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Thread: Old player trying out Fixer

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    Old player trying out Fixer

    Before i start, even if i say Old player, it doesn't mean i am a vet at this game, i never claimed to be, i do know a bit about the game but not loads, with that being said here we go:

    Can anyone tell me tips and tricks for a good Evade Built Fixer? I have all exp and am currently lvl 46 with a ql 50 peren, my evades are maxed out at just over 300, im using ql 75 implants for mg/smg, burst, and evades... Built i feel my character is really gimp, I'm still using ql25 Carb Armor in some spots, my ncu i guess isnt 2 bad, 95 normal +40 with NCU buff.. When i am on full def my wep seems to attack really slowly and nano casting seems to take longer.. I am quite confused on how a evade fixer is played, I am on RK1 and my char name is "Anforvis". I would really appreciate peoples help and advice on this, since i've started playing Fixer, i've gotten really hooked on it :P Probably my Fav class i have played by far.. (Next to agent).

    I have done a forum search on Evade Fixer setups and guides etc but couldn't find one at all...

    I am trying to avoid GA if possible as cannot afford it..

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    well, what level are you going to? i can probably throw a couple setups for you to shoot for

    EDIT: I will warn you though, evade fixers are one of the most expensive profs to gear properly atm :/

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    All the way never had a toon to 220 before, got a 150 gimpy (Kinda) enfo for s10 but doesnt handle really well against aliieumz..

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    if you're looking for a perfect endgame setup, something like this is probably what you're looking for.

    things to consider swapping:

    CSS chest and helmet for ofab chest and helmet

    right shoulder for gauntlet pad

    utls 3 for escape module or assault module

    as for levelling, a mix of miys, ofab, best sws you can cast and maybe a shapeshifter vest/boots of the dancing king works

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    So whats best thing for me to do then atm? Just level to 220 then equip myself properly an stay gimp till then?

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    not gimp, but you don't need combined armor for leveling either.

    you can get away with a shapeshifter vest until you get 300 ofab chest in
    ofab sleeves are decent too. boots of the dancing king are nice as sl mobs check evade close
    goddess/predator/apocalypse leather (clan) / omni steelribbed (omni) work all add evades too and are fairly obtainable. try to update your equip as you enter ado and then again when you start doing inf. dark ruins solo instance is a great place to learn your toolset and figure out if your gear is up to par. try to do it at tl5 and don't leave ado until you finish it.

    the "best" symb class combination is:

    support brain, ear, left hand, left arm (and eye until you can cast all your nanos with an eoe in)
    healdelta/evade implants in the foot and leg (ql 200 is cheap, 201+ is not)
    artil everywhere else. this applies to leveling symbs as well past about level 150 (before you get 4-6 sec healdelta tick artil leg is better)

    basically, only but expensive gear if it's gonna be part of your endgame setup, use cheaper alternatives for levelling. (NOTE: cheap doesn't mean bad. plenty of great stuff is very cheap)

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    Predator Armour, Shapeshifters Vest, Boots of the Dancing King if you can find a low enough QL that you can equip, highest SWS you can cast, Collar Casero de la Cripta (until you have a decent token board, I normally swap it for a Token Board once I have 120+ tokens).

    Get the best implants you can twink yourself into, at 60 you can do up to ql170~180 depending on slots, but that is a lot of work. Aim for ql125 minimum though. Symbs aren't the greatest use at this level, but the brain and eye does help a lot with the high reqs on nano programs.

    You should have a 6-slot belt on @ 60, then along with your normal mems find a lowby ql CPU Upgrade for -cost% and either a normal compiler or a viral compiler to fit for more nano init skill.

    Weapon wise you can stick to the Perennium track, or you can go with Blackbirds which will have a faster Burst cycle which is nice. (Blinded) Blackbirds have a shelf life till Ely/Scheol, past those zones in SL their damage is pretty sucky due to having a lower minimum damage than the Perennium, and the fact that SL Mobs start getting some pretty beefy ACs to reduce you down to minimum.

    The reason you shoot and cast slower at full def is because that agg/def slider bar directly influences it. At 83% positive on the bar (the default starting position when you roll a char) there is a 0s influence on initiatives. At 100% positive, you will gain 0.25s (ie. 2s attack time will be reduced to 1.75s) and at full def you will lose 1.25s (2s attack time increases to 3.25s). Your initiatives skill will reduce these at their own rates, of 1 second per 600 points of Ranged/Melee/Physical for your weapon type (Guns being ranged ofc), and 1 second per 200 points of Nano Init. Nano programs have a fixed recharge time that will not be affected by initiative skill, but weapons recharge is affected. You don't need to IP Nano-Init, you will get enough of it from using the Compilers.

    That setup will hold you to 100+, when you should go for ql200 implants and decent ql symbs for your level. The armour can hold you over till 150, but I would start replacing pieces by 100ish with either some Miiys or Ofab depending on the slot and your needs. And then at 150 you can do a decent rebuilding session with max level symbs, implants in the slots that suck for symbs, ql225 Ofab in some spots and other armours as you can get them.

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    thanks everyone for the help ql 100 pred is fairly cheap on gms 500k-2m per piece so thats good, the boots arent that expensive either but where do i get shapeshifters best? and is pred circlet any use to me or not?

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    Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but did you roll Atrox? If not, reroll.

    And I'm not kidding.

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    Shapeshifter's Vest drops from Cerubin in Crypt of Home. You won't be able to kill him at your level so you'll need someone higher level to get in and kill him. You can always ask around and see if someone has a CoH Engi Twink that can warp your Enfo into the place and he can take Cerubin for a swing, or ask around in Shopping Channels if there are none on GMS. And a Predator Circlet is of use to you as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy View Post
    if you're looking for a perfect endgame setup, something like this is probably what you're looking for.
    I am Arguru and I disagree.

    Replace Morphing Memory, Computer Deck Ranged Increaser and Hardcore CPU Upgrade with their infused counterparts. Replace right igoc with Combined Imbued Dust Brigade Enhanced Perfected Infused Shoulderpads of Epic (5/5)

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    @Arguru: No Opifex.

    @Wakizaka: Can a 150 enfo be warped into CoH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0sers View Post
    @Arguru: No Opifex.
    You will really wanna consider rerolling Atrox. Atrox gets access to Mongo Rage which nets you an amazing 1500 AAO, with pretty much negligible loss in evades (and nearly negligible increase in SMG, Burst and FA due to trickle).

    Downside is that it'll be a bitch doing your alpha brain and EOE.

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    Im going more for evade than hp i guess...

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0sers View Post
    @Wakizaka: Can a 150 enfo be warped into CoH?
    The dungeon itself has a level lock so you can't just stroll through the front door, but any level of character can get warped in by an Engineer using Beacon Warp on you. So yes, your 150 Enfo can be warped into CoH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0sers View Post
    Im going more for evade than hp i guess...
    Who's talking about HP?! O_O For a PvP setup you'd even be better off with less HP, but that's a different story. 1500 AAO means you'll be able to hit anything, everytime. My TL7 evade-setup opi fixer could be hit by regulars and perks by random, decently geared trox toons. (Ohai Darktankin).

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    Right getting bit of cash together now for armour upgrades and that, spending about 12m on few pieces of pred armor, boots for 400k and that leaves me with 2m give or take.. Any ideas what else i would need?

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    @R0sers: if you are on rk1, pm me your toon name, should have some ole goodies from my fixers leveling days left.
    keep smiling
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    After hard days work (And thanks to sannz for some items) my toon is starting to come together slowly.. Now at lvl 57 this is his current equip:

    Feedback would be grately appreciated, thanks

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    If its your first fixer use PB while leveling until you get into SMG at 150 and bigburger/something else at 160+ for inf missions. I would only suggest duel wield weapons for people on their 3rd+ fixer

    Keep AI levels up with dailys, should be pretty easy

    Watch your nanos and save IP by targeting specifics, there are big jumps in reqs for some lines so you can save IP inbetween the hops which reduces strain

    IP nanopool about half (maybe less with new stims that are out)

    Don't tank until you have DoF unless you know you can tank something

    Get a brain symb, lulled or higher

    And the final step, realize you are squishy as hell until you have a fully twinked character, and then realize that your still squishy as hell, you just don't notice it until your dead.

    /person with at least 6 fixers 150 or higher (ive lost count)
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