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Thread: Farewell My Leg Humped Victims

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    Farewell My Leg Humped Victims

    Well it appears I am makeing my last farewell now although I really don't want to but life takes ya in many diffrent spins then sets ya in a place where the internet no longer works for awhile then ya gotta scream and blah blah blah i am rambling.
    Basicly I want to thank all the people who have endured me, all the people who have been my friends and all the people who have been my enemies.
    I appreciate all of you except for the uptight stupid ones. I still hate them. I have been able to freak out many people and just plain make a ton of ya laugh and I mean how could ya not? hehe in any case I gotta jet now due to RL but i doubt i will ever be back in game. My account is cancelled and has a month left on the subscription but i won't be able to play it.
    I'll miss quite a bunch of ya cause many of ya were cool to me and although i pissed alot of ya off, GET OVER IT! its a game play it like one and don't sweat the small stuff cause if ya get pissed off at lame **** in a game then i suggest ya kick your addiction to the game Oh well I am rambling on and on cause I really got no idea what to say, I never foresaw this day comeing although i knew it would but i am glad i could to chill out with many of ya.

    May Chicken Quesadillas be with you all and ....

    /me humps your leg
    /me kisses you
    /me hugs you
    /me licks your nose

    hehe farewell

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    So long and thanks for all the fi-- uhh.. chicken quesadillas

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    C-ya Solar. gl!
    I'm back! (again)
    Living testament of the extremity to which Midnight Reveries sucks.

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    I'll miss you mate

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    One of the coolest guys i've ever met....Farewell Solar

    But you'll be back....i can sense it !

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