600 lb 6'10" heavily armoured soldier, with a nuclear powered assault cannon, goes to starbucks to order a coffee.

he says in a tough marine like voice "hey, you over there, skinny waiter guy, large triple triple stat!"

the waiter guy.. slightly upset.. "ok mr giant marine guy just dont point that giant nuclear powered assault rifle at the customers.."

The Large beefy Soldier grabs his coffee and takes a sip...

The waiter says "that'll be $3.50 sir" , The soldier points his Nuclear powered assault canon at the clerk, and in a stern voice says "i aint payin fer this coffee, it tastes awful" then downs the rest of the cup.

The waiter, gets abit mad.. and shoots his arms at the 600lb 6'10" soldier.. the soldier, slightly shocked and stunned charges the nuclear power cell on his 400lb tritanium weapon and unleashes on the clerk in absolute anger...

To his dismay, the clerk simply ducks out of the way of the 2 mega-tonne blast, the soldier fires again.. but has forgoten how to even fire his weapon and shoots himself in the leg.

the clerk proclaims "your mine now biatch" and shoots the soldier 4 times in the face, killing him.

starbucks will forever be safe!