Since over-equipping seems to be such a big issue here is an idea to fix it and increase the conflict on Rubi-Ka.

Since the only ppl who can really afford to over-equip is ppl who make twinks. Otherwise you can only run missions your lvl and gain equipment your lvl. Leaving the average player at a huge disadvantage.

To fix this they should impliment 25% Dungeons for each lvl range which drops equipment a considerably higher lvl than the dungeon lvl. So if the dungeon is a lvl40-50 based dungeon have it drop equipment ql70-80.

Make these dungeons 25% so it also increases the conflict on Rubi-Ka between Clan and Omni. Making them a vital territorial battle between the 2 sides. Therefore if you want to over-equip you have the option to but you have to go fight for it. Or you can continue to lvl and recieve equipment your own QL by running missions or fighting out in normal 75% areas.