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    Originally posted by Sarv
    I mean, do you Consider your self at war with you own side?
    Yes. Yes I do.

    Clan side is rife with so many total idiots that I feel like I'm fighting with them more than I'm fighting Omnis.
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    Bleh. I had a lengthy response to Stecoral and Sarv, but hit back on my browser. So I'm gonna close by saying, Tetz, my original post was only to tell you that the arena is filled with gankers, runners, gridders, zoners, you name it. I also said you took it in stride. There is no honor in this game anymore. Maybe long ago, but not now. Just don't expect it to disappear. If it was anyone else in your situation, it would have had the same outcome.

    To you other two buffoons-

    First off, I don't go out looking to ruin people's fun. People that get ganked are usually the ones that were too moronic to stay guilded. The same people come to arena, and THEY gank while 2 people are fighting. I answer by ganking them. You made it seem like that's all I do. Not so.
    Now, you go and make inept accusations about my in-game personality, and go as far as to say I don't grasp the concept because I have a level 103 main. Are you one of my RL friends I have that plays this game? Are you in my guild? No? Perhaps that's why you're unaware that I recently re-opened my account, after a 3 month absence, rolled an advent, and he's level 103. I'm such a noob. I also didn't say the arena was a warzone. It is however, the one place I can almost always get a fight, as Guilds keep tearing down/rebuilding towers to keep them in constant 100% suppression. But you knew that.

    I really want you to show me how my in-game persona reflects upon me as a person. You have never teamed me, never fought me, never talked to me. Sure, I'm not here to make lifelong pals, but that doesn't mean I don't stop to help the occasional new player, give creds for something you need, and I don't steal your belongings when you ask me to transfer. I'll gladly help with a tower raid, or even just team with you so you can grab a team mission for yourself. Hell, I could be a perfect angel in this game and it wouldn't reflect on who I am in real life. Same goes for me being as 'evil' as you paint me. The two have nothing in common. In RL, I wait in line, I don't cut people off when I drive, and I don't go apesh*t when there aren't fries in my order. According to your logic, I probably should cut people off, cut in line, or stick a shiv in the McDonalds worker for refusing to give me french fries. How many people here do you think you know? I'll bet you truly have no idea about them in RL. How can you?
    Maybe I should say that you both are bleeding-heart, whiny broads. That's what you sound like. I don't make the assumption, because I know nothing about you. I converse with plenty of people in this game that are nothing like the 'Ganker', 'Ninja', or 'assh*le' that they've been drawn out to be. But again, I don't really know them either. I do know that they seem like upstanding, respectable people to me - WHEN I TAKE THE TIME TO FIND OUT. They often don't care what people like you say about them, as it is a game. And that's what it boils down to. Yet the rest of you get so hot and bothered when things don't go your way. A single tear rolls down my cheek for you.

    I don't have a problem with most of the people in this Game. That also doesn't mean my values have changed. I still don't give a rats ass about any of ya, but doesn't mean I take advantage of those that have no game knowledge. When I /list in Tir, asking for a duel, and I get a response like, "How do I get to the Arena?" then I don't even bother. You patronize me by saying I do things like that, and in fact, have no proof of such. All I ever said was that I don't have a problem with ganking, especially when it's deserved. You bought into the idea bred here that I'm Rubi-Ka's original villian, with having no prior knowledge of any events leading up to the reason for this thread, or what I'm about in-game. Next time, research the topic before diving in ass-first, so your arguments and accusations might contain some validity.
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    That was a long reply...

    Just wanted to write again something, ganking is never desserved by anyone. As anyone never desserve harrasment. The little problem here is the word "desserve". Even if it's a game, you still not have the "right" to be "the punisher". You could be one, because game rules actually allow you to be one, you could do it because you think it's fun, but it's still kind of non civic activity, as the pixels you talk/fight with are human being. That's all. Ha yes, what I wrote was not completely directed to you Beer Baron, and I also wrote fast my ideas about the subject, I didn't wanted you to take it so personnaly.

    When I wrote that if you do not roleplay you are actually a reflect of what you are irl, more or less. If you behave and talk very differently than what you do irl, then you're kinda roleplaying. Does that sound wrong ?

    I do not want to say what or who you are, I was throwing ideas as they came to my mind. I try to rp in this game, but I feel, it's my point of view, respect for others, most of the time (there are always exception, even if it's not fair or right) is above rp. If you think people could desserve to be ganked, if you think they are stupid, ok, but at the same time you could also at that time put aside the law of the "mighty wins" and imagine you could hurt someone, maybe. It was my point I think.

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