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Thread: Give MA back crits in PvP,there is NO other way

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    Unhappy Give MA back crits in PvP,there is NO other way

    The title says it all,FC can give us a half dozen new MA attacks to clutter our inv's,make dragon armor MA only(only a rumor),give us MA only implants,and whatever crap they can dream up,but it will NEVER make us better in PvP.

    Look at enforcers.Theyre awesome now,finally taking their place as the kings of melee fighting,they can get in your face and smash you for upwards of 2k per pop in PvP.Its what they do.Its their reward for reaching you in a crowd of enemies,and IMHO they are full on balanced now.Their rage (don know specifics of ENF nanos so fix me if im wrong)lasts 20 sec...making em root proof and letting them take their massive hp thru enemy lines to their target.The danger is that its only 20 sec and their EQB hits slower than any weapon around.Sure they can flurry,but then they get crit against more often.Its called BALANCE,Funcom.You finally found it with enforcers.

    Now MA's.
    We can usually outdamage the EQB enforcers in PvM,only the ENF nanos let them keep the aggro and keep on tankin.Its all in the MA's ability to crit.Both classes are damage dealers up close,but in completely opposite ways.What the ENF has in strength,the MA makes up for in agility,finding small weak spots on the enemy(call em pressure points )to crit and do their damage.

    We MA's were almost balanced in PvP before the crit nerf.Only 1 thing kept us from being balanced.We could get to our targets too easily,making us a lil too scary i guess.As much as i hate the way roots have become,they would have completed the MA class.
    MA's would have trouble getting to their targets due to rooting and only having that crappy "upon a wave" attack to save em,but if they DID get in range.....nitenite!

    Its what melee fighting is all about.We dont have a 30m range on our attacks.Rooters will still own us in long fights,but if we somehow manage to get close,just like enforcers,you're in deep ****.

    The only reason i even started playing AO (15 months now)is cause they had an ACTUAL class called MA.Its what ive always been and even tho 95% of MA's left or made an alt,its what i'll always be.I'm tired of always using bow in PvP.I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING!

    GIMME CRIT BACK!Keep the bows at a 3-5 clip size to make fists more appealing.The way it works now is i AS,fling with bow as it unequips,then when its off i "upon a wave"and im in the enemy's face to do my 120!?! brawl and then what?my fists are useless...AND IM A FRIGGIN MA!I may as well be throwing styrofoam peanuts at my target.Dimach wont save me i only have it every 30 min...ah well.

    Plz FC if it not technically possible to give just 1 class( actually melee engi's and adv deserve it too)crits back,at least tell us that.Ignoring us(especially on the MA forum where they almost never reply)only makes us hate you more for neglecting us
    Theres no other solution than to give us our full crit% back.If you wont then at least take us to your GM playfield and let us change our class or something so that we can enjoy the game again as another class.You could delete the MA's then since you guys act like you dont want them around anymore.

    P.S. Dont base PvP balance on 1vs1.It doesnt mean balls in NW battles,which is where almost all of the PvP is nowadays.
    Disciple092 lv 200 Clan MA


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    I agree with you 100%.
    Where do i sign?
    It was a refreshing experience to read your post.

    Lately, the "nerf"...oh excuse me i meant PVP forums has been full of nerf crusaders.

    1vs1 arena style is all about ego my friend.
    It is the feeling of power. Ppl that have chosen the "wrong" classes are pissed of because they wont own for example...the enforcer.

    They cant stand the fact that they cant go toe to toe with an enfo.
    Solution, whine and ***** as much as possible and do your best to nerf what you hate the most.

    These ppl, will destroy this game. Nerf crusading whiners will end this game and seal its fate.

    What i would want to see with MA is for them to get their crits back. Increasing your base dmg might be good too, allthough i dont know what it will do for you PvM wise.

    I nice try indeed, i congratulate you on your insight.
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    Sums up my feelings 100%.
    /DaveDread (D.A.V.E.D.R.E.A.D.: Digital Artificial Violence and Exploration Device/Replicant Engineered for Assassination and Destruction mohahaha)

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    Thx Anikitos

    FC already doubled our damage about a year ago.It was the single best boost the MA's ever got.Doing that again(even with only base damage)would ruin the balance of PvM for us.

    Enforcers are the rhino's of AO,they bash everything they can get within range of.MA's are more like scorpions........both animals will kill ya,but in completely different ways.Unfortunatly the means for MA's to perform their defining traits are busted up.

    When melee gets in range to damage,its only for a few seconds...LITERALY.When a more fragile than ENF,Martial Artist gets in range,that damage really needs to "pop".200 fist damage doubled just isnt going to do that.

    Like i said before crits are the only way for MA's to be fixed
    Disciple092 lv 200 Clan MA


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    Thumbs up Yeah!

    I agree 100%. Give the MA back his crit, without it they are threat to no one.
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    lol keep in mind FC said the EQB is performing better then expected and i dont agree with you that the only way to help a MA is to increase there crit again

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    more then anything..i miss my pvp action with my MA.

    disc hit it right on. our dmg sux the big one pretty much now. wave upon a summer is really..well..a joke (good for missions only really) and the fact that we cant get our evades up good enough..many toons have higher AR then us self buffed...and that our NR isnt high enough to resist much at all....

    basically i havent logged on to my MA for more then 10 min at a time cuz really..i got nothing to do with him atm cept run a few ql 200 missions now and again..or go and try and pvp only to die )18/20 times i died now).

    what disc said is true.

    FC nerfed the heck out of us without thinking.

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    Give MAs their crit back. I beat an MA 34 lvls above me in the arena a few weeks ago. He hardly scratched me cos he only critted once. Before the crit nerf an MA my lvl would take me all the way.

    Give them their crits!
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    Agreed. Bump.

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    Make MA not affected by the new 50% less crit rule. They need it.

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    *nods in agreement*

    more crits for the fisty ones
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    let mas crit again
    actually let us all crit again
    why did u take crtis away in the first place
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    crit plz
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    Originally posted by Fingathing
    *nods in agreement*

    more crits for the fisty ones
    Bump for that.
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    give em back the crits. I used to worry about fighting MAs, now I pity them in PvP.

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    Bumpity bumpity bump bump bump

    MA's were hit WAAAAAAAAAY too hard with the crit nerf.
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    If they change this I might dust off my MA and level him the last 9 levels

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    Agree. MA's need the crits back

    FC should take Enf as a place to look when balancing everyone else. Im not an Enf myself but they seem to be where they belong now. Great starting point to judge where the other broken profs should fall into place.

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    I disagree, fix them some other way, give them an offensive nano resist nano, etc. but no profession should be able to walk around with the crit levels that MAs had before the crit nerf. If MAs expect to roll through the keys on their hot bar and then look down at "remains of" sorry it don't work that way for anyone else and it should have never worked that way for you.

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    Sanskrit, you really need to read before you post a reply. What has nanoresist buffs to do with our non-existent damage? When we don't crit we do crap damage.
    "If MAs expect to roll through the keys on their hot bar and then look down at "remains of" sorry it don't work that way for anyone else and it should have never worked that way for you." .......what can you say to claims like this.......
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