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Thread: Run Fixer Run (lyrics)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ________________Crin View Post
    We can flee from the danger
    Watch friends fall to the floor
    And we can block out their screams from reaching our dreams
    Cause we’ve, done it all before

    We can run where we want to
    We can leave our fears behind
    Cause we're pushing mach three and begin to pee
    Stained pants, never crossed our minds

    And we can run, Rrr-Uuuu-Nnnn

    friggin win lol
    creds pls

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    idk if this has been mentioned already, but i aint gonna read the 23 pages of text too see if it has. Yes i know, im lazy.
    Just give fixers the ability to shoot while running.
    This would give fixers future superior runspeed an actual purpose, as well as snares that slow down the target. Ofc fixers still would have to dodge ranged attacks, but thats why we have higher base dodge skill compared to evade close combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orochi3 View Post
    Just give fixers the ability to shoot while running.
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    Ya wanna fix something - give RK mobs better xp, make RK matter again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mamman View Post
    Give shades love or we will stop buffing people!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notcrattey View Post
    Yes, but use a 100 die roll with a minimum score of 90 required to land a hit.

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