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Thread: And the final score is...

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    And the final score is...

    This might sound silly, But I would love if the leader Tower Channel did not just advisel you about which org attacked which, but also reported who won at the end? It would give you something to cheer or mourn about. It might even be an excuse for a friendly wager.

    Of course the channel really ought to be extended to everyone, but would it not be fun to be at Rompa at the time everyone getsthe message "The Omni faction ZXY takes clan faction ABC base in Andromeda". Can't you just hear the cheers from the patrons with the obligatory "Drinks are on the house" announcement?

    I must add I don't PvP. Ever. I did not even get NW. So I might be missing the point entirely. Would not be the first time either.
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    Hi savoy, long time

    Not always the controller goes down and people lose the area, but when it does, a message by the bot would be cool

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