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Thread: Someone start a nerf thread plz

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    Originally posted by Letah
    Hum too bad I'm not lvl 159 anymore and on Rk2, else I'd gladly show you some doc powah

    Notice I said 80%.

    And no, them running out of nano isn't how to win, heh.


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    Originally posted by Megabio

    Heh I've always been able to kill MAs, ever since I hit level 200 back in 14.4 or something.

    As of now I generally can kill:

    Level 160> docs
    Level 170> traders
    Non-GA Fixers (GA II I can always beat, GA III is 50/50, GAIV is never)

    All of those above I will win against 80%+ of the time, NERF!

    You can kill NT's? How the "#¤!#! ;P
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    Originally posted by Hajkster

    You can kill NT's? How the "#¤!#! ;P

    Special absorb gets rid of the primary alpha damage, and then you have two options:

    A) Nullity Sphere (reflect debuff takes it down to 50%, you can't root us, your own death. After it falls, land a dimach and they are prolly dead.)

    B) Root 'n Run - A lot safer for NTs, and more annoying. Especially if you land a blind. Best thing to do is go to full def (I have 1040 NR when dueling an NT) and hope to resist all you can while your maxed and (only for rooting professions) your Nano Init NCU item lets you insta-cast the Anti-Root/Snare nano on the pet (calms are bugged so I can still attack through those). With the 50% resist to the snares/roots, and then the additional 5% from the 963 MC/TS AR buff (totaL AR Bonus from the snare and AR buff is 434) the pet will most always be attacking close enough to do damage, which is a good deal (500 dmg a hit.)

    Use /follow and try and use a FoL and dimach cause those new nukes hurt like teh devil. :/


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    I never use NS against engineers. I just Nuke and shoot sometimes then run away from the bot.. goes way to fast. =) never knew that tho.. hehe
    RK1 - Hajk - Solitus - Lvl 217/DR 16 - Nanotech - Apocalypse
    Explorer 60% / Socializer 53% / Killer 46% / Achiever 40%

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    Only time I can lose against an NT is if they get a blind and use root and run and have all the best nukes.. but that's only 1 in 100 NTs or so.


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    A smart doc can heal the dmg done to her at 150-160 quiet easely, so it would just be a matter till her dots ate away all your nano; its not that an engie can heal much (stimms only..). Add some nukes in-between and engie stares at reclaim after about 2mins. Of course init debuff the slayer with the best unstable debuff, and the engie with the best stable debuff

    Then again, not all docs might do that I don't think 80% is a good figure; then again I heard PvP is different in RK2 (still remember a lot docs in RK2 had titles, while in here it was not possible at all, smart docs on rk2 or good nondocs rk1? who knows.)

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    A smart doc can't heal the damage when the doc is stunned for 8 seconds.


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