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Thread: Bug with guards and 2ho

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    Post Bug with guards and 2ho

    Whenever I get attacked by a team of 6 clans (which they pretty much only attack as) and head for the guards, if the guards catch a whif of them they go berserk and will go all the way back to the grid to kill the clans. The reason I'm reporting this is because I'm sick of being called a guard trainer. If they follow me to the guards thats their fault, but the guards should have some sort of limit on their movement, IE they can't go more than 30 feet from their post.

    While on the subject, I'd like to know how a lvl 64 soldier full autoed my lvl 38 MA while I was in the middle of a fight with a lvl 42.

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    Good idea

    See my other post under PvP bugged.

    I agree with you that this would be an acceptable solution to the "guard pulling" issue. Then if us clanners want you dead so badly that we follow you all the way to the whompah, then we deserve what we get.

    They were prollly teamed.

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