style), or cybernetic implant. This item could allow several features:
    - Temporary whompa style link between two fixers that create it. You could send people from one location (possibly grid) to wherever the second Fixer was. This would allow you to smuggle people to and from places (like missions in enemy territory).
    - The fixer channel. Only Fixers with computer could get channel.
    - Item transfers. Could do transactions without ever seeing the other person.
    - Trap creation. Might be fun for PVP. Make items that are rigged, if you die and they get item as loot, can bow them up from the grave (no XP, but none for them either)

    *Better group purpose. I have heard we are great pullers, and this is true, except for one point. When we pull, they aggro us, often I have to exit missions to save my life, and I get no XP for kills if I am outside using kits.
    - Snares/roots that WORK. Nothing more annoying than a glowing green mob (snared) that is still ruinning full steam.
    - Evade buff, possibly a team buff.
    - Dizzy nano. Fixers could cast on mobs to confuse them and make them deaggro. Perhaps combined with speed, if you are running around mob in circles, he might get confused.
    - Evades that WORK.
    - A sort of pet (Hacked Probe). Can't attck, but works like a MP Distraction pet. Could send it in to run around and aggro mobs so you and team can slip past them.
    - Some sort of Save Term hack. If Fixers could allow team members to save in remote locations (for double cost, etc) they would become highly desired in groups. Trust me, get in level 100+ teams, and see how nervous you get with 1 million plus xp to lose, and know that going to save would annoy team as it's MILES away.

    That's all for now :P

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    The solutin for B&E and Perception..

    In every mission there shoud be a room that is harder to enter, then the rest(more B&E).. If u doing a ql 140 mission, the door to the"treasure room" is a ql 160 or somthing like that..
    In the room there will be 3-5 chests, where some is open and some is locked.. Maybe some traps whoud be nice...

    Afterall u dont need to get in there to finish the mission, but whats inside there?...

    This will help all Fixers..And nobody have any resons to complain..(i think)
    Fixer lvl 96..

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    Re: The solutin for B&E and Perception..

    Originally posted by GoldBlock
    This will help all Fixers..And nobody have any resons to complain..(i think)
    It's a nice idea, but I'm not sure that it will help fixers much. You're high enough level to know that that some profesions have enough 'spare' IP to be able to raise B&E, and do so. It's worth a try tho.
    It will help us some tho, I'm pretty sure of that since people get soldiers for their group, even if they're not the best damage dealer around, and they get enforcers even if they can't hold aggro the way they should, just because chances are they are good damagedealers/tanks. All we need is for people to think Fixer = loot, and they'll pick a fixer because chances are higher that the fixer will have high B&E. (You don't see alot of other profesions out there shouting "lvl N [insert prof here] lfg, got 400 B&E").

    Something I think would help fixers is if FC do to B&E what they did to Concealment. If you're not an agent you can't sneak (I'm assuming here that agents can sneak missions higher than their level, because that's what I've been told by the agents I have talked to about this); If you're not a fixer you can't open a locked chest in a mission higher than you level, even with maxed B&E. Everyone will still have a chance to raise their skill high enough to open doors in any mission they can get, but those locked chests with high QL loot: Forget about it.

    This will get people pissed off, but I don't care anymore.


    Edit: This would also give us a chance to disarm a trap (that should be team xp btw) without having some greedy ****er setting it off.
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    pirates. with lasers.
    Are you having an argument on the internet, again?

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    Cool Re: Re: The solutin for B&E and Perception..

    Yeah...But with a Trap that destroys everything inside, if u cant disarm the bomb..

    So u can get in with a high B&E, but?

    This will help all Fixers..And nobody have any resons to complain..(i think)
    Fixer lvl 96..

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    FUNCOM what are u doing with fixer!!!!

    we cant do damage or critical hit a mp outdamage the fixer

    we are puller?? no without grid armor, the GREAT GA that we can find easy, so easy than the salyer or demon pet lol

    we have some good buff for helping team or solo ??? run speed root snare, its a joke no usefull in team or in solo... HOT lol joke too then we having nanos oh... i forgot the run missions but u nerfed them....

    we have somes good weapon !! lol another joke

    well that why no team want u and u cant solo anything

    give to fixer the GA more easy to find

    give to fixer some really good nanos for team good HOT team or deprive or critic but nanos who can help to be needed in team

    give to fixer weapon thats do better damage so we can solo

    well what are u waiting!!!! if u dont want want fixer in game dont create this proffession!!! or if u want them give not in 6 month some better amelioration to this proffession !!!

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    Even though my main char is a crat and I havn't gotten a fixer char past lvl 10 I just want to say a few things:

    1: The black market sounds nice but I don't think it can be done, it would be one little out-of-the-way shop that only fixers can enter where they can grab some overpriced stuff which only has a small effect. Please make the black market hold some stuff like radiated bullets which do more damage (about 10-20% more should be added in radiation damage) but don't cost a ton (can only be used by fixers btw). Also, the black market would hold some items that can be used to increase evade or AC.

    2: I think the fixer should have a nano which has a lvl requirement and lowered nano-skill requirements that causes the enemies gun to jam. This would last about 10 seconds and lock nano abilities for 30 seconds, but it wouldn't take long to cast. Along with this I believe the fixer should have high evade skills or a shield that can deflect a good amount of damage (this would be an item not a nano, and a fixer only item)

    3: The fixer should have a faster rate of fire, RL SMGs can fire hundreds of bullets per minute, give something to the fixer so they can dish out damage quickly.

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    Little bottom smooching here:

    Thanks for the Cluster Bullets, and especially thanks to the very functional version of them that went live with 14.0. They help.

    Thanks for the new weapons showing up in 14.0 as well, they've helped breath a little life into a class that had very few realistic weapons options. Even jaded Fixers are a little pumped about the new toys. They help.

    That being said, we've still got a lot of issues to address, the most critical one to me being the double penalty of extreme IP crunch felt trying to juggle nano skills at the expense of other essential skills, and the limited return on that massive IP investment.

    Address the Nano IP cost issue, and while you're at it, provide us with some more real team utility via new Nanos, and you've solved the two fundamental problems plaguing Fixers.

    Sounds easy, doesn't it? I know it's not, from personal experience, but it wouldn't hurt to let us know what you're thinking. Jim's article was a good start, but more involvement in the process never hurts.
    You can run, or you can die. If you run, you just die tired.

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    Nano skill requirements

    Honestly, it still seems to me the main problem with Fixers is the ridiculous requirements for most nanos. The entire insurance hack line, the entire speed modification line, and the entire hold/slow lines all have unbalanced requirements that are way out of line for their effectiveness. If they reduce the odd requirement so it matches the others (for example, Basic Policy Skim requiring 247 BioMet, 247 T&S, and 247 MatMet instead of 345 MatMet), this would go a long way towards helping Fixers.

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    Yes greenhawk , that would help fixers... but, it would not solve the problem of agents being able to use our nanos before we do.

    reducing the requirements of a nano makes it easier for an agent to use our nanos earlier too.

    only way to fix it, is to fix our nano skills. it is insane that we are the worst casters.
    I think that changing the colour of our nano skills is the only way of going about it, in the database funcom have put in an NCU hacker interface. (not in game yet) which yes, it may be a little helpful but I still feel not enough. for one it goes into our HUD taking up a slot that is already used. meaning they give with one hand and take with another... when they should just stop trying to be so creative and change our skills.

    allow us to reset our nano skills, gain back the ip and then change the colour of those skills so we can re distribute at a lower cost

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    I agree but also disagree

    Intra, you're basically saying that Fixers are broken because of the capabilities of another class. That's a bad argument, in my mind. What you're describing is a broken aspect of Agents, not a problem of fixers.

    I think fundamentally the concept of green, light blue, dark blue skills and how they are laid out among all classes mostly works. Yes, the agent capabilies and their impact on using Fixer nanos was clearly overlooked by the FC design team. The solution almost certainly would end up as a "nerf" to agents. However, I think that it is equally dangerous to create a spiral of "upgrades" based on perceptions of other classes.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree it is pretty rough for Fixers to be mostly dark blue in critical areas. I just think that the problem you point out lies more with Agents than Fixers.

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    but, I think the agents dont have a problem when it comes to casting other peoples nanos. they are penalised enough

    but... even with the penalties that are imposed on them under the fp line, they are still able to cast our nanos at an earlier level than we are ourselves.
    which I think highlights the fact that our nano skills obviously need improving.

    it is not a matter of the agents having a problem.. as their penalties work for other nanos. they are balanced in the fact that they cannot cast other professions nanos before that profession themselves. until it comes to the fixers

    so it is really a fixer problem and not an agent problem in my eyes

    reducing nano requirements does not change the fact that another profession is better with our own 'unique' nanos than we are.

    the only way to change that... without nerfing the agent. is to re asses the ip balancing of the fixer profession

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    Yeah, I can see your point.

    Hmmm... only problem is, I'd be flat out shocked if they did that... but I guess they did once, why not again...

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    yeah, I'd be shocked too.

    but I can remember Gaute saying one time that he would not change colours of skills again until they had a method of resetting ip (I wish I could find the quote in the archives)

    and now we have the ip reset comming.. so I can dream

    and they are going to be introducing new tradeskills (such as paperwork for crats).. so hopefully it points towards looking at the whole skill system after the reset

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    Exclamation to the subject of Nano skill

    ... by DESIGN, a Fixer's weak spot is Nano skills...
    It said so on the main-AO-page back in Beta...

    "Strong points: SMG, Breaking and Entering"
    "Weak Points: Nano Skills / Heavy Weapons"

    now... how 'weak' can you get?

    1.: Our Nanos are crap.
    °+Run Speed, +Evades, -Damage
    °- Run Speed, Slow and Hold
    °+Health, HOT
    ° Summon ...ermm... 'stuff' i guess.
    ° Grid Access.

    Nothing 'unique' there either.

    2.: Our Nano Formulae have INSANE requirements. Way out of proportion.

    3.: Our Nano Skills are (surprise) Dark Blue.

    4.: ...and we use ALL SIX of them.

    Show me another Class that is forced to raise SIX DARK BLUE skills to insane levels to cast a sorry excuse for a 'buff', that others can cast sooner and in a more powerful version.

    This is not a 'weakness' - its a frikken funeral.
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    Its "as designed" alright...

    I do entertainment software for a living. During the finaling process, bugs go back and forth using a bug DB for tracking. Each bug has a variety of "status" positions it can have... ranging from "assigned" to "claimed-fixed" to "verified-fixed" and the like. One of the states is "as designed" to indicate a bug that isn't a bug, but is rather a design decision.

    For years I felt that we should have an additional option for "works as BADLY designed". I'm pretty sure it would be applicable to Funcom's QA effort

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