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Thread: PvP "balancing"

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    PvP "balancing"

    Here is a CLEAR example of your marvelous PvP patch.

    i am a lvl 113 soldier with a HIGH lvl nova

    i went to 2ho alone, whompaed in so i woudnt get grid camped, ran over to the grid, there i see a 92 MP and i think, this could be fun, then i attack him, no problem, i cast my MK, and then i attack him. i cant even touch him since hes healing pet heals for twice the damage i can deal ( and i am 20 lvls above him, HELLO!) so after my MK wears off i die.

    then i decide to get some revenge, i get a 112 enfocer friend, get my hp to 4k and go back, when BOTH of us attack we still cant touch hes hp, so we decide to go for the healing pet, we manage to kill it after some time, then he just recasts it, and after taking all that beating from attack pet and him we are at 50% hp. but we keep going, within the time he used to cast the new healing pet we got him to 50% hp (took him 5 secs) then he gets hp back to full since hes healing pet is back up, and he kills us both since we cant kill the new healing pet before he and hes attack pet kills us.

    SO im really pissed, two lvl 113s cant kill a god damn lvl 92.
    so i decide to get 2 new friends, now we are one 112 enf, 113 soldier 120 trader and 120 soldier.

    we do it all over again, he just recast healign pet when it dies, and when we finaly got him to 25% hp he just ran off to whompa and we got attacked by all the guards!!

    then he zoned , you encourage people like drmasirito to just zone when they actually might lose a fight.

    so this should even for funcom be quite clear to see that SOMETHIGN is wrong with this pvp system. if you just removed the 50% damage cap it might get better, with just the 40% special attack cap in.

    or cap healing to 50% as damage is.

    come on, 112 enf,113 sol,120 trader and a 120 soldier SHOUD be able to kill a freakin 92.

    and PLEASE remove those guards from 2ho, you are making it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    easy for Omni to just run away from a fight, then guards attack clans and we die.

    fix this fast, and if u agree please just post once and say it.
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    Talking 8)

    All I have to say is:

    now you know what its like pre-pvp fix for all classes besides agent/soldier

    Also, 2ho is an omni base, you dont think guards will be there?


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    r u serious?

    Omg... Did you just ased that omni guards should be removed??? Have you just sad that omni guards are too dangeros to have around? Hmm... lets break this down a min here....

    2h0=omni territory
    Amnesty=you can walk through there
    you attack omni=bad
    guards kill you=good

    Sods about right... fie we take the guards out of 2h0 you take the guards out of Avalon, Fair enough? I have missions in avalon that the guards make hard for me to get to... souds like a good trade off to you?

    I do however agree about the healing... it takes a group of 6 to kill even one yellow with a healer or a high lvl meta
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    I kinda agree, a LvL 92 should not stand a chanse against 2 x lvl 112. And the 40% cap on specials had prolly been anough to make PvP last longer than before, then we would not have that agent who as for 6,5k dmg or an soldier FA for 8,5 k DMG. The instakill was some of the things that made some fig-prof unable to go toe on toe with other figt-prof.
    And maybe the 40% cap would be anough to solve most of that isue. BTW oldiers still has theyr alphastrike, i've seen it in action, but it's more rare then it was before 13.0.

    And next patch will cap the dmg of pets down to 1/2, so don't worry it will be nerfed.

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    Revalation are you stupid? avalon is a 75% zone, with guards, 2ho is a place where you are SUPPOSED to kill other players.

    so if the guards are there that will give OT an unfair advantage.

    i aint asking to remove the guards in ent or trade

    pvp is suposed to be balanced, now its not. both because of the guards and the pvp changes

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    Omni Territory = Omni Guards

    Sorry, but if I ran a mine in a dangerous and contested area I would post guards as well. Though honestly the guards seem to be there mostly to minimize wompa camping. And if it wern't for the dang amenesty nerfing the guards you dang clanners wouldn't be able to hang by the wompa and pop Omni employees as they exited. (And they can.. my guild leader wompaed in and said it was not too bed.. I owmpaed in and some hidden clanner rooted me as I womped in adn then proceded to kill me.. (Since I'm lvl 91 now its just so much fun getting nailed by some lvl 120+ player before I have time to even look around and get a target.) Sure my fellow Omni employees wasted his camping ass but point is that the guards are there for a reason. (too bad amensty FUBARed their function.)

    Personally 2HO and even worse MMD are terrible PvP areas. In my opinion a ideal PvP zone would require travel to get to and contain NO 75% or 100% areas except maybe at the zone boundries. The "save" points should be a distance away in 75% zones.

    And idealy oh am I moving out into nevernever land here..
    The zone should contain maybe 10-20 small outposts w/ no wompa or grid points but include save, reclaim, and bank points. At the start these ouposts would be divided 50% / 50% clan and omni. These outposts would be guarded by the current faction's guards and employees. These outposts could be captued by killing all the guards and activating some heavily guarded terminal. Upon which the guards will change to the opposing faction's guards after about 30 minutes (to allow for re-inforcements.) After a outpost is captured a zone wide message alerting everyone that a outpost has been captured. Outposts that are surrounded by only that side's outposts will be 75% - 100% zones. But outposts with any neighboring outposts held by the opposite faction will switch to 25% zones.
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