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Thread: Money Suggestion

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    Money Suggestion (Salary Idea)

    Since memebers on the Omni side basicly work for Omni why not give players a salary. Every so often(you can work out the time I guess) money is placed into the characters account. How much you get would be based on your level. Those that have played Final Fantasy 8 have seen this in action and I think it would be fair for everyone. This could help Clan members as well. I haven't made a character there but I"m sure something can be written saying memebers work for a certain Clan and thus receive money for their services. The same thing for Neutrals.
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    I think the missions you do for Omni-Tek is the work you get paid for... also for clearing out unwanted vermin from the areas around the planet...
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    Commision is what that is called I think.

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