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Thread: strange NPC

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    Post strange NPC

    I wa hunting out in Galway county when My companion and I ran into a strange individual. His name was Elain Zuwandza. He was just standing there, so we tried to talk with him. he mentioned things about zombies and such. Quite an interesting fellow if a bit odd. loc 440.8 x 1311.5 Galway county. At least that is where we saw him.

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    There's a General lady on the road west of Tir in Tir County. She shoots anything omni-aligned on sight (npc's, pc's, she'd probably pop Duco if she saw him, too). Hit sofr a 1.5k flingshot in COLD damage, too.
    If you mention the word "omni" to her, she goes off on a big long-winded speech about brain washing and stuff.
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    Some to add to the list :

    Samson: can be found in Clon**** by the big notum guns
    will talk to you about clon**** and Galway

    Simon Silverstone: In morte, will get all crazy if you say Omni-Tek to him...kinda funny

    Elmer Raag: he to can be found in Morte, he will talk to you about the crater and some experiment hes doing but no details on the experiments though

    I only recently start looking for those guys but I'm sure there are much more
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    Add another one to the list.

    He's called Solomonne, coords are 724.6x1781.9 in Lush Fields. He's suggested he knows something about the mutantss, Omni-Tek and Lush Hills. I'll try to get more out of him.

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    Don't bother. None of them say anything that is any better than an all-out lie.

    The ones who talk just say words... none have any meaning or bearing on the game.

    Hopefully in the next patch they will have an NPC that has real use aside from a shopkeeper. It's pitiful to see them all say "What are you trying to say?"

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    I heard there is a high-level NPC... Dr. something...

    He is South-East of MMD, and supposedly destroyed two groups of level 100+ people.

    Scary... but useless

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    Post Another one..

    I got instakilled by a guy called Jack 'Leg-Crusher' Mercure ? in Tir. He hit me for 1999 melee damage. No chance to talk to him- mustn't have liked Doctors =)

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    Correction VW not Tir

    Sorry it was in VW, near Tir not in it in my previous post

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    A quite comprehensive list on NPC's can be found by following this Forum Archive link.
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    There is also one in Lush, SW of the outpost named Daria something. My guild tried to kill her but she hits quite hard and fast, we got her down to 1/4 health untill we all died. This is without a doc mind you, so I am sure we could have killed her. She states that she is looking for someone else that is a clan sympathizer for the Liberty Group or something (sorry, my memory is failing me now)

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    WHow come most people think that the sole purpose of NPC's are to kill them?
    Tsk. =)
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    The best NPC is the bot in area 10-13 the old omni base in southren Arty.

    THere have been a couple posts about him on the various sites. Go talk to him. Knowing a little about hitchiker's will help you get far with him.
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    Marvin is my hero.

    In memory of Douglas Adams.
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    Well we seem to have a nice line up of weird npc's here. Lets try and keep this active by posting new findings. Hope fully Funcom will have these npc's do more then shoot us or mutter about confusing stuff. and good ole Elian Zuwadza hit a friend of mine for 1599 fire damage.

    And Hitchhikers rocked!!

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    How come bartenders don't reply when you speak to them......Aren't they supposed to be loaded with gossip and information?

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    Hmm lets see these are the few that we have killed

    Leg Chopper
    The one
    Lord Dragon Claw
    Aqualian Queen
    Trash King
    Commander some such in Greater Tir
    Porfesser Van Horn
    Runaway Gargantula
    Dagnorr Krupp

    Umm I think thats about it

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    You killed Marvin? That's just plain sick. What's wrong with people today?

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    I've got a lot of info out of Elian.

    I still believe you can get a mission out of him. He just says too much for me to believe otherwise.

    The last thing I can get him to say is "Wait you are one of them, Omni-Tek, come to take me back?" From there on I am stuck, can't get the script to go any further.

    Going to find a friendly clanner to talk to him see if he can get a mission out of him since Elian is running from Omni-Tek afterall.

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    I heard there is a high-level NPC... Dr. something...

    He is South-East of MMD, and supposedly destroyed two groups of level 100+ people.

    I think it is Professor Van Horn you are talking about.... his is located in Rhinomen Valley south east of MMD.
    And yes he should be a little hard-to-kill.


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    Tough guy

    If you are looking for someone hard to fight, the hardest of them all are the general that roams just outside Omni Ent, a little away from the small outpost in Omni Forest.

    We went there with 1.5 groups, 1 doctor, 3 slayers, 1 warbot and some hardhitting soldiers, agents and enforcers. We got him down to 80-85% before everyone was dead. The group was 110ish and 140ish.

    We all saved at the small outpost and went back directly, just to finding the guy at full health again.

    Now, what is he doing in the forest, instead of aiding me on my missions???

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