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Thread: GA in SL

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    GA in SL

    <blackmane> Stromm: many fixers are concerned about the fact that there will be no grid existing in shadowlands. will this effect the fixer profession drastically at all?

    <blackmane> griffin: To some extent, yes and no. Grid Armor will not work in Shadowlands, but fixers will get something to compensate a little. It will have some of the qualities of GA (but not nearly as good!) but won't be social armor so can be worn with normal armor. Things like runspeed buffs and evacs will also get similar modifications. Evacs are a bit up in the air right now, but will probably be some form on intra-playfield evac to a randomly selected safe

    <<blackmane> Jace: what will happen to items like ga4 in sl? will they still be powerfull items. will the fixer be destroyed? (no grid and such in sl)

    <blackmane> griffin: See my answer to Stromm. You won't be able to cast or wear any GA in the Shadowlands playfields. There will be a back item to compensate that won't be as powerful as GA but that can be worn with other armor.

    Time to start campin Azure :P


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    I KNEW it!

    Makes me glad I got compensation for it while I had the chance.

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    Lemme guess, guns won't work in SL either. They're technology after all, and many relying on notum and/or nanotechnology to operate.

    So they're totally gutting our classes abilities and offering weak substitutes. And I am going to pay for this because... why ?

    Who SL project should be scrapped, and the people working on it moved to the Midgard project. That's obviously what they would rather be working on anyways.

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    Yep, its beginning to feel like SL is another game entirely.

    I just hope that other profs are gimped in similar ways otherwise the fixer prof will be at a serious disadvantage in SL, especially if they remove grid evacs and speed from the picture.

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    yeah was worried this would happen and it has..

    but for lowish lvl fixer who just sunk IP in use their GA maybe gimping base stats etc and normally you buff into higher armour even implant to do so ...for a fixer to do this to go to SL and then take off to wear GA in RK its going to be really nasty....most i guess will opt for gimped armour instead, but dats no fun

    but also in SL if you can travel fast.. no evac// and no GA..where does that leave the fixer??

    hopefully will be some otherway to move fast as if you have to get get out of SL fast to defend you RK base having to travel for long time to get there wont be good news..and i think they said is LCA too so you need way to grid into CT or warp there whateve they gonna call maybe is some hope on the travel front yet.

    but on the upside.. can get funky azure now and as we help at many raids for no loot up until now must mean we get some quick eh
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    Re: GA in SL

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ButWalrus

    Time to start campin Azure :P

    That pretty much says it all in a nut shell. i was gonna buy ga 1 or 2 for my little antrox fixer. *me puts wallet away*

    hmmm, where is that merc at?

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    Bah P


    I just bought a GA 3 Crystal for 260 Million...was thinking about re-selling and maybe taking a loss after reading the negative comments...

    I decided to upload and wore it for the better part of the day and really enjoyed the boost it offered from GA 2.

    Regardless of whether or not it'll work in SL I'm very happy with my decision.

    1) It really helps taking down Level 150+ Dynacamp Bosses

    2) I think with GA 3 I can ignore the lust to get GA4 but who knows.

    Having a look at the market boards I see every pit viper (take a look at some of Vio's posts) has crawled out from under their rocks to constantly flame people auctioning off GA.

    It's obvious that most of the hardcore flamers are those who dont have it or lack the DRIVE to earn the credits or kill the bosses to get GA.

    Don't get me wrong I don't support the high prices that people ask for GA lately but it is a shame that the latest news has spawned such vitriol.

    Anyway I'm very pleased with my decision of uploading GA 3 and if prices drop some good luck to any fixers out there who decide to go for it.

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