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Thread: Average AO nerf cryer

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    Yes I am looking at an overall perspective. My prefered gun of choice would be the augmented hellspinner. WIth the right equipment and tactics a soldier can do very well against all classes but trader and doc with this gun.

    however, the only attempt i have made to get one was a 10 hour camp fest for another person that ended up in the dropping of 3 obediancy enforcers who dropped 3 engie nanos.

    I am not in an uber guild, and I do not have the heart to ask the few real freinds i have left to gather round for 2-40 hours when they have nothing to gain and help me camp a spawn : /

    just saying that a gun like this would make most soldiers shut up, but only the upper echelon of people in large guilds will get one. So far its been true, the people i know that have them are in "big" guilds.

    I realise enfs have the same problem too. dont get me wrong but a soldier rely's more on his weapon, then any other class out there.

    thats my end of rant..

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    Re: Tolbat

    Originally posted by Anikitos
    yes lets turn the game into EQ.. let all the big "uber" guild Soldiers be good for pvp, screw the rest.

    maybe the common soldiers needs a boost, not everyone in the game can gett a Aug hellfury. so maybe FC should add stuff that every soldier will gett help from.

    Well, every dumb idiot in here thinks that all Enforcers have killed Diamandine Soldier for their there ya go.
    Yes, this game is 100% about camping uniques..that is the high lvl content. End of story.

    u allways post about how everyone should lvl a enf to lvl 190+ and come back when they have and say what they thinl.. but still u post things about how soldiers work.. do u have a 190+ soldier?.....

    What i meant was that aug hellfury is a very good weapon for soldiers...the best so far. I base that statement on my experience vs soldiers in my own guild that have aug hellfury.
    That weapon boosts the soldier in a very nice way....if you dont believe me ask any of the sols that have it.
    I did not deny anyone their "love", i said that they do very sweet dmg with that weapon...and that is the truth.

    Weapons like EQB and aug hellfury are meant for the high high end of the game. You can not base the need for love on some high end weapon that you get at the end of your career.

    Yes, play an enfo or soldier or any class for that matter up to TL6 and then you can talk about the subject with some authority.

    My comment was not negative but pure with it.

    Gotta agree here. At TL6 ( actually 195 ) I have tried everything thier is for my profession ( except GA ). And I have a true understanding of my profession.

    But I also agree with Nothinman the uber stuff you need help getting it and for those that are not in big guilds it makes it that much harder to get.
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