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Thread: Soloing and Teaming (the conclusions)

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    What do you think about having a thread focused on the profession before we start giving it lovin', so that we know we focus on what people want? Does that sound ok?
    Funcom does not seem capable of this. I think they took a secret oath of some kind.

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Hunting Grounds

    Originally posted by Illuvatar

    The two classes mostly needing fix is MA and Adventurer, don't shed any other bull****. After that I would say Fixer, Agents and NTs should be in line. Fixers are not gimped, they are just boring. You don't have any major flaws, there is nothnig promised you don't have, but I agree that you need somethng to keep the game entertaining. NTs are supposed to be -the- damage dealing class, but we are currenlty just a support class. This need a fix. Agents seems fairly ok, except some sneaking problems.
    oh well everything is ok then. Illuvatar says that we are ok, that we havent been promised anything that we havent gotten so he must be right. I dont know what all of the fixers are complaining about then.
    Please come to the fixer boards Illuvatar and stay with us a while and tell us exactly what we have and have not been promised and how much of that is worth anything.
    and then go read posts on the fixers by the likes of cosmik when he does promise us add ons and features and "super duper" features that we need.

    you know, I get the feeling that alot of the fixers would not be so pissed if it had been acknowledged that we need fixing and we had been in that short list that Gaute mentioned in his article.
    but instead we weren't. I have watched for months us getting pushed back behind each of the classes one by one for a patch, getting no information. just statements like.. its in development.
    when all we have documented are envisioned and they are grid looks and the black market.
    unless we start to get information on what is comming for us and when.. like the other professions now appear to be getting, I can see far too many of my friends quitting.

    summon that ammo!

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    My first character was a Doc.. bummer.. played it to level 69,
    figured it was too gimped after the FA nerf, I was constantly poor, and then they made every damn mob attack me when I tried to team heal my poor team. (I can picture the people at Funcom whispering to eachother.. "I hate Docs.. Lets make then into a punching bag instead.. hirr hirr")

    So I started a Soldier, believing this was a damn good damage dealer, and would bring in some serious cash in missions, a good tank and so on.... LMAO.. How could I be so wrong? I guess im out of luck... Enforcers are like THE damage dealer.. THE tank and etc.. In my opinion even a nicely twinked soldier SUCKS in combat. And its a S*O*L*D*I*E*R for gods sake ! I want a big soldier gun.. now.. hehe.. Like that will ever happen

    So now I have a level 69 Doc and a 70 Soldier which just dont do the job...

    So now I've after a long break from the game (my second one) started a Engineer. This is a class I KNOW will do the job.. Just get a uber bot and waste those mobs.

    I have NEVER heard of any plans of making the soldier class better. I have NEVER heard of any plans making the Doc class better. Its like these professions are.. non existant.. I hear this class is getting this, that class is getting that.. What about Docs? What about Soldiers? Do fixers first (the poor fellows) , then give these professions a little thought will you please?

    AGENT is getting "fixed" soon I hear?????? I cant believe it.. they rule already... Where are your priorities??

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    Originally posted by Balderac
    AGENT is getting "fixed" soon I hear?????? I cant believe it.. they rule already... Where are your priorities??
    To you and everybody else that thinks *Agents rule*:
    Go play one above 100 - then we talk.
    MAs will be fixed next? I think they are very strong.
    I play with a MA just about *all* the time and she's amazing.
    We fun-duelled twice - and she beat me twice when she was still 10 Lvls below me (I'm an agent). Afterwards she agreed that agents were gimped.
    Another friend of mine (NT) also said that us agents should stop the whining. Just the other day he logged in his girlfriends account (who plays an agent too) and tried making some XP - he gave up!
    He also understands our *whining* better now.
    Last night I tried to help that same friend (Lvl 103 NT) to get some NT Nanos - Mission Lvl was 132 (I'm Lvl 141) - I was *not* able to solo those missions (Mobs were green to gray) - so in the end I decided rushing/sneaking them - because it would have taken me endless hours to fight through.
    Yes - I'm well eqipped - AC is between 2k to 4.3k, Gun is at Lvl 200. Using 160ish Implants.
    I haven't been able to solo missions (without lots and lots of effort and far from having an even halfways decent Time : XP ratio) since about Lvl 75.
    Play an Agent above Lvl 100 - and then come back here and tell me we're *uber* - geee whizz!

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    The main problem for Agents at mid-higher lvl is the lack of reason to play as *agent*. Yes, agents can sneak mission. But only sneak - they dont recive exp or loot. Many other profs can run or calm throught missions. Then were is a problem: Agents have only 24 !!! nano past q125. Half of them mimic profs nanos.... Other profs have at least 50 to 90 nanos .... So agents are _forced_ to go FP... But after that nerf for FP its not that good option... FP line have to harsh penalties to ini, Asume line both ini and skills, and Mimic line have ungodly penalty to skills and only usable by lvl 150+ agents... All i ask: give agents reason to play as agent... May be some kind of Nano like "total invisiblity" what completely hides you for 30 sec from enemy so you evades and resists triples or enemy attack rating is halves and no one can start battle with you in that time... We need something like this, i actually tired to play as sub-MP or go FP:MA just for SG...

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    Quote from Gaute.

    "The same goes for the Fixer HoTs I suppose. I'd like to get some more feedback here, also from the Doctors. How much better can we make the Adventurers and MAs without infringing on your territory?"

    You suppose?? Is that a joke? Have you played a Fixer and tried to do mission solo using your best hot. (I am not talking about overequipped fixers with uber weapons or implants. If you look only to them then no class needs any love. Most of us dont ubertweak. I got a wrangel to get a gun on, and that was coz the last patch really messed up my abilites to solo, which I do alot. I love soloing missions, I feel so and so about hunting and I hate PvP. I will never be any good at it, and I dont care.)

    I am a level 81 fixer. My hot heals for about 20-60. The mob hit me for about 70-150 in 50% missions. I cant get the better hot just yet, as I need to raise other skills. Main reason for this is the fact that fixer nanolines are all dark blue. (I know I have said it before, and so have others, but why aren't you guys in the dev team ever respond to this?) I want to know at least 1 valid reason for our lines being darkblue.

    I suggest you change the order of class fixes, and take a close look at the fixer. both in solo and in team. We aren't that great.

    Give us some freaking break, why dont you.
    But no... Lets give the agent some more luvin' Why is that? (You said in your article that you play a agent, Gaute. Is that why you are fixing that class?)

    How often do we have to tell the dev team to look at the fixer? How long will we have to wait for some reply about the fixer?

    I would prefer an answer, and I know many other will to.
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    General Thoram of the Twin Sun Syndicate

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    As an enforcer we are pretty much balanced i guess. But one thing i have always been a little unsure of is the rage line. If you read the description of the nano it is supposed to go through your NCU and remove hostile programs. The ONLY programs it gets rid of are roots/snares. I would love to see it work as I thought it should and remove dots/initiative debuffs also. I just do not know if this is how it was intended could you give me some feedback?(oops also forgot it would be nice if it removed trader debuffs also as that is a hostile nano)

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    Talking wow

    First, I want to thank Gaute for the article. Very informative and interesting. It warms my heart when I now understand how you guys work.

    What I want to tell you is this:

    "What do you think about having a thread focused on the profession before we start giving it lovin', so that we know we focus on what people want? Does that sound ok?"
    End of quote.

    Yes, very much ok! Please do!
    Ask us what our main problems are and we'll tell you how we want them fixed. Ask us a bit in advance so you have the chance to test a few of our suggestions for gain/risk evaluation before they go in.

    As an MA I'm pretty sure that 99% of my fellow MA's wants the Minimum Damage problem fixed first, but other then that..?

    There are many good threads going on in these forums, at , at guild forums...

    Please, start up a Profession Fix forum where we can gather all our problems and ideas, and where we know they'll be evaluated by you.

    Of course, I'd love input from other professions as well. I'm sure you do too. Take the MA healing capability as an example, I want Doc, Adv, Fixer, Trader input on that as well. Too bad? Too good? Inflicting on Doc territory? Oh, this could be sooo interesting, and you will certainly end up with a more satisfied profession after the fix, because we'd know you heard us and that you know what the real problems are .

    Many thanks Gaute, you made me happy today. 8)


    (edit: gah, that spelling nano needs an upgrade)

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    Cool Soloing/Cooperative

    I've teamed in the past and enjoyed it but it seems easier to gain what we aim at (cash, xp and better inventory)solo. Yes, it is easier to kill when there are 2-3 around, but on a purely xp/sec./risk ratio, it just seems easier to solo.

    There are a few ways of dealing with it but IMO the easiest way of doing that would be to increase the itemdrop if several targets brought it down.

    I've played a few classes available, and particularly the NT & the Eng. I find that the NT is fun to play due to the sheer damage you can deal out and thus don't really find him unbalanced.

    Engs on the other hand rely on their Bot to do the damage, you're not going to do much damage with pistols. And I'll agree with others that the buffs possessed by Engs don't seem that useful or numerous. Having a boost in AC is good, no doubt there, but they soon become redundant. And having dam. reflection is quite fun, but it just doesn't seem to stand up to the job. Even if the dam. returned was upped by 20-25%, it would help and it would make those NPs more useful. I also find that the lack of Trade or Nano skill buffs is quite unfortunate. Even a +10 over the expertise buff would help.

    But maybe I'm wrong (wouldn't be the first time) and others find it otherwise. I'm fairly new to AO & I like the ability to play without having to powergame. I don't think that adding uber-skills, items or nps will help anyone, but maybe a little tilt in favour of certain classes would be a good idea.

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    Thumbs up The heals

    First of all I would like to say that you guys in FC do a good job, and have a much better grasp on customer relations than other companies running online RPGs out there. I personally come from playing Ultima Online, and I'm delighted with the feedback we recieve here (which was, unfortunatly, not the case back in good ol' UO) and the speed you fix things, based on OUR comments is also great. It's nice to know that our opinions are valued and that you take your time testing new solutions before releasing them. Some don't work out the way they were intended, but most do.

    I liked the idea of "family-hate" and the stakes increasing (along with the reward), because it makes it more challenging to hunt for us. You suddenly can't camp that good ol' Shades spot in Greater Tir County forever, you have to work hard, using your wits. Some people might disagree with me here, but I like a good tactical challenge...

    One thing I am worried about though... Increasing the heals for MAs and Adventurers too much... I allready see decrease in popularity around the Doctors from other players because people can do without them because of MPs and MAs in a group (believe me I have allready been kicked out of a group because "Our MA heals almost as good as you do, and he does damage too". I'm not saying that you should do anything about the Docs (I reckon they are fine like they are), but I really hope you are careful about upping the heals of other classes so it makes the Doc an even more unwanted class in a group. Or that's the way I feel now when I have to spend 1-5 hours advertising for a group and I get no reply.

    So please be careful...

    Doctor level 88
    The Clans
    Rubi-Ka 2

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    My thoughts

    Great article. I really respect you for taking a risk on sharing your thinking with us. Many players are just waiting for something to raise arms about.

    I think a lot of times your conclusions and the players conclusions are often very different. I don't know how you can improve this, but to solicit specific examples from users who are complaining. Or perhaps copying their characters to make their points.

    * * * Suport Healers:

    I have played two professions, each to the mid fifties: an adventurer and a martial artist. With regard to support healing, my conclusions where that adventurers can be fairly effective, but martial artists are not good enough healers to be effective. I have actually tailored my adventurer to be healing focused, because minimum damage problems means that my adventurer is not effective at dealing combat damage (she uses pistols). I have found that against orange mobs, she can't keep a team alive without the assistance of another support healer.

    * * * Concealment:

    I also tried conceal with my adventurer. It worked in the begining, but doesn't work now so I gave up on it. I dont think you should give up on the fact that a problem exists. If you need to, grab a person who is struggling with this and have them show you.

    * * * Minimum Damage:

    This is an area where you really need to offer improvement. Those characters with fast weapons who do less damage are getting destroyed out there because of the minimum damage issue. My adventurer's pistols have a max damage around 85 and she only does minimum damage against most monsters her level. My martial artist is also starting to have this problem. There is a real problem with the martial artist in that at level 20 using a 2he weapon, I was slaying yellow mobs easily. Now, at level 55, I am hitting the minimum damage wall and am extremely ineffective. One easy change you can make is to make minimum damage a range, so that even if the armor is absorbing the damage completely, there is some change of doing a little more damage. Also, I have been told that monsters have even AC across the board, so there is no advantage to using different damage types against monsters. I hope that this is not true, because this would really remove a good strategic element. Making sure this is not the case would help with minimum damage issues.

    * * * Adventurer:

    The adventurer really needs some loving! Minimum damage changes would help. I heard that there is a multi-wield edges nano coming .. what about multi-wield ranged??? Pistol users need much more help than rider executioner users. I think that adventuers (since they are travellers) should have the best speed buffs in the game. But their speed buffs are SO LAME compared to other professions. Team terrain knowledge is really weak. Also, their damage shields are very weak .. coat of barbs, that does 1 point of damage is truely ineffective. In terms of what needs to be added .. better speed buffs, a navigation buff, a summon reet line of buffs where they are wimpy but you can have a few of them, a buff that makes monsters less likely to aggro you when travelling outdoors, and of course a multi-wield range buff.

    * * * Martial Artist:

    Fix minimum damage. Make evades work properly (do they, its hard to tell) .. someone suggested a message on evade so you know how well its working. Reduce recharge time on healing nanos. Fix bows .. what were you thinking? Bows are so horrible .. the requirements a too high, the ammo they hold is too low (3 in many cases), ammo cost is too expensive, and lots of them dont even work (buggy). Add a meditation nano that increases health and nano recharge rates when sitting down. Offer some sort of team MA nano .. martial artists should be more effective when working as a team. In terms of teaming, if MA's didn't have sub guide, no one would want to team with them: low damage, poor healing, other buffs not helpfull.

    * * * Contreversy of profession balancing versus roleplaying:

    I think that you should be aware that there is a subtle but always present conflict in the player community when it comes to roleplaying issues. Roleplayers really don't get any help from Funcom. Anytime a roleplayer brings up an issue of concern, lots of members of the 'fix my profession first' group post to their threads and say: 'how can you care about apartments when my aimed shot is broken!' Many feel that roleplaying issues are so inconsequential that any improvements in this area should wait until all profession ballancing and bug fixes are adressed. We both know that that will be a long time, if ever. Funcom supports this understanding by not adressing roleplaying issues. Even great news boards like AO-Basher have shown a lack of interest in these issues by ignoring pleas to post information about an upcoming roleplayers conference.

    My feeling is that roleplaying and social interaction is what keeps this game from becoming stale. I appreciate your efforts to try to make the game more fun from a game mechanics point of view, but there is a feeling among roleplayers that if you provide us the right tools, we can make our own fun. One example is a recent article about player run events. It seemed to suggest that players running events could get the help of GMs and announcements about certain improved GM features in 13.6 seemed to support this, but there is no mechanism for requesting the help of GMs for player run events. I had a discussion with a GM about this yesterday and he said that there was nothing in place and the only way to get help would be to petition.

    Improvements you can make in this area include increasing the apartment item limit from 10, allowing apartment key duplication, adding more furniture, including solid tables, chairs, and sofas, adding more social clothing, making foodstuffs and alchohol actually do something when consumed, adding social emotes (wasn't there a whole article/thread about this, any progess here?) including the ability to lay down, adding more tradeskills to encourage player interaction. And what we need more than anything in the world is the ability to write something down on a piece of paper and hand it to someone!!!


    * * * Thank You

    Thank you for listening, and for reading my rant about roleplaying issues.

    - Szentasha, Unity of the Rose.
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    Hey, nice article. It is great to hear about a little of the in-house concern FC has for the game. It only seems sometimes that you all feel we should just "eat cake".

    Getting on to my reasons for posting here:

    Team hunting areas

    Back in patch 13.1 or so, FC killed just about every spawning area in clan territory, and now Mort is totally useless.
    Yes, mort was a place where ranged fighters and pet owners could go, the borg hate melee types, and they would kill us on sight in preference to any others, not to mention they punch and shoot us to death, while only shooting the others.

    I have been playing since August, and the "Looking for team" channel was busy, it was actually a very useful part of the game for getting teams together. But tragically over the last two months the channel is silent for hours. most times the channel is silent for hours with maybe two requests for teams. Destroying our hunting areas and the "let's order a pizza" spawn rates have really harmed the game for Clan. How can I explain how terrible that patch was?? I believe it was also the Agent nerf patch too. We clan need a place to hunt in and around Tir and Athen and in Avalon.

    FC continues to kill Clan hunt areas. Just ask a Neutral or Omni-Tech player if they have any desire to go to a Clan territory hunting area? Heck no! We have so few I can list them here:

    Aegean The vulture pitt at the Tooth, one team hunt area, and slow, slow, slow spawn.

    Greater Tir county The Shades, one team hunt area, and slow, slow, slow spawn.
    The scorpian Pitt, Bot Mountain and maybe Whale Woods one team hunt area, and slow, slow, slow spawn.
    The Temple, used to be a place where three teams could hunt, now it's a joke for one.

    Avalon The Cyborg camp, heavily campped, not a hunting area, just a place to camp and shoot.
    The Factory, very very slow spawns, too slow for even one team at times.

    That's about it! If you are a level 30+ character there is really no where to go in clan territory. If you get a team together to hunt any of the GTC, Aegean, Waliling Wastes, Athen, Athen Shire or Avalon............ there is squat to hunt there. Thank God for VW, it has some monsters there, but nothing all that great.

    Get the picture here. Even the places where one team can hunt, you spend your time running around trying to find a monster to attack because of the sloooooow spawns. The article was great, all about teamwork and hunts,and new possibilities of nano programs that help the team., but you first have to have places where we can hunt.

    I can go to 20K, Lush Fields, Harry's, Pleasent Meadows and there are butt loads of places to hunt. High spawn rates, good variety of monsters with different levels, and even little caves you can duck into if the fighting gets tough. That really is silly, a cave right on top of the low level shades spawn area in Lush fields, and the spawn rate is really high, about like the Temple used to be.

    From Steroidjerk's post of Omni hunting areas:
    Mutie Camp just outside ent in the forest.
    Mutie Camp east of baraxs.
    Mutie Camp south of that one
    SW pipe in lush near op
    SW mine in lush
    NW mine in lush
    VB's in 20k
    Shades Shade Shades OMG MORE SHADES
    Bothackers + Claw Camp

    I've never been to some of these places, but the ones I have been to have nice spawn rates and are fun to hunt, a real disapointment if I look at clan areas. Seems like there is also an OT advantage in hunting areas as well as equipment and shopping discounts. Not to mention the "Gee I'm bored, wanna camp the grid?" clan hunting spots.

    Sorry, this is turning into a book. It just seems if I don't sound off, FC will think it's all roses here.

    Give us back our hunting grounds, bump up the spawn rates and monster counts. Fix the basics reason for a team hunt, we need to have something to HUNT. Why else are there people sitting at the VW bridge to hunt one bully??? It's because there is nothing else left to do.

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    I just wanted to throw a quick comment in... since Camelot is Pvp, and that is not my play style of choice, I was pleased when I read this: "People said a BIIG yes to team missions! We shall try our very best!"

    I hope that this isn't one of those "wait until 2003, it's gonna be great!" things. Team missions are what I feel is the only way around unique loot and the static dungeons of Pvp gankers. As a side note, I would also like to mention that I'm very pleased that missions have been altered with pet classes in mind.

    The game is improving for me quite a bit. I remember it in beta, and it's a completely different game now... a much better one in fact. Please keep team missions in mind though as I'm getting very bored with taking teams on solo missions and even more bored of hunting outside and having to fight over spawning grounds with other teams. Hopefully team missions would put some life back into it.

    Oh, and as long as my short note is getting a bit long... I would like to mention that the GUI for the mission terminals should get some immediate attention. Right now, AOMD ( is the only way that I will look for missions. The current mission terminal GUI seems poorly planned and requires way too much scrolling. Anyone who is level 10 or higher has read the dang mission "descriptions" and shouldn't have to wade through tons of the SAME text everytime to find the 3 important things:
    1) Where is it?
    2) What am I looking for/fixing/killing/etc?
    3) What will I get for it?
    The description for the level should become a secondary thing. Like I said, everyone has already read the mission story/description far too many times for it to be of any interest to us. Now it is just an annoyance.

    A follow up question would be, why are their six slots in the mission GUI but only five of them are used? That last slot is such a waste of space. I doubt that giving us an extra mission possibility per use of the terminal would cause the AO economy to spiral down the drain. Also, why can we only hold 3 missions at a time when there is space for 6?

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    by Gaute Godager - Game Director, Anarchy Online - Thu, 07 Feb 2002 23:00:00 Universal
    A question raised is whether the two secondary healing professions can be of any use? I am thinking of the Adventurer and the Martial Artist. Although the Doctor will always be the best healer, I'm not sure how good the two others are.

    A guild had a healer stand off, to see who was the better healer. Before I tell you what class won, and it may suprise you, I want to discuss the MA's healing a bit.

    The Doctor, hands down, should be the best healer in the game. According to the description of the classes the MA should be next in line, and then the Adventurer. The Trader, Fixer and Soldier have some heals too eh. But like every other nano the soldier has, the heal nanos they have suck.

    As it works now, the MA's heals are so slow to recharge, after they are cast, that we or our teammates die waiting for the spell to be available again. The MA's healing aura takes 7 seconds to recharge, I'd like to see them recharge a little faster. Currently an Adventurer and trader can way out heal my level 80 MA. I'm so slow, sometimes people are not even aware that I healed them. The heals from an Adventurer cast very quickly compared to an MA.

    Getting back to the healer standoff, the trader was the winner. Yes! A level 113 trader out healed a level 120 Doctor in raw healing power. They just healed a teammate as quickly as they could, and the doc lost. So much for the MA bieng second to the doc, the MA is fourth behind the Adventurer.
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    Talking Happy yet Sad

    I really must praise you guys on your interaction with players and addressing their needs. Real top-notch.

    Now if your tech-support was half as capable I would actually be able to play the game. If I get another reply from "support" asking me 'have you updated to the latest DirectX drivers?,' heads are going to roll. They say if you give a monkey a million years at a keyboard he'll type a Shakespeare play. Seems by now I would have gotten a useful reply.


    sorry to rant. feeling bitter since I just got billed. game hasn't worked for 2 weeks now. i must be suffering withdrawl symptoms. *shiver*

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    Heh page 5... no one's ever going to see this. Such is life I suppose.

    Each profession's ability to team, and their usefulness in teams.

    The feedback on this surprised me a little. Quite a few people thought we should improve and focus existing abilities and professions, instead of sharing them ("watering them out") among other professions. There were some exceptions, and I will talk about them soon.
    This is like a living extension of the "Doctors need lots of green weapon skills" argument. and in the dumbfounding words of Dr. Sent, "Hey ignorant Jackass! Docs ARE a fighting class." Utter nonsense.

    The sight of an Attrox doc carrying a beam makes me want to vommit. Doctors are not (should not be) a good-for-all. I know everyone wants soloability, but doctors are doctors. Healers. Not a soldier with the ability to heal. Doctors can blitz missions with the best of them. If 1000 hp (+ minor HoT), a major short-term HoT, and a green first-aid skill isn't enough for you to blitz a mission, you aren't trying hard enough. With the ability to blitz missions to gain funds, combined with Pharma tech, combat is NOT necessary. If you disagree ask for a look at my gear. Focus the doctor class to healing, not fighting. I think it would bring a lot to the game, and hopefully take a little from it (twinked, 10th level, beam wielding, PvP oriented doctors).

    If trimming back the combat skills of the doctor class is not an option (due to the flood of complaints to ensue), make benefits for any non-combat doc. If a doctor isn't wielding a weapon (drinks are ok!), make it so guards from other factions don't aggro them (honorable war and what not). And while I'm distributing my wild and fantastc ideas, I want a pony. NoDrop of course.
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    Another fixer here with my thoughts on our solo/team abilities...


    Like John Mclain said, these are pretty important if you intend to solo, but right around level 70 or so their usefulness drops off. The next upgrade from "Detailed Medical Claim" is an enormous leap costing many tens of thousands of ip into 3 dark blue skills. At this point, the only reasoning behind using them is "every little bit helps". Making the better HoT's last longer is one way to make them better. An alternative could be to make them heal more OR faster. Another alternative could be to make them add to the DMS similar to grid armor but on a much smaller scale, like say 10 or 20 or increasing with better hots, or maybe just a small AC buff. NCU cost for soloing isn't a big deal unless you are getting buffs from other people before heading out, for teaming the ncu cost is simply too much for the amount of return the recipient gets out of it. Too many times in a last ditch effort to save a teammate who is trying to escape i've gotten the "not enough room" message. On the positive side, the times they DID have the room, it has frequently made the difference between them living and dying.


    Great for travel and escape and one of the more defining characteristics of the fixer. They are OK as is but could use a little boost to make them more appealing when you compare them to other professions evade buffs. Nothing big, maybe a slightly higher evade buff for the lower ql versions, or a ranged init buff, or a small DMS buff. Any of those would make sense and make them more friendly for combat use in solo or to be a welcome addition to a team.

    Roots & Snares

    I like both Gaute's and John Mclains ideas concerning roots. An alternative idea could be to give roots a hefty evade debuff making the chance of a critical hit very likely in the one or two shots it takes to break the root. Snares definitely need some work, in a solo situation they are of limited use. As a fixer your runspeed + runbuff is usually enough to provide a fast escape, snaring your enemy is just gravy, if you need crowd control in a solo situation, rooting is much more effective. In a team situation they are a little more useful giving time for others or yourself to root adds, but it is very rare to be in a situation where there are more than 1 or 2 adds which are more effectively taken care of with a root or mez. I'd like to see our snares give an evades debuff and/or init debuff and get rid of Luck's Fickle Fate.


    Whether we like it or not, these are supposed to enhance our friendliness in a group and enhance our solo abilities. Personally, I like them a lot and see a lot of potential, but they unfortunately they don't live up to it. The #1 problem is the unability to control what is summoned. No team wants to wait for 20 minutes while I try to summon a specific item that could help out someone in the team, not to mention the hit to my pocketbook. The #2 problem is that hardly anything summonable is worth giving a second look at. For the ql20/40/60/80/100 summons, there is only ONE unique item, the Duke Lugger SMP. For ql120 and 140 there are SIX*, I won't go into detail but they are for the most part all useless. My solution is to cut out all the crap and replace it with fewer items that are only obtainable by us summoning them. Instead of being able to summon 60 different pieces of armor, replace them with a few different suits of social armor OR back armor with each suit providing some type of special benefit that could be enjoyed by almost any profession. One example would be a medical combat suit, gives ac's similar to how battle suits do but lower of course, and gives bonuses to things like treatment, first aid, bio met, mat met, time space, some extra max health and a built in nano heal delta modifier to recover nano pool faster. Just perfect for the teammate who is playing doc, whether its an actual doc, or an advent or ma filling in as doc and only available if a fixer is in the team(fix the items not disappearing in bank thing). Same thing for the weapons, make 5 or 6 different weapons that provide some kind of unique benefit and do worthwhile damage. Grid armor, make the nano available as a mission reward and i'd consider us a quarter to halfway to being fixed for our solo ability.

  18. #98

    fixer still suck

    i just read teh articel and i mentiond that FC focus on the Agent.

    R U CRAZY???

    i played with a lvl 42 agent and im a lvl 47 agent. he had nrealy no problems awlking through the mission. he sneaks all the time, was realy discoverd and his aimed shot does dmg like hell.

    then me, the poor little fixer. all i have is my my ql 62 MCS and a little hot. on mob is nor problem for me but if there r more then 2 i have a real big problem. but thats not the problem with the fixer.
    i can handle that fixers suck in soloing mission. even in PVP we suck like hell.

    but we have just no use for the game. we dont have any teamspells (except the gridphreak), our dmg is also useless. alls we have is our dam runbuff. who wants a runnbuff??? in a team u dont want to tun away like a chicken.

    the biggest problem are our dark blue nanoskillz. we cant use our trade skillz cause we have to put all IP´'s into nano in theres just no ip left for trade skillz.

    FC u failed ut job. me and many otehr fixers r pissed. if i could i would hack the stupid game in improve the fixer myself, and im not far away to do so.

    u dont even give us an answer why we dont get a update. "we have to omprove agents." god dam u! they r uber anyway. the can be any class they want. thats far enough for them.

    so ppppllllzzzzzz give fixers a chance. change our nano skillz or just lower the reqs. we r a dieyng proff.

  19. #99
    I agree 100%. I have a level 59 Agent, and she has a terrible time doing missions, she can deal out the damage, no question there, but she is basically a gimpped Soldier. Can't sneak anything, Aimed Shot (AS) works very seldom, and does normal damage 95% of the time. A Trader or Engineer with a Vector can out crit any of my aimed Shots so far. I have had one AS for 1400 and one for 1300, both against a grey while doing target practice. My Engineer and Trader buddies do 1000-1400 point crits every other fight and sometimes twice in one fight. A Trader vs an Agent?? They destroy us, but ya never hear people wanting to nerf Traders.

    You cannot play an Agent as an Agent, you must go in/out of FP, and then you have the slowest casting times, like a Trader warping to the grid, when we are just casting a general weapon expertise nano.

    If a Soldier is nothing but green weapon skills and a MK Shield, then an Agent in FP is truly a gimpped Soldier with light blue weapon skills no MK Shield.

    So all you "I've never played an agent, but I saw one do a 2k aimed Shot once" "I hate Agents" bandwagon climbing toadies, get off the Agent's case already.

    The Fixer

    Needs fixing, when was the last time you saw a fixer, and everyone in the team was spaming "Recruit the Fixer"? Never, unless they want a speed buff. I have never palyed one, but they seem to be rather useless, like an adventurer. I have seen none, zero, noda uberness surrounding the fixer since they "fixed" the fixer. "Hey can ya summon some ammo for me?" FC needs to listen to the Fixer community, what the heck is the fixer supposed to be good at, speed buffs? The Engineer has the uber Beacon Warp that should have been the Fixer's IMHO.


    Apparently some people in this forum want to nerf once again, what an original concept, so far reaching and inventive as a solution.

    Wants to nerf the healing of other healer classes, so his doc can be seen as the better healer. One thing I am worried about though... Increasing the heals for MAs and Adventurers too much... I allready see decrease in popularity around the Doctors from other players because people can do without them because of MPs and MAs in a group

    MAs are supposed to heal well, but we heal so slow it's funny. I will agree the doc needs some loving, but don't begrudge my class our fixes. The mobs have a hate list, and melee fighters {MA's} are at the very top. We heal others, which you know aggros, and we are right there in the mobs face, so when they switch targets to us, there is no delay. We do not have the luxury of blasting a mob from 30m away with weapons or nukes. The Cyborg punch and kick and shoot us, so we need better AC buffs and heals. And, for crying out loud, a doc can out heal me like there is no tomorrow. There is no comparision, the doc out heals MAs by leaps and bounds.

    Wants to Take area effect snares away from the Fixer. These changes would really take away from the Bureaucrats domain.

    Crap, what a winner, shut up. Crats root, shoot, mez, nuke and have a back up set of duel Homearms Defenders. So don't begrudge the tidbits FC tosses to the Fixer.

    Oh and>>>> Make snares last from 3s in the beginning to about 20s at high lvls. Make them unbreakable.

    Not a nerf, but can you say recast root over and over until the Enforcer is pushing up daisys?

    You whinners need to rethink your ideas. Ask that your class get a little boost, not drag us all down. You sound like a bunch of liberals that want everyone equally miserable, how about making things better for everyone instead?

  20. #100

    Thumbs down No, no, no

    Sorry, guys, but no way would it be right to improve the healing abilities of any class other then the one that is DEFINED by healing, The Doctor.

    Doctors have already been marginalized by that GODDAM healing pet of the GODDAM MP's.

    Am I the only one that's noticed how it's getting harder and harder to find a Doc when you want to group? Well, it's the f****** MP's that have chased them out.

    Nerf the MP heal pet HARD, right NOW!

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