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Thread: Tips on a nanomage enf?

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    Tips on a nanomage enf?

    I wanted to make an enf, because of all the nifty new weapons and such from the temple, and I was looking for something different than the normal 'trox enf. I decided to make a nano enf, which, I must say, is something I've never seen before in my 97 levels of clan soldier gimpyness. So I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on making a nano enf, or warnings of straying down a path leading to a massive time sink. I wanted to go dual-wielding 1he weapons or with a 2he weapon, is that a viable path as a nanomage?
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    I don't know what i am doing!!!!
    Ignore me...

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    i got a little 64 nano enf atm dont see much difference between the breeds got 3.5 hp self buffed out dmg most he noobs my lvl so hard to tell how good im doin :< but i was casting the 2nd mongo around 50ish forgot the name :[

    i went 1hb for awhile did ok pvm but takes tons of ip and i was gimping myself pretty much in other areas so i went to katana celebrity which im very happy with and deffintly do more dmg than i did with pipes/alloy and the 1hb bats you get from the weapon vendor

    and there are a couple lvl200 nano enfs 1 i think logins regularly might talk to him a little
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    I would use 2he.

    2he = less ip and less skills to use. Plus it does good damage.
    Concentrate more on nanoskills that on weapons skills...

    Get Shades of Lub if you can!

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    This is a bit more difficult route than Atrox / Solitus, but doable. Relying on earlier nanos will help you of course, but you'll have a few gaps in your levelling when you have this benefit.

    Have fun and stick with this choice : cookie cutters should be drown in bile.
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    should be quite nifty considering nanopool. After overtuning my tank armor, I finally had enough nano to cast my best challenger. yeah.. so.. after that no nanopool :\ Having a greater nanopool = more mongo and rage I think it will be pretty good at least in the low lvls.
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    My nanomage enf is lvl 178 now , I use a hammer.

    I can solo ql 195 mission even if some mobs takes some extra time.

    What keeps me alive ?

    Mostley fear nano , that gives me time to heal , I cast alot of mongo crush, and it happens that I renew layered nano during the fight.

    I have a carbon armor ql 200 on me , and shades on head, That gives me the possibilitys to cast any nano that is important during battle.

    So well ....... my suggestion is to go with hammer, max melee init, put in a flurry, and keep rage nano and physical dominance running as mutch as you can, also put alot into nano init for fast execution of mongo, and well , keep the evades high , and nanopool too so you can chainmongo in a fight.

    If you team with a doc and are hunting you may be able to chainmongo with his support, and take all aggro and they team kill all aggro and you live through the experience.

    Well this is my suggestions, I hope it will help some


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    You dont need much nano init to cast mongo fast, its fast enough as it is without any :P

    But I did max it to cast layers (fast!).

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    As I'm still the only lvl 200 nanoenforcer I know of I might as well answer this thread in my own way. I'll try to comment the most common questions and comments I have had during my almost 1,5 years of being a nanoenforcer...

    -Uhu, nanoenforcer, dats no good...
    -Watch me...

    -What on earth made you want to play nanomage enforcer?
    -I just wanted to try something different and unique (which it was until just a few months ago), surprisingly enough it worked out rather good.

    -Nanomage enforcer? I didn't know they even existed.
    -They told me at the academy I could be any profession i wanted...

    -Don't you have awfully little HP?
    -I guess so... depending on what and who you are comparing to, I only have a little over 10k hp self buffed, but then I don't exactly have any of the "uberequipment" like azure armour, notum tanks , life towers and other hp buffing equipment everyone else seem to be walking around with nowadays.

    -How much nano do you have then?
    -Oh, only 5,4k...

    -Is it really necessary to have that much nano as an enforcer?
    -Yes, it helps alot actually as enforcers seems to be one of the most nanousing professions in the game... atleast if played like I happen to play them.

    -Do you really have more in nanoskills compared to an atrox?
    -I think so, I could selfcast both behemoth and crush quite early (around lvl 155-163 something...) back in the days when towerbonuses and guildadvantages was only a free idea flying around in the air up there in norway... I currently can selfbuff most of my nanoskills up to around 790 (SI and MM a little lower) if i remember correctly.

    -Doesn't an atrox have alot more attackrating?
    -I actually do not know, I currently have around 1380 selfbuffed with challenger (which I always use if I'm not supposed to spam layers on someone...)

    -What armour are you using?
    -A mix of Corona, CAS, Fredrikson sleeves, Pest sleeve, Spiritual rites, Jones vest, smelly butcher's gloves; all depending on situation and the weapons i currently use.

    -What armour did you use at lower levels?
    -Waitt, Waitt, Waitt and umm, nano until I noticed that, you guessed it, Waitt is much much better. Although a pair of shades of lucubration made me able to use the ql I wanted.

    -What weapons are you using?
    -Either EQB or Enhanced Scissor/Slayer Claw combo depending on what I feel like using at the moment.

    -What weapons did you use at lower levels?
    -I'M NOT A GIMP!!

    -Uh, seriously?
    -Ok, I used a pipe/wakizashi combo (or however it is spelled)... and before you all start laughing at me, I did outdamage most people anyway, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to do the same... And when that combo started doing minimum damage to everything and everyone I changed to pipe/alloy. And when I finally got tired of the constant low hits of 1hb I believe I was the first to change to Byom/scissor and when I got tired of that I changed to Enhanced scissor/rider, which I still thinks is one of the best combos I have used, atleast with a 8% scope, and it got even better when they fiexed challenger. Only problem with the rider/escissor combo was the rider made my tiny little self look like I was going to fall over.

    -Hey! Don't use a damageshield you stupid enforcer, you are breaking my calms!
    -I'm not, I'm only using rage.
    -Then stop doing that!
    -No, I can't live without rage. DIE CRAT, DIE!
    /Silly Crat has left your team...

    -Do you ever use layers?
    -Yes, sometimes, either when soloing something nasty or as a "healer" at highlevel boss camping as enforcerlayers are much bettar than nt layers. But nanoinit should be maxed or almost maxed to take real advantage of layers.

    -Can nanoenforcers pvp?
    -Is looks like it anyway, although I don't pvp much but I did manage to gain a Novice title (which I still have) before they fixed challenger and EQB became a viable weapon.

    -Nanomages are gimps
    -Eeeek!? I thought you were solitus...

    -Do you ever use Fear?
    -Yes, I love fear, it is alot of fun watching The One run away in panic just because you thought you targeted one of The One's rocket worms just before you hit Fear. And it works wonders on lvl 195 teammission bosses and lower as well... until the first person to come up starts shooting at it ofcourse.

    -Which nanomage tanks?
    -We have an enforcer...
    -* mip * meeep *
    -nanoenforcer??? ok...

    -Ok, lets see how this blitzing thing works...
    /nano bimbo buffs up
    /nano bimbo bangs her head in the first door
    -Hey, open up you stupid door!
    -Hmm, lock pick, lock pick, ah there...
    /nano bimbo bangs her head in the door again
    -Hey! I thought I unlocked you! Err, ooops, looks like I can't unlock it...
    /nano bimbe decides it is a good idea to use some of next level's IP on B&E...

    I hope you got some information out of my confused rambling... and yes I'm bored...
    Asynja, General of Ragnarok, the original level 200 and level 220 nanomage enforcer | Equip
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    Thanks for all your help. From what I've seen, it sounds like there's not a lot to convince me to *not* go nanomage enf. Does anyone have an opinion on which of the 2he weapons from the new temple are the best? Or are they all fairly even? Finally, does anyone know how much Shades of Lucubration go for? Or what levels you need to kill the mob that drops it?

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    Shades of Lub run 50 mill - with extraordinary consistency. Mick McMullet drops them out in Clon**** (1100,3700). You don't need to be in any way uber to kill him. You do need to be uber to outdamage the 23 other level 200s camping him. 18 hour spawns kinda suck that way.

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    Fish. Well, thanks for the info. Guess I'll just have to wait until I have 50m to buy a pair, because 18 hour spawns suck and so does outdamaging 23+ 200ish peeps.

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    I got a 49 nano enf I've been using in the temple and he's rocking the place to shreds with those 1hb skulls. I even took him to the arena and rocked a atrox enf out the box, I mean I smoked this guy bad and he was in decent armor and looked well equiped to me.

    He's got about 2k hp with mongo up atm I think. Using all those cool rings and cloaks and stuff.

    skull of woe/skull of lamentation 1.0/1.0 with fast attack fire and cold dmg.

    I outdamage ma's alot with this char, He hits for about 160-300 every 1.5 seconds avg dmg around 240 and crits like a maniac for about 350-390. Low hits are around 140. And he's still in ql 50 implants!

    I can tank with him too on full def and hold aggro, I'm pretty amazed how this char plays but I don't think I'd take him to 200, he's kinda a wierd experiment in rp/pvm.

    I'm allready seeing the pinch on ip in str/sta/agil aswell, esp agil which some of the implants are based on for the 1hb setup. Agil and Str are hard, luckily you can implant it at lower lvl well to get the other implants in.

    I think at some point the twinkage factor will catch up though and those core skills will make a difference, the nanopool and intel are the real strong points here though.

    (edit) Wanted to mention that those 1hb skulls are wicked weapons and make up alot of this char, that and experience playing enf allready anyway.
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    I play a (currently) level 161 nano mage enforcer. IMHO, you would do better with an atrox enforcer, but what's the fun in that?

    The real big disadvantage with nano-enf is not the fact that you have blue or dark blue str/agi/sta/sense skills to up. The real disadvantage is that you get 2 HP points for each Body Dev you invest in. In addition you will need to up those said abilities or you won't stand a chance. I have played this game for 1 1/2 years and I have leveled this character quickly, my advice is as follows:

    - Get one of white bats from the arms dealer in SFH, and use them until a pipe/alloy combo makes more damage.

    - Use biomech as your primary armor. This make implanting easy, has OK AC (except radiation) and gives you teams fast (everyone want a doc or an enforcer in their teams.) I still use some biomech parts, althou' I have exchange most of them for items like fredrickson sleeve, CAS body, etc.

    - Nanos are important. This was the advantage you were hoping to gain in the first place, by going nano, but really this advantage is marginal. If I can get my hand on a new head/eye implant I can easily do behemoth at my level. I only have one TV egg and none of the west/sunglasses that gives extra int/psy.

    - Never do nanomage enforcer as your first character. Why? Well, because to counter for the less HP, you have to tweak your armor and weapon more regulary.

    - Evades. Another way to counter for less HP is maxing your evades. I started doing this early.

    Well, that is all I can think about atm.
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    Yea, heres an Idea, dont make a Nanomage, lol, thats got to be the WORSE enforcer build i've ever seen (i have duel a level 150 nano mage enforcer) . He was pitifull, I killed him in a about 3 hits. I'm an opifex enforcer. Life is good to me ^_^

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    Nanomage enforcers dont have to worry about hp at all.

    Saying that one died in 3 hits is just stupid. I too have a little over 10k hp as Asynja, But im Solitus.

    And again, as she said; I do not own any 'uber' Azure, or notum/af tank-armor, hp towers etc.

    You can check what armor I wear in my sig, I changed over too a few S08 as It gives me more ac than MKII Corona, I lose a little hp and ncu.

    No, I cant live with the setup I have now, I can just fit rrfe and OS on and thats it. Rest of my buffs just fit in ;p

    5.4k nano pool is nice too.
    I have 4.7 with flesh hood, minus 300 if i use spiritual rites helm, but they are both ugly so I use mkii.

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    Don't listen to 7th... he's started playing in Feburary.

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    Don’t listen to Blank Alias he is a liar, and just plane stupid to top it off.

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    you spelt plane wrong, stupid

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    lol <3
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