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Thread: Been gone for a long time...How does NW work? ;p

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    Been gone for a long time...How does NW work? ;p

    So, eh, I stopped playing a few months before Notum Wars was released. I'm looking all over the official site, and can't find a lot of real INFO on what it is, what it does, and WHERE it happens...

    Can someone fill me in on the details?

    I see that there's land control and towers and all that... But WHAT land can you control? I mean, can some large guild just take over, say, Lush Fields? That would suck... hehe.

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    Welcome back


    NW is alot of fun for me. Big tower battles and lots of pvp, but currently a porly working cc (crowd control) system is ruining some of the fun. We can't have the lagg we had before CC was introduced, but they need to tweak it a bit better to make it usable.

    Read some of the posts on CC to get a better picture of how it works.

    But still lot of land changes owners and battles are pretty frequent. So it's alot of fun
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    Yeah, my question is WHERE does all this take place? I mean, is EVERYWHERE a Political PvP zone now? Would hate to be ganked running to a mission in Lush Fields...for example.

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    Well met my answer your question yes it is all over..but no you will not get gankedin some area's...You have a grace period when you come into land control area's...also some lands are not controled near missions..the case in lush that yes some area's are land control but mostly Omni controls it..though if a battle is going on and you try to run through...well u are Omni..and you will be a target..
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    Hmmm well that's no good. Blearg.

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    To find out which regions are land-controllable, look at the land-control map that you get a link to on the land control page. Then, you can go off and explore some of these regions to get an idea of their size. If you have NW already, you can toggle the land control map from your small map window and the land controllable areas will apear in green.

    Not all green areas are currently activated for land control tho, so you have to reference the land control map that you got when you logged in to see which ones are activated.

    Other than that, has some incredibly useful articles about towers, org advantages, and tradeskill processes. And beyond that, some creative exploring of the database at (Anarchy Mainframe/aka Jayde's) can get you some spefic numbers when you know what you are looking for, or just explore a bit

    Land control, like everything else in AO, is very complicated when you first look at it. However, once you get the terminology and some rules down, it gets much more straightforward.

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    Well you have a 50 second grace tho so you should be able to run/fly thru a tower battle without getting attacked. Just don't stop and watch the action :P
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