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Thread: Launcher pointing to the wrong dimensions?

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    Launcher pointing to the wrong dimensions?

    If you have patched your live client and it now points to the test server (no dimension selection box), or the other way around, you have - for some reason - gotten the wrong dimension file.

    To correct this, download the dimensionserver.url file for the dimension(s) you want to reach, and save it in the \Anarchy Online\cd_image\data\launcher folder of the client installation.

    Download DimensionServer.url files here:
    To the live dimensions
    To the test dimension

    If this doesn't work, please contact
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    Another possible cause of getting pointed to the wrong dimension:
    You are trying to connect to AO from a computer that is using an ICS on a win XP machine that has already connected to AO. In that case having all the correct dimension files won't help, you'll still get sent to test and the settings overwritten.

    Easy fix: Disable the network connection on the second computer, then re-enable it and you get to play.

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