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Thread: The Adventurer's Handbook

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    The Adventurer's Handbook

    Due to request for some kinda of sticky thread for new Advents to find answers to common questions, I've created this thread as a starting point for such an endevor. At the time of this writing, I'll be jotting down all the "basics" I can think of--please feel free to post your input so I can add more as we go.

    I will keep this main post updated with the most recent info and/or links so that the first page will always contain most of the "guide" for quick reference. (Also don't mind my dunny posts right below this, as they are there in case we run over the size limit in this main post.)

    An, without further adieu, The Adventurer's Handbook:

    What breed should I pick?
    Honestly, it doesn't matter. Breed is often a matter of personal preference more than anything else when it comes to Adventurers. As a versitile profession, both our nanoskills and base skills can and will be important throughout the life of your character. Solitus is typically the default profession, due to well-rounded attributes. Opifex is generally a good profession for Pistol wielders, as Pistol, Fling, and MR are heavily based on Agi/Sense. While Atrox and Nanomage are not as common, both have their advantages. Advents often end up tanking, so the extra HP given by Atrox are always appriciated, however Nanomage Advents will have the advantage of being able to cast heals earlier, and potentially all of our nanos with stuff like the Professor Jones Vest and Shades of Lucubration.

    Bottom line, pick what you think suits your play-style and what you plan on focusing on. All 4 breeds are viable options for an Adventurer.
    What weapons should I use?
    Adventurers come in two flavors: melee and ranged. The Adventurer profession is very flexible, and has many weapon options. Probably the most popular, however, are Pistol and 1H Edged.

    Adventurers have buffs for Pistol and 1HE, in addition to natural green, 5/level skills. Because of this, most Adventurers choose to go one of those two routes. One important thing to note, however, is that almost all of an Adventurer's skills are 4/level, meaning that while you may not get as high a natural skill, alternative weapon types such as Rifle, 2H Edged, and Assault Rifles (among others) are still available options if desired.

    Choosing between Pistol and 1HE is a toss-up at the moment, and mostly up to personal preferance. Generally speaking, 1HE will do more damage, and have a wider array of special attacks (Brawl, Fast Attack, Sneak Attack, Dimach compared to Fling Shot and sometimes Burst) but be more succeptible to roots and snares. Pistol has the advantage of being more IP-friendly, making is a bit easier in the lower-levels to spend on nanoskills and others such as evades.

    In the end--very much like breeds--pick what you think suits you. Advents will do well under many circumstances, so feel free to experiment if you see fit.
    What skills should I raise?
    Generally speaking, here is the priority list:

    Pick what you want to you for armor, typically based on your breed. Max the two skills you need for armor, in addition to Intelligence. Maxing Int is a very important habit, as keeping our nanoskills high is key to making sure our heals and morphs are up-to-date.

    Always try to keep Body Dev and Nano Pool as high as possible--preferably maxed. HP and NP are very important for an Adventurer, as we will go through plenty of both tanking and healing.

    Weapon Skills:
    If you are a Pistol user, max Pistol and Multi Ranged. It is not important to max Fling Shot, only raise it as much as you need to. It is reccomended to avoid Burst pistols with the key exception of the Customized Desert Reet. (see details below)

    If you are a 1HE user, max 1HE. Due to lower Multi Melee reqs, you may only need to max Multi Melee at the early levels. Remember, it does not benifit you to raise multi-wield skills past the requirements, so only raise as-needed. Fast Attack is very much like Fling Shot, raise as needed. Brawl is usually needed for most melee weapons, and its power is based solely on your Brawl skill. It would probably be a good idea to keep this as high as possible if IP allows.

    Speed Skills:
    Very important: keep your initiative of choice (either melee or ranged) as high as you can afford. This is a very important skill.

    Nano C. Init is a very important skill. If you have spare IP, definitely put it here first. While it is ideal to try to keep this maxed at all times (fast heals are good) it is probably one of the first things to ignore if IP is really tight toward the end of titles. However, if you have IP for it, invest in this skill--it is very much worth it.

    Run Speed is cheap, and should be raised for the beginning levels to get you moving at a resonable rate. Most players stop raising Run Speed until they feel like they are moving too slow. We do get run speed buffs, especially outdoors in the way of the Pareet morph, so this is mostly an "as needed" skill. (Buffs like Terrain Knowledge and Free Movement are very useful in saving IP here.

    Evades are very important in the long-run, but not typically a priority when IP is tight. If you notice MOBs landing critical hits on you very often, you probably want to raise your evades a bit. Most mission MOBs check "Dodge Ranged", the exception being Trader mobs, while check "Duck Exp." It is typically smart to prioritize evades in the order that they appear in the menu: Dodge, Evade, and Duck.

    Trade Skills:
    Computer Literacy is really the only thing in here you need to bother with. Raise it as you need to access the grid and get new NCU Memory and NCU Belt Platforms equipped. It is probably not essencial to max this every level if IP is tight, however you will probably have to spend on this fairly regularly to equip new NCU.

    Nano Skills:
    This is a very, very important section for Adventurers.

    Matter Metamorphosis: Always max. Used for heals.

    Biological Metamorphosis: Always max. Used for heals.

    Sensory Improvement: Always max. Used for polymorphs.

    Time & Space: None of our nanos use this skill. Only raise as needed to use Nano Rechargers. Typically the rule of thumb is, if your rechargers take more than 3 to fill up your nano pool, it's time to upgrade.

    Material Creation and Psychological Modifications are toss-up skills. PM/SI is used for our weapon buffs, while MC is used for our AC buffs and damage shields. Typically, MC is deemed the more "useless" skill when one has to pick between the two. Personally speaking, I would recommend raising MC at the start of the game, as our AC buffs are very helpful early on. However, once you have gotten the 4th AC buff (Major Wilderness Protection) most people advice ceasing to raise MC until later in the game. PM is important to raise as a general rule, try to raise as you can spare the IP.

    Let me reiterate: make sure you always raise MM/BM. They are, by far, the most important skills an Adventurer has. Heals are our lifeblood, and it is integral to keep them as up-to-date as possible.

    First Aid: Typically viewed as a low-level and high-level skill only. Not a very good use of IP for most of the game.

    Treatment: Very important skill. I would recommend maxing if at all possible. Adventurers have the cheapest Treatment in the game (along with Doctors) and therefore have a large advantage in using Treatment Labrotories and equipping high-level Implants. It is a very good idea to take advantage of this, and keep it as high as possible. Adventurers will always have a leg-up in the implant department, which really helps out.

    Navigation Skills:
    Raise Map Navigation as needed for the maps you want. Try to get the first 3 or 4 Map Upgrades as soon as possible, then ignore this skill for a while. Not terribly important once you can upload the common maps. (130 is usually the stopping point here for the early game, which will allow you to get Map Reader Upgrade - Monsters and most of the basic maps.)

    Due to the map nanos found Shadowlands, Adventuring is now a bit of an important skill, and perhaps Map Navigation is less so--depending on how much time you spend on RK vs. SL. I would recommend raising Adventuring as-needed to cast the map nano for the playfield you are currently in. You may also consider using Adventuring-buffing items (such as the Signet Ring of the Green Knight, Ring that Turns Rocks,Globe-Trotter Helmet, and Mitaars) to cast these if you can to save IP early on.

    You will probably want to raise Vehicle Air to use a Yalm around level 50-70. Find the lowest level Yalm you can, and raise this skill as little as possible.
    Should I buy a Yalm?

    Adventurers can't fly with Parrot until around level 140+. You will probably want to fly before then, so go ahead and buy a Yalm.

    Don't forget that it is fun to run and/or hover across the countryside without one though... Such is the way of the Adventurer.
    More to follow below...
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    Weapons List

    Here is a list of weapons you will want to keep in mind:

    Melee Weapons:
    Staple Weapons:
    SOL Fire Executioner Type C
    SOL Fire Executioner Type E
    SOL Fire Executioner Type F
    SOL Fire Executioner Type T
    Meibutsu Daito's (available only up to QL 135 from Tsunayoshi Smith in SAV)
    Crispy Chiroptera (Crypt drop off Cenobite Shadow - Guide)
    Shank of Maze (Heckler drop)
    Kyr'Ozch Axe (- Type 240) (Alien drop, Type 240 created by AI tradeskill)

    Special Weapons:
    Frozen Tear of Uklesh (Temple of Three Winds drop)
    Mantis Scissors (level 146 requirement, special drop in Mantis Den)
    Gelid Blade of Inobak (Inner Sanctum drop)
    Impious Dominator (Inner Sanctum drop)
    Sword of Wonder (Inferno dyna drop)
    Scimitar of Spetses (Inferno dyna drop)

    Ranged Weapons:
    Staple Weapons:
    BBI Faithful
    River Seasons XP (made from Sealed Weapon recepticle, add an "Ultra Short Composite Barrel")
    The Original Electronicum (Boss loot only, do not confuse with the Mini-Electronium)
    Kaen-Archibald Kolt (Mostly good at low levels due to speed)
    Joint Clans Scout Pistol (Clan and Neutral shops, dyna boss loot--beats out the Kaen at lower levels)
    Flux Pistol (SL generic sided mob drop, staple SL weapon..not so hot on RK)
    Kyr'Ozch Pistol (- Type 1 and 4) (Alien drop, Type 1 or Type 4 created by AI tradeskill)

    Special Weapons:
    Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000 (VERY good pistol for level 41-100. Special drop in Foreman's/Biomare dungeon. A must-have for that level range.)
    Reign/Pain of Patricia (Both drop off Patricia Johnson in EFP Mercs raid, Reign is better than Pain and Advent-specific)
    Jobe Explorer Personal Pistol (FullAuto pistol, great paired with a Flux/Argent/RoP.. drops rarely from Dryad bosses in NW Adonis)
    Argent Blaster (SL dungeon drop, NoDrop, but good paired with a Flux or a JEPP)

    Additional Weapon Recommendations
    Gothy has also created a weapons reference guide as well. This guide can be found in this thread.
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    Implant Template Suggestions
    -Kaelien's 1HE Template (with Jobe clusters)
    -Kaelien's 1HE Template (without Jobe clusters)
    -Recommended 1HE Symbiants (QLs <= 250, your QLs may vary)

    -Jayde's Pistol Template (with Jobe clusters)
    -Jayde's Pistol Template (without Jobe clusters)
    -Recommended Pistol Symbiants (QLs <= 250, your QLs may vary)

    Additional Symbiant Recommendations
    Some more data and comments were contributed by Glarawyn, and can be found in this thread
    Revelator's Guide To Root/Snare Resist
    (Original Source:
    Ok, at 212 an adventurer can get 100% root/snare (r/s) resistance, which in battle and whompa war can be a real lifesaver. It doesn't come for free though, and can pretty hard to get too, but here is the guide on how to get it for those who want to know:

    First of all, a brief explanation on how r/s resist works: The resist you build up comes as a check before the normal Nano Resistance check that is done when someone tries to cast a root or snare on you. It is a simple and flat roll, based entirely on your r/s %. If you have 30% resist, there is a 30% chance that you will resist a root, and a corresponding 70% chance you won't. However, if you don't resist it, it still has to pass the NR check.

    Two things are important to bear in mind with this: One is that you basically get 2 rolls (r/s resist check and NR check) instead of just one, and the other is that caster skill/lvl/prof/breed is totally irrelevant to the r/s check. Whether it is a 150 drained fixer or a 220 crat with CM n a wrangle that tries to root you, if you have 50% resist 50% is what will get through it.

    Oh, and root grafts gets bounced by the r/s resist too.

    NOTE: Your resist will work on everything in these 2 lists: Root Line of Nanos and Snare Line of Nanos Anything not on those lists will not be affected by your r/s resist, which includes Omni Soli ShadowBreed and I think some perk roots/snares.

    And here is the how to:

    1. Nanos
      We get resist from 2 nano lines, Boon and Freedom. Boon can be cast on others, and the highest one is Boon of the Wanderer which adds 13% resist. The Freedom line is selfonly, and the highest one is Freedom of the Wanderer which adds 20% r/s resist. Both of these lines drop from RK outdoor dyna bosses.

      Total r/s resist 33%

    2. Perks
      Adventurers have access to 2 perk lines that add to r/s resist: Spatial Displacement (SD) and Outdoorsman (OM). SD is by far the better line, and it can be maxed at SD 10 (10 perk points) at level 212, which will give you 45% r/s resist, plus 1 snare remover, 1 root remover and 3 root AND snare removers. OM adds 6% at OM 3 (3 perk points), but gives you nothing in the way of removers. If you have a choice between SD n OM in where to place a perk point, pick SD.

      Now this is a pricy purchase of perks indeed, even for advies who have it relatively easy in the perk dept, and is in addition only of any worth at all in whompa wars and battle. PvM these perk points will give you nada. So don't perk it if you don't need it.

      Total r/s resist 51%

    3. Items
      All of the items you need for the final stretch to 100% r/s resist can be found in the Inner Sanctum.

      Dominus Robe This one is the easiest to get, it is a pretty common drop off almost all the small bosses, and it adds 6% r/s resist, at the cost of gimping your ACs and mods on what you usually wear as a back piece.

      Mnemonic Fragment This one is a not-uncommon drop on the 3rd Floor of the IS. Each piece adds 1% r/s resistance, at the cost of gimping your NCUs a bit (if you are using Yuttos, AI or Pande NCUs that is). You can wear 6 of these if you want.

      Might of the Revenant Also a not un-common drop on the 3rd Floor of the IS. You can wear one, and it adds 1% r/s resist, and also adds to your dmg, and has a nice special you can activate too. Very handy, must-have for pretty much all.

      Unhallowed Carapace of the Infernal Tyrant Ah, now we come to the hard part. To get a full set of this you will first need to farm a set of normal Carapace of the Infernal Tyrant, and then get the Ichor of the Immortal to upgrade it to Unhallowed. The Ichor is 100% drop from Hezak the Not-Quite-As-Immortal-As-He-Thinks, but while he IS killable, he is also still pretty tough. Each piece of Unhallowed adds 1%, for a total of 7% for a full set, at the price of gimping your armor a bit. It's not bad armor though, and some nice mods to weapon and nanoskills too.

    4. Full Calculations
      Nanos: 33%
      Perks: 51%
      Dominus Robe: 6%
      MoR: 1%
      Mnemonic Frags (2): 2%
      Unhallowed Full Set: 7%
    Total Root/Snare Resistance: 100% Which means that no matter how many people try to cast no matter how many roots on me, none of them land. Ever. Period.
    For More Detailed Information
    For more in-depth info on Advent-related issues, suggestions, and data.. please visit .theAdventurer.
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    For those new to AO

    Agility, Strength and Stamina are useful abilities as they can be buffed more so then the mental attributes. This will be useful in equiping implants at lower level. After lvl 40 Treatment becomes the limiting factor in implanting...however it is still handy to keep these in a relative to moderately high lvl. (I have a friend who didn't have enough STA for a few of his lvl 200 implants at lvl 130)

    Strength, Stamina and Agility are also the base abilities of many various armor types so having these raised high will help in equiping armor as you can be more readily buffed into higher QL armors.

    As a Nanomage, I wouldn't reccoment trying to equip the Str/Agi/Sta armors at lower lvl as those attributes are expensive.

    At my current point (lvl 137) I max Agi, Sta, Int and am working on maxing Str, with Sense and Psychic lagging behind some.
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    Heal! Heal! Heal!

    As Jayde says, focus a lot of attention and effort on you healing abilities. Max the nano skills (Bio Met and Mat Met), and do what it takes to get higher heal nanos. If for nothing else, the more healing juice you have, the longer you yourself will survive!

    We are the 2nd best healers in the game, and without healers there simply isn't that much of a game. Also, while docs have the number 1 spot, that does not mean that they are automatically number 1. Just as you will come across enforcers who can't tank worth a dang, you will come across docs who, amazing though it seems, simply aren't interested in actually healing people. A dedicated adv healer will beat a bad doc, it's as simple as that.

    Now, I realize that I'm borderline obsessive about my heals, because the second I see anyone take damage in my team, I will start healing. Heck, if I target someone randomly around Tir South Gate and see that their health bar is less than 100%, I might shoot them a heal. For me, the only good health bar is a full one, and I will usually do my very best to keep people around me topped up.

    In addition, I would like to mention a little pet peeve of mine, and that is the


    It is quite frankly amazing how high a level people can reach in this game without knowing about this incredible and extremely useful tool. It is simple to create, no tradeskills involved at all, and it is equally simple to use. Simply type the following in your chat in-game:

    /macro Assist /assist

    You will then get a small black icon named 'Assist' which you will then place on your primary shortcut bar, typically shift-1.

    How does it work? Target the tank in the team, use the macro by pressing the hot key (mine is on 2), and you will instantly get targeted what the tank is fighting. If all members of the team use this, it means that every member of the team is fighting the same target, which is life saving in a hard mish if you get adds. If not, at least you can honestly say that you were assisting the tank, and wasn't the one to aggro that mezzed enf mob.

    While still targeting the mob the tank (and now you!) is fighting, press the hot key again. Now you instantly get targeted whoever in your team the MOB is fighting! Heal him, and while the nano is recharging, you will use the hot key to switch back to the mob and then back to the mobs current target, so that the very second you are able to heal again, you will heal whoever NOW is holding the aggro. This will save people when the aggro shifts, and it will save you too, because it will let you know instantly when you yourslef get aggro, so that you can heal yourself.

    At large raids, high in the game, this macro is what makes it possible to take down the mercs and other lvl 300 mobs. Even with the best tanks in the game the aggro will shift more than once, and if the docs aren't able to instantly see who Peter Lee is pounding on at THIS exact moment, they have very little chance of saving whoever that unlucky sap is. With the macro they are always instantly aware of who has aggro, and so will you if you start using it. I still heal at raids, even if my single heals are pathetic compared to a docs CH, because I feel it never hurts to heal someone however little it is, and I still spam my macro, because if nothing else, it will let me know if the docs are starting to go down. If the raid goes bad, and sometimes it does, it's very useful to know when you should Parrot evac and get the heck outta dodge.

    One last thing: If there is a doc on the team, heal anyway, even if it is a very good doc who doesn't really need your help. As I said earlier, every little helps, it never hurts to heal, and the doc will appreciate the help anyway, because it means that he isn't the only one healing people. Being the primary healer in a hard mish is hard work in itself (the docs are in my opinion the ones who have it best in AO, but that is entirely compensated for by the fact that they are the hardest working prof in the game too), being the only healer is even harder work. Just knowing that someone shares the burden with you is a huge psychological booster, I know it is for me at least.
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    (This comes from an Opifex ranged-based Adv so take it from that point.)

    In level 100 and below teams, the most important buff you can give is our AC buffs. This should be cast on every member who has room for it. Also, tanks should get our damage shields, as this helps out some with maintaining aggro.

    Never give your damage shields to the support/healers in your team.

    At these levels, BBIs are still wonderful. I haven't used the Custom Reet from Foreman's yet, but I find that using the BBIs are very IP-friendly, and can usually be duel-wielded at the same QL, which is a plus. The recycle time isn't too bad, and the damage is decent. (I've managed to solo QL74 missions at 65, if that says anything.)

    My armor setup is right now based off of Str/Agi (Basic Flowers), which can offer slightly better protection than Agi/Sen based armor, without having to sacrifice imp space to get it on.

    Also at this level, I cannot stress the benifit of trying to grab a Guardian Tank Armor. This is so far the best back piece one can wear at this level, and it's rarity and NODROP make it very hard to come by. But believe me, the work and wait to get it will pay off for many levels to come.

    (I won't talk about nanos because I'm a nano gimp and Jayde said all the good stuff anyway. :P)
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    Don't forget the melee merchant weapons, and the weapons from the Temple. Bot should be viable choices for a young adventurer.

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    Talking wheeeee i can do stuff.......

    Ive found that starting out, since we get that horrible pistol, we need something that gives good damage until we find a blade or gun. Try martial arts, you only need enough to kill backyard mobs, so dont go ip mad, but its steady dmg and not too bad compared to the starter gun. Of course if you have some low lvl blades or a pistol use them!

    Personally i say melee all the way, but with the introduction of things like the POP at higher levels, pistols might take off and become the adventurer standard, even i am considering them lol

    anyone needs melee advice or needs to see the stats of a blade (since i have a huge collection of blades) send me a /tell in game, im usually about or i can get the tells later since i get tired of missions and all the loot camping, i put my efforts into melee weapons, i already know of 2 melee weapons that can give an advantage to adventurers using melee 1he or piercing and those of us who use bronto armour and dont quite have the int. skill. And the great thing is these are rollable items, ill need a while to get their stats, if i forget i made this post contact me in game and remind me

    dont be shy, i need something to keep me busy while willoisa is away killing things
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    Perception - part 1

    The Adventurer profession has the top perception buffs in the game followed by the Fixer. The Advy perception buffs have caster/target level requirements (with the exception of the two Eagle Eye buffs) while the Fixer's perception buffs do not. Since we have the best perception buffs in the game, there's little to no excuse for any Advy to not know about perception skill and perception skill buffs.

    Here's a handy guide on Perception Skill (part 1) and Perception Buff List (part2) ...


    What is the Perception skill used for?

    Here's the official definition:
    Perception and Spotting
    This is the core skill used to detect things, be it concealed people, hidden objects or traps. The skill depends 70% on sense, and 30% on intelligence.

    Hidden traps are those hidden explosives planted on doors and chests that you encounter inside missions as well as proximity mines. You need sufficient Perception skill to detect the bombs and mines (followed by sufficient Disarm Trap skill to diffuse them if you so wish).

    Perception is also a skill requirement for equiping HUD devices like the Yatamutchy (which increases weapon range) and Vision Enhancer (which gives a small boost to range and critical hit chance).

    You will also need sufficient Perception skill to use Information Tools that determine level, health and nano statistics of a mob. The success of detection is based on the quality level of the tool itself with its accompanying stats, and not the actual skill of the user. Even though more level 200+ mobs/bosses have been introduced over the past several patches, there are currently no QL200+ Informational Tools.

    Where hidden persons are concerned, the Perception versus Concealment skills check will determine detection or non-detection on the mini-map. FYI, the player-to-player invisibility interaction feature was introduced in patch 14.2.

    Bear in mind that NPCs and mobs also have Perception Skills which check against your own Concealment skill. When you get a "You have been detected by Ace Rustler" for example when trying to sneak, it means that your attacking concealment skill has failed against the defensive perception skill check of that particular mob in the vicinity. It does not mean that you are in LoS (Line-of-Sight) of the said mob. Just treat the "You have been detected by xyz mob" report as incorrect English usage for something that actually means "You have failed the concealment-versus-perception skill check with xyz mob".

    Note for PvM - There is also another factor at work and this has been explained by Funcom as a roll-of-dice - every 10 seconds, there is a roll of dice that determines the chance of the mob detecting your presence. This factor has nothing to do with the perception skill of the mob.

    Edited to reflect the recent change in missions - the introduction of proximity mines with patch 14.8.
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    Perception - part 2

    Here's a handy reference of Adventurer and Fixer perception buffs currently available ingame ...

    Perception Buff List

    Ballad of the Plains Wanderer - Adventurer
    Perception +20
    Pistol skill +100,
    Fling Shot +25
    Damage modifier +6
    Level requirements - Adventurer level 195 (self-only)

    Cracker's Luck - Fixer
    Perception +23
    Disarm Traps +23
    Breaking and Entry +23

    Stack the Odds - Fixer
    Perception +79
    Disarm Traps +79
    Breaking and Entry +79

    Eagle Eye - Adventurer
    Perception +80
    Aimed Shot +20

    Team Eagle Eye - Adventurer
    Perception +80
    Aimed Shot +20 points
    Team buff.

    Blood Makes Noise - Fixer
    Perception +107

    Lupus Oculus - Adventurer
    Perception +120
    Level requirements - Adventurer level 50, Target level 25 (and both in wolf form)

    Karma Harvest - Fixer
    Perception +130
    Disarm Traps +130
    Breaking and Entry +130

    Vision of the Wolf - Adventurer
    Perception +200
    Evasion +14
    Level requirements - Adventurer level 100, Target level 75 (and both in wolf form)

    Gaze of the Hunter - Adventurer
    Perception +400
    Evasion skills +26
    Max Health +15
    Level requirements - Adventurer level 145, Target level 135 (and both in wolf form)

    Stare of Cerberus - Adventurer
    Perception +600
    Evasion +38
    Max Health +25
    Parry +10
    Level requirements - Adventurer level 185, Target level 175 (and both in wolf form)


    Safe journeys, fellow Rubi-Kans
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    I just wanted to add my list of indespensible equipment I've picked up over time. Feel free to comment on usefullness or lack thereof for each item. Keep in mind, that this is from a 1HE point of view.

    Med suit - 78 treatment
    Qlty 22 OT Winchaser Quartz - 10 treatment
    Treatment Library - Varying treatment based on qlty
    Augmented OT Ring - Varying boost to PM
    Low qlty Kirch armor - for getting into a high qlty Primus Coat
    Flurry of Blows -Agg/Deff adjust + Crit increase (give as well as receive)
    Nano Formula Recompiler - Adds to Nano C. Init
    2 Qlty 10 Concrete Cushions - each adds 8 to Str/Stam
    Interchangeable Implant sets for Comp lit, Map Nav, and Trtmt
    Neleb's Robe - adds 8 to all nano skills
    Adventuring Back Pack - adds 5 to 1HE (for when you're just short of equipping your blades )

    There are a lot more items that I use, or that others use and I haven't found or thought of, but most of the above are pretty essential for my play style.
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    Just my 2 cents


    Just adding my 2 cents in here, since I'm so NOT agreeing with Jayde on all points of his skill priorities

    Doesn't mean I'm right and he's wrong - but I approached the adventurer profession a little differently.

    Also - anything said in here is written entirely from the perspective of a 1he adventurer. I used nothing but dual SOL Fs while "growing up" (there weren't really other options at the time).

    I see the adventurer as a very versatile killing machine. You can dish out excellent damage (especially at levels < 120, in comparison with other professions), you have nice supportive heals - and the morphs are there just to top it all off nicely.

    But the heals are just that - supportive. By no means, will you find enough IP in the game at levels < 100 - to keep all the nanoskills suggested maxed, unless you're heavily sacrificing your ability to dish out damage. And to me, damage is key. A dead mob won't hurt neither you, nor your teammates

    Keep the 1he skill maxed, and get the m-melee skill as high as need be. And that's fairly high, since you can (roughly) always get into a SOL F about <your level>*1.7 in ql. In order to do it, you need to keep your imps up to speed, so a maxing of treatment and agility is well in order.

    Using SOL Fs this way, will also neccesitate investing a fair amount of IP into Brawl and Fastattack - but fastattack is reasonably cheap, and brawl is easily implanted alongside 1he. Also - the MA buff "Dirty Fighter" helps a lot on the lower levels (+45 brawl)

    Invest what you have left in bodydev (always), stamina and strength. You can lay low on PSY for a while (once it reaches somewhere between 80 and 140 - depending on personal preference, I had mine on 75 until about L130). Nanopool - sure, but don't get religious about it. Keep the damage high, and you'll not be burning off a tonne of nano each fight.

    Nanoskills - first and foremost - keep PM and SI maxed. Maxed maxed maxed. You need it for the weapon buffs, you need it for the m-melee buffs - and nothing should take precedence.

    Then ensure your evade-clsc is as high as can be (since you're always up close and personal with the mobs), and don't neglect dodge-ranged. If you're gonna do pvp, add duck-exp to that list as well - if not, ignore it for now. I didn't add a single point to duckexp until title 6 *blushes* - and I managed nicely

    Then - whatever is left (and I assure you, that's not a whole lot) - throw it into BM and MM. Implant BM highest, MM secondary - and you'll be fine. Sure - you'll get laughed at by the occasional adventurer popping by throwing heals about 20 qls higher than you - but I also assure you the laughing stops the minute the fighting starts

    Forget about "being cool because you can throw Grinning Hunter at L60 or 65 or 70". Whenever I see a young adventurer doing that - I know I'm looking at a gimp who got his priorities wrong

    Yah, likely this'll cost me a flame or two - but those were the 2 cents

    Have fun all, and happy adventuring.

    P.S. oh - and forget about being supporthealers to the doc. A dead mob won't hurt you.

    *edit - corrected some of the spelling mistakes :P*
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    Very nice info, thanks!
    Just resubscribed and can't wait to try my 26 Adventurer again.

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    Excellent info indeed.
    Could someone elaborate "Parry" aswell please?

    I have an up and coming Adventurer (Isenblade), and I see that mobs parry my attack from time to time. It's more a source of minor irritation than a problem, but it's there none the less. So I was curious as to how it works. I was told at one time to ignore my Parry skill, unless I wanted to use shields...


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    Parry skill works in addition to Evades. When someone hits you with melee, it's checked vs your parry skill either before or after the EvadeClC.

    Most people don't find enough IP to spend on Parry at low lvl, and the majority of both mobs and players use ranged attacks. At high level (A guildy got 850) you will see that you frequently parry mobs and other melee players

    The Adv parry shields gives very good ac and got a nice recharge. Using these shields with correct timing can save the day. A lvl 200 Adv with max parry should be able to get between 9 and 10k AC for 30s each 2nd minute (before AC bufs). The shield can be what makes you survive 3 hits from Ian Warr before the CH hits you.

    I feel that most people underestimate the value of the shields.
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    Adventurers worth it?

    Thanks for the guide, and the other opinions, all good info. I've been playing for about 10 days now and have myself a nice little level 35 adventurer. But having recently started reading the forums, I'm wondering if I should make as a different profession. So my question is, are adventures recommended at all as a viable high level pvp profession? Or is there damage simply too low to be a good addition to a pvp team at high levels? If this is the case, would you even recommend someone make an adventurer if their main reason for playing AO is to participate in pvp?

    In addition to that, what is the next best class for solo play? I've heard martial artists, but could you in theory get to around level 100 solo with say a fixer, meta-physicist, or trader?

    Thanks in advance

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    Originally posted by Afelia
    Parry skill works in addition to Evades. When someone hits you with melee, it's checked vs your parry skill either before or after the EvadeClC.

    Most people don't find enough IP to spend on Parry at low lvl, and the majority of both mobs and players use ranged attacks. At high level (A guildy got 850) you will see that you frequently parry mobs and other melee players

    The Adv parry shields gives very good ac and got a nice recharge. Using these shields with correct timing can save the day. A lvl 200 Adv with max parry should be able to get between 9 and 10k AC for 30s each 2nd minute (before AC bufs). The shield can be what makes you survive 3 hits from Ian Warr before the CH hits you.

    I feel that most people underestimate the value of the shields.
    Im going to have to sink some IP into parry to max it and try that out, i have a ql 200 shield somewhere hehe

    At the end of the day an adventurer fighting large mobs like that shouldnt think about being healed or how many hits they can take, you stand back and assist in healing the main tanks! of course from a defensive angle i see a big advantage, lets you back off so someone else gets aggro, remember at a raid the CH is always aimed at the tanks so unless a doc sees its hitting you, they wont send a heal your way.......

    Our CH isnt fantastic when compared to the docs, because many of us dont spend the ip on nano init, but its still a 10001 HP heal that helps a lot if there arent enough docs at the raid........other downfalls are in its nano cost, it takes up a good portion of your nano so stock up on kits if you intend to use it as you dont want to run out

    one thing i keep wondering is will funcom give us another team heal and an AC buff, ours are quite low and well outdated now, the team heal isnt useless, but there should be a higher level one, maybe a lvl req nano similar to the other buffs funcom gave us could be considered?
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    great guide, small question

    This is a great guide, and thanks for it. I have, I think, a simple question: at L19, happily trundling through a mission, I open a locked door and get hit by two orange MOBs. Pretty easy to handle normally - but then one roots me, the other drains my skills, and things immediately become v perilous indeed. I know I can counter the root, and it wasn't the problem. Combined with the drain, though, it's tricky, to say the least. Is there any way of countering or protecting against the drain?

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    If I'm not too mistaken, or if I completely slept through the nanoresist class, this is how it works:

    Drains, like any other hostile nano checks against the Nanoresist skill. Keep this high, to prevent mobs and players to successfully land one on you. Adventurers also get nanoprograms to help in this skill. I don't remember what they're called right now tho, but they add something between 3-10% to your nanoresist.

    If they do land, better keep a "free movement" stim ready to remove the root/snare ones faster. Drains and other debuffs have a little different aproach. It requires you to sit down, which isn't very wise in a combat situation, and to use a device in the same manner as the stim. Both the stim and the "anti-debuff" device are readily available in any Medical-booth, up to QL125 I think.

    As for PvP based adventurer... Well. Nothing is set in stone in this game. If you make one solely for that purpose, I'm sure it's viable. I've seen Advs in the arena leaving victorious before. And will prolly not be the last time either.
    Some will argue about this and that, but anything that are controlled by a human player has a "fighting chance", as I like to put it. Unless you're very predictable, you should manage to score a kill or two from time to time. Even I have, and I basically list at the bottom of the PvP ladder


    Edited out some spelling-errors, and made some minor changes to reflect the purpose more clearly
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