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Thread: Internet addiction - bad?

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    Interesting. Oh, I do play exessive; when I dont work, dont sleep (4-5 hrs a day) and dont travel I do AO. Sad? Maybe. The only fun thing in my life *is* AO; or to make it more general; my free time; and during free time I like to be on the internet and spend time with lots of people.

    So many people have something to say abouyt my way; "get a life", "sleep more", "you'll die soon if you sleep that short", "so much coffee is bad for you". Heh, I know it may not be healthy; but the thought of sleeping early, going to work, returning, spending an hour free time and repeating that cycle till weekend comes terrifies me.

    I sometimes doubt if I ever will adept to the 40hrs-work-a-week life. Too bad alternatives (not working, or way less) is only for the very rich of for the very poor that doesnt need an internet connection

    Addicted to the internet? My best bet is that this was the result of the stress I have by working, then again it doesn't really help remove the stress.

    Now why did I type all this stuff? I don't know, hope I didnt waste *your* free time with it.

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    Funny thing is;

    When someoen get's told to get a life, they usually get told by someone who's on the Internet, reading the same forum.

    Life is filled with these little ironies.
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    Hey ..

    At around may last year, I found out I'd used over one fourth of my time since fall 2001 on playing this game .. It kinda frightened me a bit, and I had my hands full in AO as well, so it had gotten just as much work as it was a game .. That meaning, I didn't have too much fun with it anymore ..

    I quit then ..

    But, uhm .. Now I'm back. Seems the time I spent on the game wasn't necessarily time better spent even though I didn't play ..

    And aye, working sucks. I'm at work now in case you're wondering .. Looking forward to getting back home .. ;p

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