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    Some items

    A few ideas :

    --- A Quality Degrader :

    -Used to reduce (permanently) the quality of an item.
    -Perhaps different degraders to be used on different kind of items (armors, implants,...)

    --- A repair kit :

    -Item to repair (=heal) bots.
    -Locks Mech.Eng for 30sec when used
    -Disappear after use. (stackable/splittable)
    -Made through tradeskill or bought at shop for low level kits.

    Required skills to make :
    -Mech Eng.
    -Elec Eng. (?)
    -Matter Cre (?)

    Required skills to use :
    -Mech Eng.
    -Elec Eng (?)
    - ...

    --- Furs :

    -Fashion clothes made from the skin of some dead monsters.
    -Not a very good armor at all but does have a good cold protection.

    Required skills to make :
    - ...

    ---Trophies :

    -Mounted heads of animals with antlers or rugs made from their skin (like bears)...
    - Tradeskill
    - To be displayed in your appartment.

    Required skills to make :
    -Adventuring (!)
    - ...
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