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Thread: I want a heavy armored short skirt...

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    Angry I want a heavy armored short skirt...

    Pants pants pants.... Long skirts... :P

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    How would it be practical? Someone could just shoot you in the unarmored part of your legs

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    i thought i was the only person who watns their characters to fight in a miniskirt . It'd be cool to see a MA kicking high and stuff in a miniskirt...... ok i'm a perv... so what :P

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    Social armor

    Personally, I'd like to see this stupid Social Armor tag removed entirely. I was never sure why it was added in the first place, I used to love doing mission in my skimpy blue bikini...

    Oh wait. Now I remember. PvP players could not tell what kind of armor you had on if you walked into a fight wearing a bikini or the like. Another example of FC pandering to the PvP element. =/
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    hehe then go into a fight in your blue bikini

    I tanked a mob in a mission in just social clothes (ok, tanked is a bit strong, ran round the central column of the main room like a girl with the mob following me, and the rest of my team laughing and taking pot shots would be closer to the mark) so it is possible, not easy, but possible.


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    lilnymph wrote on November 21st, 2003 08:01:01:
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    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

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    Yeah, I want a skirt too!



    ...uhh, pants are good! Go pants! Manly pants!

    Seriously, it would be nice. If everything had to be practical, there's no fun.
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    We, the people demand a KILT! (All one of us)

    Screw the mini-skirt...

    I want ma kilt! The fine lassies can have their painted on swimsuits, but a man without a kilt, is merely a man with pants, or a transvetite.

    (Acutally, in all fairness, I think the Kilt idea is really cool. Note to self, find out from Funcom who's responsible for this kiltless society and shoot them. And when I say shoot, I mean object in a totally legal fashion.)

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    I want a battle speedo. With nice Ac's
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    The concept of an Atrox in a battle speedo has now been seared into my mind.

    I need therapy.
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    And seeing an Atrox in a wedding dress or worse wouldn't have caused the need for therapy already?
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