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Thread: Please put a lvl lock on static dungeons..

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    Please put a lvl lock on static dungeons..

    Pretty simple I would think, when you say a static dungeon is supposed to be for lvl's 40-70 there should be a check. I went to the Bio Facility the other day there was a lvl 165 soilder and a lvl 149 doc cruising through, and to top it off they were being quite rude telling every one in the two groups that wrere already there to "leave their sh** alone"

    Please Funcom, if this is a simple check put it in. If you have a reason for not already doing it already, I'ld love to know.

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    Probably a more acceptable option ...

    ... would be to send the characters who are obviously overpowered for the dungeon to a seperate copy (they already have this code) along with other similar characters.

    This way the players who can actually enjoy the challenge of the dungeon won't have to deal with the jerks who steamroll through to the boss. And those who want to pharm aren't prevented from doing so. If they could stop the lvl20's from teaming with the lvl160's by sending them to seperate dungeons, that would be the icing on the cake.

    It's be extra nice if the too-high characters got transported into a dungeon with tougher MOB's. That way, they could enjoy it as well.

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    How about this?

    Each group gets its own dungeon.

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    My suggestion (as stated elsewhere)

    Originally posted by garpenlov
    How about this?

    Each group gets its own dungeon.
    Better yet, you have to get a key to enter a static dungeon, and then you can use your key duplicator to let in whoever you want, that way you can take two groups or even a whole guild into a static dungeon and not have to worry about who else might be in there, or who else is going to shut up.

    If you make it an adventure to get the key itself (i.e., go talk to NPC 1 who sends you off to kill a mob and return with a loot item, such as a monster part, which you can exchange for the key, you've added a mini static quest as well.


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    Would be nice

    Damn, i like the idea of only letting people of a certain level in a certain dungeon, too bad those people would get their ass beat because the monsters are far too over powered for their level.

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