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Thread: I'd like to see....

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    I'd like to see....

    NERF " kthxbye " !!!

    I really hate that ****. FC please remove it from all forum posts. thx.

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    There is no Funcom. Funcom is just a figment of you imagination. The AO universe was just mashed together in a big explosion of stray code, and has slowly evolved into what it is today.

    \laughs evilly

    Where's your Funcom now?

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    The question is, my dear collegue, from whence did all this code come from? A big bang, so to speak? Or did it simply materialize, as per the hand of a superior being? One can only wonder...

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    It was made by Microsoft. (which would explain a lot... )


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    I used my crack net surfing skillz and found these NEWS ARTICLES!....I think this is the source of all of Rubi Ka's problems...

    OMG, Could This be the Cyborg Death Squad????

    Microsoft buys evil from Satan!!!

    Tread carefullly people!

    remember: NERF " kthxbye " !!!

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