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Thread: My toughest choice, and rk-2 unbalance

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    My toughest choice, and rk-2 unbalance

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    2002-02-15 15:18:01

    I have since my first day as a rubika citizen 1 year or so ago (born in Tir BY 1), been playing as clan, first off it was because the friend of mine that asked me to start playing was clan, and later on because I like the clan side best, when it comes to the rp history of the game. Always favoured the clan citys and clan people (which is natural since its were i've spent most time).
    As a lowbie I would love to hang around at tir grid with all the "highlevel" people like athx, tibanna, and adonfff which I had enourmous respect for (after all they were blood red and had some scary looking equipment).

    Anyways, timed passed by, my soldier got lvl 200 finally, and I decided to start a new char, since soldiers did quite bad at the pvp available, and when you have no chance of ever winning, playing soon gets boring (mostly duels or go to mmd / 2ho and die to 2-3 trader/docs).

    I looked forward to notum wars, since my second char, Lordbedwyr, (my first char was a gimped one called Sirbedwyr that I rerolled after using 3 weeks to get to lvl 30 hehe, he had for the record then finally found out about implants and buffs, and had a complete ql 1 basic empty implant set equiped + using the soldier startup buffs) has been lvl 200 for several months now, and is setup for only pvp (or seldomly unique killing, but my doc is usually more appreciated at those happenings).

    Soldiers are good for one thing basicly, and that is mass pvp. I love playing those huge battles out at a ql 250 base were there are loads of clans and loads of omni alphaing on each other and trying to defend, or attack, and it can often go on for hours (usually includes quite a few times of going to and sending others to reclaim).

    I have unfortunately not seen many of these battles however. The few ones were I had most fun was when I left the united clan group bashing towers, and went off to see if I could find some omnis hiding, and chase around a bit. Sometimes i ran into 10 omnis and died, other times I had the enjoyment of sending someone to reclaim.

    The whole Notum Wars and rest of pvp on rimor has however gotten quite boring, due to there never beeing any resistance.
    When I get asked to join a tower raid or to defend a tower, by the time i'm there there is usually 50 clanners ganged up bashing towers, (when attacking) killing the random omni gridding in or stopping by. Or when defending I usually don't get to the base before omni has given up.

    I know there are quite a few skilled omni pvp'ers, and I do not at all think that this imbalance is due to omni's beeing worse at it then clanners, only reason is the number.

    As we all know this is a game, so behind that clan or omni char you hate so much there is another person pretty much just like you. I never really cathced up much with the real hate or emotional issues concerning the different sides of the struggle.

    The tough choice I have however been forced to make, is to turn my lvl 200 soldier Omni.

    There are several reasons for this, several of them stated above.
    It is to make the game more fun for myself, by having someone to actually fight in a 25% tower battle zone. Having a challenge. Not beeing one of the 50 people alphaing on a random target.

    I know I alone mean little, but I do this in the hope that more will also follow the flow. The pvp in this game will not be fun if we don't have any sort of balance.

    Always winning every battle is flat out BORING

    I'm doing this in the hope of giving myself some fun, and also give my clan friends some fun. Trying to give them someone to fight against. Trying to give them a challenge, trying to make the game a bit more fun again.

    Whats the point of leveling, camping all that nice equipment, if you can never use it to smoke someone?

    Lets try make Notum Wars a fun, challenging serie of battles, between online gaming friends on different sides. I wish AO could get a bit more of the mentality that is in soccer, the teams don't hate each other, they play "friendly" mathces, they do all in their power to win, give their everything, but what would there be to gain and what would there be to win if there was no opponent...

    Ok. I'll stop rambling now...

    See you on the battlefield...

    Lordbedwyr, lvl 200 omni soldier.

    As a side note, I'm keeping most of my characters in the side they are currently in. Ghandalf will remain Clan, will remain a freedom fighter, and hopefully not lose too many friends
    Lordbedwyr 213 SOL RK2
    Ghandalf 201 DOC RK2
    Bittersweeet 182 NT RK2
    Fantazmia RK1

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    Brave, yet stupid, :P
    Least I got your little doc to annoy
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    Gonna gank you damnit!
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    Hehe welcome Lord
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    Originally posted by Kaiousama
    Gonna gank you damnit!
    You're gonna try
    Lordbedwyr 213 SOL RK2
    Ghandalf 201 DOC RK2
    Bittersweeet 182 NT RK2
    Fantazmia RK1

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    i love ghandalf
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    OMG! The Godfather of Rimor is now (partially) Omni? Yikes!
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    No, I'm not back.

    How embarrassing, after all these years it turns out I CAN'T spell **ncom with an F and a U, talk about egg on my face eh?

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