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Thread: Fix RK2 dammit!

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    Originally posted by Armaklaesy

    Exactly!! But we did'nt make your mistake. We not only pointed a finger at them, but we threw don't the gauntlet!! We fought those SOBs until there was nothing left!!
    I beg to differ with you Armaklaesy, how come you still have such Strife amongst your Clan Guilds. I get tells Daily from Clanners Saying Attack So-and-So's Clan base, no other Clan guild will help. Then I get tells from those "So-and-So's" saying the same thing back at the Clan guild that started it.

    I still get tells all the time from Clanners saying "If "XYZ" goes Omni or asks you about anything he Ninja'd Tara loot".

    I don't see it as you fighting down these so cal SOBs, to quote you, I see them Mocking you... I see so much Tara loot for sale on the forums it is not worth my time to go to tara and Wait or even try when I can just buy it from a Clan.

    So I sit here and think... Hmmm, I have tons of credits, if I really want something from Tara all I have to do is pay a Clanner to do the work for me. In the end I guess Clan is still working for little old Omni-Tek.


    Ohh and my Dragon Body Armor was not bought or ninja'd. It was earned in the early day of Tara, when Omni's really did go and fight to win.
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    Originally posted by Armaklaesy

    Exactly!! But we did'nt make your mistake. We not only pointed a finger at them, but we threw down the gauntlet!! We fought those SOBs until there was nothing left!!
    Or just trained mobs on them. ;p

    At this point, the imbalance is great enough that if all of omni were one guild, it probably still wouldn't be enough.
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    just one small comment....

    anyone ever notice how often the clans fight amongst themselves for towers? It seems like a pack of Hyenas fighting over a carcass in a drought. They first take down all the easy stuff, and once thats gone, they are still hungry... so they start killing each other.

    also, another analogy... when you put too much nuclear material together, it becomes explosive... and explodes. Put too many clanners together.. and they explode.

    Its worth a thought. you cant can't tamper with nature, or fate.

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    I dont see the problem. This is a war and we are winning. If you give me a good reason to switch I will. I dont care about who is winning .. i care about the cause.

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    Yep greed and thiefs thats why I wouldnt go to help with tara.... And to top it all off when we had people go clan lol..... One word..... Lame .... Totally Lame!!!! Dont forget it didnt help that Astriell was running the raids and loot teams. Grr I cant go on with this chat it just pisses me off.

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    Wouldn't it be funny that if the side that has been doing the most notum mining, gets the most screwed when shadowlands comes out? Take that clanners! The spirit of the planet whaps you for exploiting its resources!
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    hahah this is pathetic to whine about.

    go clan.

    You can`t just say fix it get more OMNI. then god damn make OMNI attractive. use your head improvise stop whining. This isnt an issue FC can fix. "hey your clan i force you to go OMNI"
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    Actually, FC codes the game. They could fix it easily, if they wanted.

    Hell, they could randomly declare that there are no more clans, that everyone is omni, and the worst you could do is quit.

    Saying FC -can't- fix something is stupid, and wrong. Maybe they shouldn't, or they won't, but it's certainly within their power.

    Or do you think players are the ones with the magical nerf stick?


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    Amazing how all that Tarasque fiasco changed the face of RK2 so much... I've been away for awhile and just got back. I really hope that all my old enemies aren't clanners now...

    What would be the fun in that?

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    Armaklaesy- You have no idea what its like playing as omni. Your sanctimonious comments on how omni lost tara is so unrealistic that it annoys me that u believe in your own theories. You think that mere mentality is what separates the clan from omni? That clanners are more inclined to share and organize than omni?

    We are the same type of gamers playing the same game. There is as much greed as organization on both sides of the conflict. 33% and 66%. You do the math. Or turn omni and prove me wrong.

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