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Thread: Wow! Somebody is mopping omni!

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    Originally posted by Detonate
    Actually it was 1 month of vacation. One of the benefits of being an excutive at EDS over working at McDonalds.


    On a sidenote, you did get me on that one, because I know the entire omni population consists of you, right?!
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    Clan are not incompitent, thats a pretty harsh thing to say to an entire population.

    I will however say this.

    Attacking senselessly, day after day. Attacking with no abillity to hold or populate a base with towers, just for the sake of attacking, is absolutely STUPID.

    The things I have seen transpire over the passed week or so are absolutely childish. Taking bases and alternating 1 tower between org's of 1-3 people so that they never go 25% is (beyond the fact that its exploiting) an absolutely adolsecent.

    What did they think? We would just lay down and take it on the nose? I can count 3 FULL bases that clan took which were never actually replaced with more than a couple "place holder" towers.

    My thing is this.

    If your going to take something, take it. If your going to take it finally, do something with it.

    As far as the constant attacking goes, all they did was finally unite Omni once and for all. Fine by me!

    Next time someone gets the bright idea of going on an attacking rampage, I hope they will "think" about it first because it causes everyone significant problems. You take days to destroy a bunch of Omni bases, ALL of Omni gets mad about it and rampages you for 3-4 days. Back and forth, all the while those who are not level 200 and bored out of their minds do nothing but PVP.

    Rome was not built in a day, or two. It took years to build the empire up to it's highest point. Many leaders, many a legacy.

    You don't dominate a country in 4-5 days. You have to spend time unrooting them, slowly but surely weaken them with Cold War and other political acts.

    My point is, taking 20 bases for either side in 3 days does 1 thing and 1 thing only, it makes everyone on the loosing side REALLY mad.
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    Funny observation: I saw maybe 3 tower battles pop up yesterday, and I think that all of them were twinkers going after lowbie bases.

    So no fighting really...

    and then I'm in BS and I tab an omni, and his bonus was 10.07%

    My bonus at the same moment was... 10.07%

    It evens out, and we stop fighting. How weird.

    And on a sidenote, I coulda sworn at the height of the fighting that clan + omni bonuses were around 21.5%... the xp loss between both sides can only mean one thing: someone's gonna have to nerf some neuts. ;D
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    Heh some codex dude was claiming he did it, then he attacked our lower ql site today, when we did attack his ga at level 30 twinked ass he died in like less then 20 seconds. =) sorry dude, i hear the reclaim terms are nice this time of year.
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